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Thermistors - Temperature Sensors

CanthermCantherm is known for its expertise in temperature sensing and control solutions, particularly in the field of thermal cutoffs, thermal protectors, and other temperature-sensing devices. Cantherm has been serving clients in the USA , Canada, and the Asian Markets since 1978, supplying high-quality bimetal and thermal sensor products to leading companies for the following applications: Transformer Coils, Motor Protectors, Small Appliances, Heaters - Fan or Radiant, Humidifiers, Automotive, Ballasts, Power Supplies.

cantherm Precision NTC Thermistor for Temperature MeasurementOriginally founded and incorporated as Multi-State Devices Ltd. to design and market a unique type of NTC thermistor with avalanche characteristics, now known as the Moxie, the company lacked the resources necessary to flourish and was subsequently sold. Since the acquisition by Microtherm GmbH in 1978, the entire Microtherm thermostat line was taken on and promoted. After several years of distributing the Microtherm thermostats manufactured in Germany, CANTHERM now produces a wide variety of snap-action, temperature limiting, bimetallic thermostats according to Microtherm designs for a wide variety of applications. Devices are available for the thermal protection of electric motors and transformers, medical devices, temperature sensitive electronics, power supplies, or anywhere that heat could become a problem. Cantherm's products are UL, CSA, VDE, BEAB and several other and also hold CB certificates according to IEC requirements and EN 60730 specification.

Cantherm is a self-sufficient, privately held profit center which is part of the Microtherm group manufacturing MIC products using the same German made components which are distributed to all of Cantherm's factories. Because of this close affiliation Cantherm has access to a manufacturing capabilities of the entire group which exceeds 100 million units per year. Should any customer requirement exceed Cantherm's capabilities, Cantherm would be able to draw on the extensive resources and over 50 years of experience within the group for assistance in such disciplines as Engineering and Design, manufacturing of sub-assemblies or finished goods, testing and many more.

  1. Product Focus:

    • Cantherm specializes in the design and manufacturing of temperature-sensitive devices, including thermal cutoffs and protectors. These devices are crucial in various applications to prevent overheating and ensure the safety of electronic components.
  2. Thermal Cutoffs:

    • Thermal cutoffs, also known as thermal fuses or temperature switches, are safety devices designed to interrupt electrical flow when a certain temperature is reached. This helps protect against overheating, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring safety.
  3. Applications:

    • Cantherm's products are likely used in a range of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, appliances, and other devices where precise temperature control and safety are essential.