RAF Hardware
RAF Electronic Hardware is the nation’s leading supplier of electronic hardware components to a variety of industry sectors, including computers, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical, entertainment, and military/aerospace.

RAF’s Product Line includes the following: spacers, standoffs (female and male-female), captive panel screws, jack screws, precision shoulder screws, thumb screws, handles, handles & ferrules, male/female standoffs, captive screws, retainers, jackscrews, precision shoulder screws, thumbscrews, thumbnuts, swage standoffs, insulating washers, anti-rotation swage standoffs, swaging tools, and plastic circuit board supports. All products can be supplied in American standard and metric dimensions.

Applications: RAF's products are used in a wide range of industries, including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, medical devices, industrial machinery, and more. These components are often crucial for securely mounting and connecting electronic and mechanical components.

RAF Products

RAF Electronic Hardware offers an extensive catalog of electronic hardware components, including standoffs, spacers, handles, captive panel screws, thumb screws, and other types of fasteners. These components are designed for use in electronic assemblies, enclosures, and PCB (printed circuit board) mounting applications.

  • Fasteners
  • NAS Fasteners
  • Standoffs
  • Male-Female Standoffs
  • Swage Standoffs
  • Spacers
  • Captive Panel Screws
  • Circuit Board Supports
  • Handles & Ferrules
  • Thread-Locking Products
  • Jack Screws
  • Precision Shoulder Screw
  • Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts
  • Insulating Washers
  • Bushings
  • Contacts
  • Connectors
  • Prototypes
  • Guide Pins
  • Attenuator Parts

captive panel screw

Captive Panel Screws & Retainers

Captive screws and retainers assure easy and secure assembly.

swage spacers

Spacers & Swage Spacers

Known as “bushings”. Primarily used to separate assemblies from each other and from housings.

electronic hardware standoffs


Threaded separators of a defined length, used to raise one assembly above another.

locking post assemblies

Locking Post Assemblies

Available in thread lengths of 0.312″ to 0.458″ with a standard body diameter of 3/16″.

flat washers

Flat & Shoulder Washers

Available in 9/64″ to 1-1/2″ OD with a thickness ranging from 0.016″ to 0.125″ 

shoulder screws

Precision Shoulder Screws

Referred to as shoulder bolts, or stripper bolts. Used as a precision spacer and bearing surface.thumb screws


Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts

Available in washer face, plain, and push styles in American and Metric dimensions.

chassis fasteners

Chassis Fasteners

Swage mounted square fasteners with either 4-40 or 6/32 threads

printed circuit board supports

Circuit Board Supports

Used to protect PCB’s from electrical transmission in many types of applications.

handles and ferrules

Handles & Ferrules

Eleven handle lines in both American and Metric dimensions.

jack screws for electronics

Jack Screws

Available in steel with zinc plate per with thread lengths of 3/16″ to 3/4″.


RAF Electronic Hardware is known for its ability to provide custom-designed hardware solutions. They can work with customers to design and manufacture hardware components that meet unique specifications and requirements, including special sizes, materials, and finishes.

Featured Items

RAF Male-Female Standoffs

RAF has a variety of male-female standoffs available. Standoffs are a type of threaded separator with a defined length. They are critical in providing space between parts and housings. Standoffs are most commonly male-female with threading on the male end and on the inside of the female end, which allows the components to be joined together.


RAF NAS Spacers & Standoffs

RAF offers substantial NAS products. RAF precision NAS spacers and standoffs are made directly to NAS specifications, which comply with aerospace and defense industry requirements for interchangeability, traceability, and configuration control specified in FAA, DoD, and NASA regulations.


RAF Hex Jackscrews

A jackscrew set are often used to fasten cable connectors in electronic equipment. Hex jack screws can be manufactured to meet specific industry standards and can be customized for particular end-uses. Although most applications typically require steel jack screws in standard dimensions, RAF understands that customer's needs may require custom solutions.

Quick Turn Service for Your Time-Critical Needs

RAF has a dedicated department with specialized machinery and resources to prioritize and expedite quick turn orders, ensuring your requests are handled with efficiency and precision.


RAF Thumbscrews

RAF Thumb Screws add the finishing touch to front panels and other equipment. They are generally used within computer or electronic equipment or hardware and are designed with external knurling applied to the screw head, which aids in grip and handling.


RAF Handles

RAF Mounting Handles are added to the outside of cabinets or other storage units to allow for easy access to the unit. RAF manufactures handles in several shapes, including round, off-set round, rectangular, and oval can be produced with internal or external threading.