Narda Microwave

Narda Microwave – L3 Communications

Narda Microwave, an L3 Communications Company, is part of a $12 billion electronics company serving the military and commercial communication markets. For over 50 years, Narda has developed and manufactured state-of-the-art RF and microwave components, MICs, multi-functional assemblies, and subsystems.

Narda Microwave division decades of experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of complex RF Microwave components and subsystems to the defense, space and commercial industries. From the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of space Narda Microwave’s RF microwave components are literally everywhere.

  • Passive Components (Couplers, Power Dividers, Attenuators, Terminations, Phase Shifters, Detectors and Adapters)
  • Electro-Mechanical and Pin Diode Based switching products
  • State of the art Defense Technology Solutions
  • Pin Diode based limiters for pulsed power up to 600 W
Narda’s Products include:
Wireless Products:
Power Combiners / Dividers
Lightning Protection
Low Noise Amplifiers
RF Monitoring Products
Receiver Multicouplers
Electromechanical RF Switches:
Stocked Switches
Switchable Combiners
Matrix Switches
Passive Components:
Power Dividers/Hybrids
Terminations/Phase Shifters
Isolators and Circulators
Adapters/DC Blocks/Tuners & Shorts
Waveguide Components
Active Components:
Control Products

Fiber Optic Products:
High Performance Fiber Optic Products

Power Meters / Monitors

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