Tri-Star Electronics

Tri-Star Electronics

tristar electronics
Tri-Star is based in El Segundo, California, with machining facilities in Riverside, California, and Lugano, Switzerland. The company is a supplier to the world’s leading aerospace, avionics and electronics companies. Tri-Star designs, manufactures and sells customized, high-reliability contacts and connectors critical for accurate and efficient transmission of data and power on aircraft and defense platforms, as well as in high-end industrial equipment.

11/14/2011 : Carlisle Companies Incorporated (NYSE:CSL) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Tri-Star Electronics International, Inc., a leading worldwide supplier of electronic interconnect components for mission-critical applications for commercial aerospace, defense and industrial customers. Tri-Star’s industry expertise complements Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ (CarlisleIT) robust range of capabilities, positioning them to offer a new level of vertical integration to customers.

Designing and manufacturing contacts in-house ensures a high quality product, while saving the customer valuable time and resources. With a full understanding of the cost pressures of the marketplace, CarlisleIT works closely with customers to determine their specific needs and is often able to offer alternate solutions to meet the requirements at a lower total cost. Reliability is key in every application; CarlisleIT’s California-based internal qualification lab is certified by the U.S. Navy to provide full qualification testing, continued periodic verification testing, and ensured process reliability.

Together with Tri-Star, CarlisleIT is focused on continuous improvement:

  • Supply over 90% of the world’s leading aerospace, avionics and electronics OEMs
  • Feature cost-effective manufacturing through custom designed automation
  • Known for consistently excellent quality and on-time delivery
  • First to be fully compliant with the stringent requirements of SAE AS39029 (Mil-C-39029)
  • QPL approved for almost 400 different contacts (nearly double the number of any other contact manufacturer)
  • ISO9001/AS9100C third party qualified and registered