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ROYALOHM LogoROYAL OHM started manufacturing conventional resistors in Taiwan in 1978, expanding and moving its main production to Thailand in 1988. In 2004 the company opened its factory in Shenzhen, principally to manufacture SMD devices for the local market. ROYALOHM has 35 yrs. of resistor manufacturing experience.Its adaptability to the changing times contributes to its continuous growth.

ROYAL OHM produces all popular types of resistors, surface mount, wire ended carbon and metal film, wire wound and networks. ROYAL OHM meet a range of quality standards including ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949. The products are all ROHS compliant, and are regularly reviewed for REACH compliance.


  • Consumer
  • Network
  • Mobile Computing
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Product offerings:

  • Resistor Network
  • Resistors
  • Coated Resistor
  • High Power Resistor
  • Cement Resistor

ROYALOHM resistors Royal Ohm specialize in designing, and producing resistors, which are passive electronic components used to restrict the flow of electric current in a circuit. Resistors are essential components in nearly all electronic devices and systems, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial machinery and aerospace applications. These components come in various types, including fixed resistors, variable resistors, and specialty resistors.

Royal Ohm manufacturers a wide range of resistor types to suit different applications. Some common types include carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, wirewound resistors, thick film resistors, and thin film resistors.

IBS Electronics is a global distributor of high quality electronic components, including RoyalOhm. We operate a seamless global network in offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and can ship RoyalOhm resistors to any part of the world.