Everel Dreefs
Dreefs, the historical brand established in Germany in 1903, has developed a wide range of rotary switches, push button panels, energy regulators, electronic boards and selectors. Since becoming part of the Everel family, development of encoders and selector switches has been the prime objective. In regards to the automotive sector, Everel produces customized items for car interiors, such as blower switches and door handle micro switches. Innovation, quality and efficiency are the values Everel relies on to satisfy customers and to compete on a global scale. Everel is recognized for its consolidated experience in production, its daily commitment to quality and its sound innovation capability. These are the milestones that make Everel a market leader, with a wide product range and advanced solutions, capable of satisfying the most challenging market requirements.

Everel is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers. Through its own brands; Molveno, Dreefs, and Signal Lux, Everel offers a wide range of products for the household and commercial appliance sectors: switches, selectors and signal lights. Although the focus is mostly on electro-mechanical items, Everel is also investing in electronic products such as encoders and PCBs.

Dreefs LogoDreefs offers rotary, pushbutton, rocker switch and special heating and cooking appliances switch; Other devices switch; Switch for washing, rinsing, drying, ventilation, laboratory equipment, fume hoods, office machines and the like electronic speed controller and thermostat Electronic controls. Dreefs also offers automotive switch: Rotary, pushbutton, rocker and special switch for motor vehicles. Everel is a leading producer and supplier of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers.

Everel Dreefs offers a wide range of solutions for the electronic control of household appliances: ovens, hobs, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges. The company is the European market leader for rotary switches used on electric ovens.

    • Snap-in rocker switches

      World's smallest AC rocker switch with UL/VDE approval, square and round rockers From miniature panel cutout of 6.8x19.2mm to big international panel cutout of 30x20mm High rating switch available up to 20A 125Vac even in 13x19mm rocker High inductance up to 20(8) in VDE LED shining effect, full neon light or soft lighting Splash proof cover or panel splash proof for several models

    • Push button switches
      Various selection of power switches up to 16(8)A 250Vac with unique aesthetic design High inrush current available up to 120A Different way of mounting, screws, PCB pins or Panel snapin

    • Sockets and Jacks

      EN 60320 AC Power inlet up to 15A 250VAC Various Inlets customized build for adaptors and power supply AC/DC power jack for CCD camera usages Screw-on wire connectors for different wires combinations Power inlet and outlet, American Standards

    • Slide switches

      Instrumental usages, domestic electric appliance to computer industry Variety of selections from mini-size of low rating up to 4A 300VAC in UL listing SP2T, SP4T, DP2T, DP4T, 3P3T, 4P3T

    • Miniature, subminiature / toggle, rocker, push switches
    • Classical outlook toggle switch, with " L" available


      All sealed toggle switch, equivalent to IP67 standards


      DAP material used on the housing Subminiature size available

    • Snap action switches
    • Pull chain switch
    • Rotary switches

      Up to 5 positions, different positions of Cam angle 16A 125Vac for high current requirement

    • Dip switches

      Half pitch, miniaturized low profile 1.6mm only Through hole or SMT available Top sealed tape Piano type

    • Tact switches
    • Washable tact switches, 6x6mm, through hole or SMT 6x6 or 12x12 standards size Radial taping available Tiny SMD available for MP3 player and cell phones

  • Keylock switches

    Hundreds of variations Zinc alloy die-cast housing and cylinder, chrome plated

  • E26 Safety listed Lampholder

    Pull Chain, 2 way and 3 way rotary, push through lampholders

  • Keyless E26 Lampholders

    Metal or Bakelite shell available

  • SMR2 SERIES SINGLE POLE ROCKER SWITCHES UP TO 20A 125VAC Soldering, quick connecting and PCB terminals

  • 20A 125VAC, 12A 250VAC (UL, CUL)
  • 12A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC (UL, CUL)
  • 10A 125VAC (UL,CSA NRTL/C)
  • 6A 250VAC (UL,CSA NRTL/C)
  • 6A 125VAC, 3A 250VAC(UL, CSA NRTL/C)
  • 10(4)A 250VAC~ T125 (VDE,ENEC))
  • 10(4)A 250V~T125 (CQC)
  • TV-6 (CUL)
  • 10A 12/14/18/24 VDC ( UL,CUL)
  • 16(8)A 250V T85 1E4 (VDE)
  • Initial contact resistance : 20m ohm (max.)
  • Insulation resistance : 100M ohm (min,) at 500VDC
  • Dielectric strength : 1,000VAC for 1 minute
  • Electrical life : 10,000 cycles
  • Temperature range : -20 to +125 degrees in Celsius
  • Switch for Class II appliances
  • Base : Nylon 66, UL rated 94V-2 min
  • Actuator : PBT / Nylon 66, UL rated 94V-2 min
  • Spring : Piano wire
  • Contact : Silver alloy
  • Terminals: Silver plated Copper, soldering, quick connecting and PCB terminals offered