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FirstohmFirstohm offers a wide range of resistor types, including through-hole resistors, surface-mount resistors, and customized resistors designed to meet specific customer requirements. Firstohm produces resistors with a wide range of resistance values, from low-ohm resistors used in current sensing to high-ohm resistors used in voltage dividers and signal conditioning.

Precision Resistors: Firstohm provides precision resistors with high accuracy and tolerance to meet the requirements of critical applications in fields such as instrumentation and industrial automation.

High-Power Resistors: The company manufactures high-power resistors designed to handle significant power dissipation in demanding applications.

Thin-Film and Thick-Film Resistors: They offer both thin-film and thick-film resistor technologies, allowing customers to choose the appropriate type for their specific applications.

Customization: Firstohm is known for its ability to develop custom resistor solutions based on customer specifications. This can include custom resistance values, tolerances, and form factors.



Firstohm resistors are used in a wide range of applications and industries, including:

Consumer electronics
Automotive electronics
Industrial automation
Medical devices
Aerospace and defense
Power electronics

Liberty Bell Components, Inc. is a Master Distributor of Passive Electronic Components servicing the continental US. Liberty was a sales office for Firstohm, Ltd., one of the largest resistor manufacturers in Taiwan. Through the years, Liberty expanded its product line with partnership factories located in Taiwan , Korea and Japan to provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

Products Available Include Capacitors & Resistors. Capacitors Available Include Electrolytic Capacitors
    Battery Capacitors
    Ceramic Disc Capacitors
    Polyester More… Film Capacitors
    & Poly Capacitors. Resistors Available Include Film Resistors
    Metal Oxide Resistors
    Carbon Film Resistors
    Metal Film Resistors
    Flame Proof Resistors
    Fusible Resistors
    Wire Wound Resistors
    Metal Glazed Film Resistors
    & Fusible Resistors. Applications Include Usage In Various Electronic Components
    In Network & Telephonic Applications
    & In It Based Circuits.


Founded in September 1969, Firstohm is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of resistor products.

Main products:


Axial Taped Resistors Metal Film & Carbon Film

Metal Oxide Resistors

Wirewound Resistors

High Voltage Resistors

Fuse Resistors

Nonflammable Resistors

Zero Ohm Resistor

Firstohm's resistors are designed to provide accurate and stable resistance values, making them suitable for use in a variety of electronic devices and systems. The company may offer a range of resistor types, including through-hole resistors and surface-mount resistors, to accommodate different circuit configurations and manufacturing processes.