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SL Power
SL Power Electronics was formed by the merger of Ault and Condor, industry leaders for over 30 years in their respective segments of externally and internally mounted power conversion solutions.

SL Power Electronics – Manufacturer of Condor/Ault Brands – SL Power Electronics designs, manufactures and markets internal and external power supplies for medical, communications, computer peripheral and industrial electronic OEMs. The Company is a global leader in the development of AC/DC and DC/DC standard, modified and custom power supplies. The product offering includes a broad range of AC/DC and DC/DC open-frame switch mode and linear power supplies from 7 to 6000 watts marketed under the Condor brand name. In addition, SL Power has an external AC/DC switch mode power supply offering from 6 to 200 watts as well as transformers, battery chargers and DC mobile adapters marketed under the Ault brand name.

SL Power Electronics is a leading manufacturer of power supplies, providing high-quality and reliable solutions for various industries. The company was formed through the merger of Ault Inc. and Condor DC Power Supplies in 2006. SL Power Electronics is the market leader in medical AC/DC power supplies. When medical OEMs need power, they turn to us. SL Power partners with the leading OEMs in the key segments of the medical electronics market including diagnostics, patient monitoring, devices and imaging.

SL Power Electronics is a subsidiary of SL Industries (AMEX-SLI), a supplier of high-reliability power conversion, motion control, and electronic protection equipment designed for medical, aerospace, computer, datacom, industrial, telecom, transportation and utility applications.

Technologies and Innovations:

  • High Efficiency: SL Power Electronics focuses on designing power supplies with high efficiency to reduce energy consumption and heat generation.

  • Compact Designs: Their power supplies are designed to be compact and space-efficient, ideal for applications with limited space.

  • Reliability: The company emphasizes reliability and durability in their power supply designs, ensuring continuous operation in demanding environments.

  • Ault Inc.: Ault Inc. was founded in 1961 and became a well-known name in the power supply industry, specializing in external and open-frame power supplies.

  • Condor DC Power Supplies: Condor was established in 1968, focusing on the design and manufacture of power supplies for industrial and medical applications.

  • Merger: The merger of Ault and Condor in 2006 created SL Power Electronics Corporation, combining the expertise and product lines of both companies.

Products and Solutions:

  • External Power Supplies: SL Power Electronics offers a range of external power supplies, including desktop, wall-mount, and plug-in adapters used for various electronic devices and applications.

  • Open-Frame Power Supplies: They provide open-frame power supplies used in industrial and commercial equipment where space-saving and efficient power delivery are crucial.

  • Enclosed Power Supplies: SL Power Electronics manufactures enclosed power supplies designed for applications requiring protection against environmental factors.

  • Medical Power Supplies: The company offers medical-grade power supplies that meet stringent safety and regulatory standards for medical equipment.

  • LED Power Supplies: SL Power Electronics provides power supplies optimized for LED lighting applications, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

  • Custom Power Solutions: They also offer custom power supply design services to meet specific customer requirements.

SL Power Electronics’ (SLPE) global facilities provide local support to customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. SLPE was formed by the merger of Ault and Condor, industry leaders for over 30 years in their respective segments of externally and internally mounted power conversion solutions.