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SusumuSusumu is an innovator and specialist in Thin Film Technology: Chip Resistors, Chip Networks, Precision Resistor Networks, Chip Inductors, Delay Lines, Power Choke Coils, Current Sensors. Susumu has been the world leader for thin film components for half century, serving telecommunication & networking, computers & storage devices, power supply equipment, test & measuring equipment, medical equipment, as well as automotive and consumer electronics. Susumu’s RG series thin film resistors are known to be the most reliable, accurate and precise thin film resistors in the industry. Susumu’s products are all RoHS compliant and Susumu is accredited for ISO9001, 14001 and TS16949.

Susumu PRL Series Current Sense Resistors are very low resistance value chip resistors with long-side electrodes for high-precision current detection . Featuring excellent performance in resistance tolerance, noise, long term stability, and heat dissipation, the PRL series is useful in many current sensing applications. Susumu miniature PRL series Current Sense Resistors are offered in 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, and 2-watt power handling thin film resistors (PRL1632 are realized as 1W for 3.2×1.6mm [1206]).

Susumu Co Ltd is established at 1964 in Japan Kyoto as a specialist in thin-film technology with high reputation. They offer a variety of features among thin-film chip resistors and current sensing surface mount resistors, power choke coils and high frequency surface mount attenuators.

Product Items

Susumu Thin-Film Resistors
  • Thinfilm Surface Mount High Precision Resistors
  • Current Sensing Surface Mount Resistors
  • Power Choke Coils
  • High Frequency Surface Mount Components

Susumu offers a wide range of resistors in multiple case sizes, with low resistance, high frequency, and high precision.
Advantages of Using Thin-Film Resistors:

    • Highly precise and maintains its tolerance for a long time period
    • Tight resistance value distribution for matching application with multiple chips (custom network is available upon request)
    • Robust against any harsh environment such as heat, chemical, or dust
    • Thin-film resistors have better general performance compared to thick film resistors in such areas as high frequency characteristics and low noise


  • Absolute resistive tolerance as low as ± 0.02%
  • TCR as low as ±5 ppm/°C
  • Operating temperature up to 155°C
  • Moisture load life: maximum drift ±0.1% after 85/85 2000 hours
  • Temperature cycle: maximum drift ±0.1% after –55°C/+125°C 1000 cycles
  • Load life test: maximum drift ±0.1%, rated voltage on/off 1000 cycles at 85°C (2000 hours)
  • Various standard sizes: from 0402 to 1206
  • E-24, E-96 series ranging 10 Ω to 1 MΩ