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NXP Semiconductors creates solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world. Building on its expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, identification and mobile industries, and in application areas including wireless infrastructure, lighting, healthcare, industrial, consumer tech and computing.
NXP supplies a broad range of standard semiconductor components, such as small signal discretes, power discretes and integrated discretes.

NXP Semiconductors provides high performance mixed signal solutions for radio frequency (RF), analog, power management, interface, security, and digital processing products worldwide. The company offers products for audio and visual head-end unit applications, such as single-chip radio solutions, multi-standard radios, audio amplifiers and power analog products, and i.MX applications processors; in-vehicle networking products; two-way secure entry products; various sensors and microcontrollers; power management solutions; and solutions for radar, vision, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems. It also provides secure identification solutions, such as passive RF connectivity devices; microcontroller devices; and secure real-time operating system software products to facilitate the encryption-decryption of data, and the interaction with the reader infrastructure systems.

March 2015, NXP Semiconductors agreed to buy U.S. rival Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. for about $11.8 billion in cash and stock to expand its market share in chips for cars and reduce costs.

December 2015, NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) and Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd. (NYSE:FSL) today announced the completion of the merger pursuant to the terms of the previously announced merger agreement from March 2015. The merger has created a high performance mixed signal semiconductor industry leader. The merged entity will continue operations as NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) and has become the market leader in automotive semiconductor solutions and in general purpose microcontroller (MCU) products.




    Audio amplifiers

    CATV hybrids & MMICs




    Car radio on-off logic

    Digital radio processors

    Single chip tuner/ASP (car radio)

    AM/FM radio & audio


Bipolar transistors


    Avionics bipolar transistors

    General purpose bipolar transistors

    RF bipolar transistors

    Resistor-equipped transistors (RETs)

    Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors

    High voltage bipolar transistors for lighting, SMPS and industrial applications


Data converters


    Audio converters

    Imaging Front-End

    Video converters




    Bandswitching diodes

    PIN diodes

    General purpose Schottky diodes = 250 mA

    Medium power Schottky diodes = 200 mA

    Schottky diodes (low capacitance RF)

    Varicap diodes

    Power diodes (hyperfast recovery)

    Power diodes (ultrafast recovery)

    Power Schottky diodes

    Switching diodes

    Zener diodes


ESD, EMI and signal conditioning


    General ESD protection devices

    Application specific ESD and ESD/EMI solutions

    Common-mode filters

    Transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes



    Analog switches


    Bus switches


    Counters/frequency dividers


    Digital comparators

    Digital multiplexers


    FIFO registers


    Full adders


    Latches/registered drivers

    Level shifters/translators

    Load switches


    Parity generators/checkers

    Phase locked loops

    Printer interfaces


    Shift registers



Media processors


    Car radio & audio DSP solutions

    CD-DVD processors

    Digital radio processors

    Multimedia processors

    Optical storage

    Zero IF downconverters









    8/16-bit legacy

    Application specific

    Wireless microcontrollers




    Automotive MOSFETs

    Standard MOSFETs

    RF power transistors (LDMOS)

    RF small-signal MOSFETs

Identification and security



    Car access & immobilizers

    NFC and reader ICs

    Smart card ICs

    Smart label and tag ICs

    Security and surveillance IP camera


Interface and connectivity


    AISG transceivers and controllers

    Analog timers

    Analog watch motor drivers


    CAN protocol controllers

    Clock distribution

    Clocks with LCD drivers



    Fiberoptic interfaces

    GTL to TTL translators



    LCD drivers

    Line drivers

    Memory data switches


    NFC & contactless reader ICs

    PCI/PCIe multimedia interfaces

    PCI Express

    Real-time clocks

    SDIO Host controller

    Signal Conditioners - USB 3.0

    System basis chips



    USB host controllers

    Video SERDES

Power management


    AC-to-DC solutions

    Energy measurement ICs

    Lighting driver and controller ICs

    Linear voltage regulators

    Motor drive ICs




    AISG transceivers and controllers


    CATV hybrids & MMICs


    FM IF System ICs



    PLLs and Oscillators

    Power transistors

    Sub-GHz RF






    Wireless microcontrollers




    Angular sensors

    Capacitive sensors

    I?C temperature/voltage monitors

    Rotational sensors

    Temperature sensors




    3-Quadrant Triacs (High Commutation)

    4-Quadrant Triacs

    AC Thyristors

    AC Thyristor Triacs


    Temperature and Overload Protected Triacs


TV and STB front ends


    Digital demodulators

    IF demodulators

    Silicon Tuners

Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty
BC846BT/R. Philips / NXP Semiconductor BC846B T/R NPN Transistor 0.1A 65V SMD SOT-23 NXP 3,000.00
4521BTD Philips HEF4521BTD Frequency Divider 24 Stage, 3V to 15V, SMD SOIC-16 NXP 665.00
BZX84C11V Philips BZX84C11V Zener Diode 11V 5% 0.3W SOT-23 NXP 23,500.00
BZX79C3V3 Philips BZX79C3V3 Zener Diode 3.3V 5% 0.5W DO-35 Axial NXP 8,000.00
BZV55C75 Philips BZV55C75 Zener Diode 75V 5% 0.5W SMD 2Pin NXP 17,000.00
BZX84B3V BZX84B3V0 Philips Semiconductors Zener Diode 3V 0.2A 2% SMD SOT-23 NXP 18,000.00
BAV70 NXP BAV70 Power Diodes, Switching 70V 200mA NXP 0.00
PCF8574TD Philips PCF8574TD I/O Expander, 8bit, 100 kHz, I2C, 2.5 V, 6 V, SOIC NXP 104.00
74HC245T Philips 74HC245T IC Octal Bus Transceiver 5V SMD TSSOP-20 NXP 7,500.00
BZX84C10 BZX84C10 Philips / NXP Semiconductor Zener Diode 10V 0.35W 5% SMD SOT-23 NXP 87,000.00
BS107 NXP BS107 Transistor MOSFET N-CH 200V 0.12A 3-Pin NXP 0.00
BYV29F-500 BYV29F-500 Philips Diode 500VDC 9AMP To-220 NXP 80.00
PMBF170215 PMBF170,215 NXP MOSFET N-CH 60V 300MA SOT-23 NXP 0.00
BZX79C20 Philips BZX79C20 Zener Diode 20V 5% 0.5W Axial DO-35 NXP 3,000.00
BAV99235 BAV99,235 NXP Diode 100V 0.215A 3-Pin TO-236 NXP 0.00
PHD21N06LT NXP Semiconductor PHD21N06LT N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 55V 19A SMD SOT-428 NXP 2,500.00
PDTC115EE115 NXP PDTC115EE,115 Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, BRT, NPN, 50 V, 150 mW, 100 mA NXP 0.00
HEF4027BT652 NXP HEF4027BT IC Flip Flop JK-Master-Slave Type Pos-Edge 2-Element 16-Pin SO Bulk RoHS NXP 0.00
BTA208-600F NXP Semiconductor BTA208-600F Triac 600V 72A TO-220 Package NXP 5,000.00
BAS516115 Nexperia BAS516,115 Diodes 85V 0.25A SOD-523 NXP 99,000.00
LPC3130FET180551 NXP LPC3130FET180551 IC MCU 16-Bit/32-Bit LPC3000 ARM 926EJ-S RISC 1.2V/1.8V/2. 8V/3.3V/5V 180-Pin TFBGA NXP 0.00
HEF4027BP652 NXP HEF4027BP652 IC Flip Flop JK-Master-Slave Type Pos-Edge 2-Element 16-Pin PDIP NXP 0.00
BZX84-C4V7215 NXP BZX84-C4V7215 DIODE ZENER 4.7V 250MW SOT23 RoHS NXP 0.00
74HCT245D PHILIPS 74HCT245D IC Transceiver 3-State, 8 Gate, 1 Input, 4.5V to 5.5V, SOIC-20 NXP 500.00
74AHCT595PW,112 NXP Semiconductors 74AHCT595PW,112 Counter Shift Register Serial to Parallel SMD TSSOP-16 NXP 750.00
74HC86D. Philips 74HC86D IC Quad XOR Logic Gate 5.2 mA, 2V to 6V, SOIC-14 NXP 2,730.00
BAS516,115 NXP BAS516,115, Switching Diode 85V 0.25A 2pin NXP 80,204.00
BAT54SW NXP Semiconductor BAT54SW Dual Schottky Diode 30V 200mA SMD SOT-323 NXP 1,500.00
BAV99,235 NXP Semiconductor BAV99,235 Switching Diode 100V 0.215A TO-236AB RoHS NXP 10,000.00
BCW33,215 NXP Semiconductor BCW33,215 NPN Transistor 32V 200mA SOT-23 RoHS NXP 3,000.00
BCW70T/R Philips BCW70 T/R Transistor BJT PNP 45V 0.1A 3-Pin TO-236AB NXP 27,000.00
BCW72 BCW72 NXP Semiconductor NPN Transistor 5V 0.1A SOT-23 NXP 0.00
BSS84-TR Philips BSS84-TR Transistor MOSFET P-Channel 20V 130mA 250mW SMD SOT-23 NXP 3,000.00
BT138B-600 Philips BT138B-600 Triacs 600V 12A SMD SOT-404 NXP 800.00
BZV55-B43,115 BZV55-B43,115 NXP Zener Diode 43V 2% 500MW MINI-MELF NXP 0.00
BZV85-C15 NXP Semiconductor BZV85-C15 Zener Diode 14.7V 5% 1.3W DO-41 NXP 1,600.00
BZX384-C24 NXP Semiconductor BZX384-C24 Zener Diode 24V 5% 300mW SMD SOD-323 NXP 450.00
BZX384-C5V6 NXP BZX384-C5V6 DIODE, ZENER 5V6 5% SOD-323 NXP 101.00
BZX84-C18 BZX84-C18 Philips Zener Diode 18V 5% 0.35W SMD SOT-23 NXP 6,000.00
BZX84-C3V9T/R BZX84-C3V9 TR Philips / NXP Semiconductor Zener Diode 3.9V 5% 0.25W SMD SOT-23 NXP 57,000.00
BZX84-C4V7 Philips BZX84-C4V7 Zener Diode 4.7V 5% 250mW SMD SOT-23 NXP 3,000.00
BZX84C39T/R BZX84C39 T/R Philips Zener Diode 39V 5% 0.25W SMD SOT-23 NXP 9,000.00
BZX84C3V6 Philips BZX84C3V6 Zener Diode 3.6V 5% 0.25W SMD SOT-23 NXP 60,000.00
HEF4027BP,652 NXP Semiconductor HEF4027BP,652 Dual JK Master / Slave Flip Flop PDIP-16 RoHS NXP 135.00
HEF4027BT,652 NXP HEF4027BT,652 Dual JK Type Flip Flop IC, 3V-15 V, 16-Pin SOIC NXP 500.00
LPC2136FBD64/01,15 NXP LPC2136FBD64/01,15 ARM7TDMI-S Microcontroller 16 / 32 Bit 60 MHz SMD SOT-314-2 NXP 10.00
LPC3130FET180,551 NXP LPC3130FET180,551 IC 32 Bit Microcontroller, ARM9, 180 MHz, 96 KB, 180 Pins, TFBGA NXP 114.00
P80C32SBAA,512 NXP Semiconductor P80C32SBAA,512 Micro Controller Unit 80C51 MCU 8 BIT ROMLESS PLCC-44 RoHS NXP 0.00
PCA9510AD,118 NXP PCA9510AD,118 IC Buffer, ReDriver 1 Channel 400kHz SMD SO-8 NXP 0.00
PDTC115EE,115 NXP PDTC115EE,115 NPN Transistor, 20 mA 50V 100 k? 3-Pin SOT-416 NXP 1,500.00
PDTC123JE,115 NXP Semiconductor PDTC123JE,115 BJT NPN TRANSISTOR 50V 100mA SMD SOT-416 NXP 3,000.00
PDZ7.5B,115 NXP PDZ7.5B,115 Zener Diode 7.5V 2% 0.4W SMD SC-76 NXP 1.00
PESD5V0X1BT,215 NXP PESD5V0X1BT,215 TVS Diode Array 7.5V 0.9pF SMD SOT-23 NXP 1,825.00
PMEG4010CEJ,115 NXP PMEG4010CEJ,115 Schottky Rectifier Diode 40V 1A SMD SOD-323F ROHS NXP 1,000.00
BUK453-100B Philips BUK453-100B Transistors TO-220 PWR MOSFET NXP 0.00
BCW70,215 NXP BCW70 Transistor GP BJT PNP 45V 0.1A 3-Pin SOT-23 NXP 0.00
BC847BW,115 NXP BC847BW,115 BJT Transistor, GP, NPN, 45V, 200 mW, 100 mA SOT-23 NXP 0.00
PIP3209-RT/3 PIP3209-R TR Power Switch Hi Side 2A 5-Pin (4+Tab) D2PAK T/R NXP 0.00
PCA82C251TD PCA82C251TD NXP Semiconductors CAN Interface IC 24 VOLT CAN TRANSCEIVER NXP 0.00
BC856BT,115 BC856BT,115 NXP TRANSISTOR PNP 65V 0.1A 3PIN SC-75 RoHS NXP 0.00
HEF4541BT NXP HEF4541BT IC Programmable Timer, CMOS, 36MHZ 14SOIC NXP 276.00
74HCT02D PHILIPS 74HCT02D NOR Gate 4-Element 2-IN CMOS 14-Pin SO NXP 42.00
74LVC1G00GW,125 NXP 74LVC1G00GW,125 IC NAND Gate IC 1 Channel 5-TSSOP NXP 0.00
MPC8379ECVRALGA MPC8379ECVRALGA IC PowerPC Microprocessor 1 Core, 32-Bit 667MHz 689-TEPBGA NXP 0.00
74ALVC16244DGG,118 74ALVC16244DGG,118 NXP IC Buffer & Line Driver 16BIT 48-TSSOP NXP 0.00
BZX84C15 BZX84C15 Philips Semiconductor Zener Diode 15V 0.35W SOT-23 NXP 151,596.00
BFS17 BFS17 Philips / NXP Semiconductors NPN RF Bipolar Transistor 15V 25mA 1GHz SMD SOT-23 NXP 55,614.00
2PC4081R,115 2PC4081R,115, NXP Transistors GP BJT NPN 50V 0.15A Automotive 3-Pin SC-70 T/R NXP 0.00
2N7002,215 2N7002,215 NXP MOSFET N-CH 60V 300MA SOT-23 NXP 22,000.00
74HCT00D PHILIPS 74HCT00D NAND Gate IC 4 Channel 14-SOIC NXP 0.00
74HC86D-PHIL 74HC86D,653 NXP Semiconductors | XOR Logic Gate 5.2 mA, 2V to 6V, SOIC-14 NXP 0.00
74HCT138D-PHIL NXP 74HCT138D Decoder/Demultiplexer 1 x 3:8 16-SO NXP 0.00
BC817 BC817 Philips NPN Transistor GP 45V 0.5A SMD SOT-23 NXP 19,145.00
BC847C BC847C Philips Semiconductors NPN Transistor GP 45V 0.1A SMD SOT-23 NXP 8,966.00
BAS70-04 BAS70-04 Philips Shottky Diodes 70V 0.07A SMD SOT23 NXP 8,543.00
BZX84C20 BZX84C20 Philips / NXP Semiconductors Zener Diode 20V 250mW 5% SMD SOT-23 NXP 78,000.00
BC640 BC640-16 Philips / NXP Semiconductor PNP Transistor GP 80V 1A 0.8W SMD SOT-23 NXP 77,996.00
BZX84C6V8 Philips BZX84C6V8 Zener Diode 6.8V 0.35W 5% SMD SOT-23 NXP 27,000.00
BCX20R BCX20R Philips NPN BJT Transistor 25V 800A SOT-23 NXP 7,000.00
BCX55-16 BCX55-16 NXP Semiconductors NPN BJT Transistor 60V 1A SOT-89 NXP 7,000.00
BC817-40 BC817-40 Philips Semiconductor NPN Transistor GP 45V 0.5A 0.3W SMD SOT-23 NXP 6,000.00
BC807-25 BC807-25 Philips / NXP Semiconductor PNP Transistor BJT 45V 0.5A SOT-23 NXP 36,000.00
74HC93D Philips 74HC93D IC 4-bit Binary Ripple Counter 100MHZ, SOIC-14 NXP 0.00
BZX84-B12,215 BZX84-B12,215 NXP Diode Zener 12V 250MW SOT23 NXP 0.00
BSV52T/R Philips BSV52 T/R NPN BJT Transistor Switching 12V 250mW SMD SOT-23 NXP 3,000.00
BZX84-C4V7,215 NXP BZX84-C4V7,215 Zener Diode 4.7V 5% 250mW SMD TO-236AB NXP 3,000.00
TDA8708AT Philips TDA8708AT IC, Amplifier, Video, 32MHz SOP-28 NXP 150.00
PMGD8000LN,115 NXP Semiconductor PMGD8000LN,115 Dual N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 30V 0.125A SMD SOT-363 NXP 0.00
UXBB61R900B Philips UXBB61R900B Metal Film Resistor 61.9 Ohms 1/8W 0.1% Axial NXP 1,055.00
HEF4047BT,653 HEF4047BT,653 NXP IC Monostable Multivibrator 14SOIC RoHS NXP 0.00
2N7002PT 2N7002PT NXP MOSFET, N CH, 60V, 0.31A, SOT416 RoHS NXP 0.00
NZH16C,115 NZH16C,115 NXP DIODE ZENER 16V 500MW SOD123F RoHS NXP 0.00
BT131-600,116 BT131-600,116 NXP TRIACS THYRISTOR TRIAC 600V 13.8A 3-PIN RoHS NXP 80,000.00
BT134-600D,127 NXP BT134-600D,127 Thyristor TRIAC 600V 27A 3-Pin SIP NXP 0.00
SAA7129H NXP Semiconductor SAA7129H Video Encoder 3DAC 10-Bit 44-Pin PQFP NXP 0.00
BT136-600E,127 BT136-600E,127 NXP TRIAC,SENSITIVE GATE, 600V, 4A, TO-220AB RoHS NXP 0.00
BT139-600E,127 BT139-600E,127 NXP THYRISTOR TRIAC 600V 170A 3-PIN(3+TAB) TO-220AB RoHS NXP 0.00
BYW96E NXP Semiconductors BYW96E Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode 1kV 3A Axial Through Hole RoHS NXP 0.00
74LVC2G14GW,125 NXP Semiconductors 74LVC2G14GW,125 Inverter Schmitt Trigger 2-Element 32mA 1.65-5.5V CMOS 6-Pin TSSOP NXP 9,000.00
74HCT86D NXP 74HCT86D IC Quad CMOS XOR Logic Gate SMD SOIC-14 NXP 26.00
BCX51-16 NXP BCX51-16 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 1A, 45V TO-243 NXP 0.00
BAT54AW,115 BAT54AW,115 NXP Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT323 NXP 0.00
BZX384-B15,115 BZX384-B15,115, NXP, Zener Diode 15V 2% 300mW 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R NXP 0.00
74LVC1G57GW,125 74LVC1G57GW,125 NXP Semiconductors Logic Gates 3.3V NXP 0.00
74LV4052DB,118 74LV4052DB,118 NXP IC Analog Multiplexer Dual 4:1 16-Pin SSOP NXP 0.00
1N4148,133 NXP 1N4148,133, DIODE HI-SPEED 100V 200MA DO-35 NXP 0.00
1N4733A,133 1N4733A,133 NXP Diode Zener 5.6V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 NXP 0.00
P87C52X2FBD P87C52X2FBD NXP Microcontroller MCU 8BIT 33MHZ, LQFP-44 NXP 0.00
BC847B,215 NXP BC847B,215 Transistor Bipolar Small Signal NPN/PNP 45V 100MA NXP 0.00
74HCT244N,652 74HCT244N,652 NXP Semiconductors Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST 5.5 V CMOS 20-Pin PDIP NXP 0.00
74HC573D,652 74HC573D,652 NXP D-Type Transparent Latch 1 Channel 8:8 IC Tri-State 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
PESD3V3L4UW,115 PESD3V3L4UW,115 NXP TVS Diode ESD Suppressor 20KV 5-Pin SOT-665 NXP 0.00
BC847A,215 BC847A,215 NXP NPN Transistor 45V 100 mA SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
PMV65XP,215 PMV65XP,215 NXP Transistor MOSFET P-CH 20V 2.8A 3-Pin TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PCA9555PW,118 PCA9555PW,118 NXP I2C/SMBus GPIO Expander 5.5V 24-Pin TSSOP NXP 6,498.00
74ALVT16245DGG,112 74ALVT16245DGG,112 NXP Semiconductors Bus Transceivers IC 16BIT TXRX 3-ST NXP 0.00
PMEG6010CEH,115 PMEG6010CEH,115 NXP Semiconductors Diode Schottky 60V 1A Automotive 2-Pin SOD-123F NXP 0.00
ISP1504ABS NXP Semiconductors ISP1504ABS IC USB Interface NXP 0.00
MC68332ACEH16 MC68332ACEH16 NXP / Freescale 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 32BIT MCU 2KRAM TPU QSM NXP 0.00
TJA1043TK/1Y TJA1043TK/1Y NXP Semiconductors High Speed CAN Transceiver 2 Mbps 5 V VSON-14EP NXP 0.00
74LVT652D,118 74LVT652D,118 NXP Bus Transceivers 3.3V OCTAL REG XCVR NXP 0.00
PCA9517ADP,118 PCA9517ADP,118 NXP I2C Repeater 3.3V/5V 8-TSSOP NXP 3.00
BTA204S-800E,118 BTA204S-800E,118 NXP Thyristor TRIAC 800V 27A 3-Pin DPAK RoHS NXP 0.00
PSMN8R2-80YS,115 PSMN8R2-80YS,115 Nexperia Mosfet 80V 82A LFPAK NXP 0.00
P87C51RD2BA,512 P87C51RD2BA,512 NXP IC MCU 8BIT 64KB OTP 44PLCC NXP 0.00
74HC4066D,653 74HC4066D,653 NXP Analog Switch Quad SPST 14-Pin NXP 0.00
BAT754,215 BAT754,215 NXP Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
MC9S12XEP100MAG MC9S12XEP100MAG NXP 16-bit Microcontroller MCU 1M FLASH S12XEP NXP 2.00
BUK96180-100A,118 BUK96180-100A,118 Nexperia Transistor MOSFET N-CH 100V 11A D2PAK NXP 0.00
PMEG4010CEH,115 PMEG4010CEH,115 Nexperia Diode Schottky 40V, 1A, SOD123F NXP 0.00
BZV55-C11,115 BZV55-C11,115 Nexperia Diode Zener Single 11V 5% 500mW Mini-MELF NXP 0.00
PMZ390UNEYL PMZ390UNEYL Nexperia MOSFET 30V 0.9A N-Channel Tren 3DFN NXP 19,840.00
BAS17 BAS17 NXP Schottky Diode 70V 100 mA SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PZU16B2A,115 PZU16B2A,115 Nexperia Zener Diodes 40W SGL 200mA 16.51V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BAS416,115 BAS416,115 NXP Diode Standard Recovery Rectifier 85V 0.2A 2-Pin SOD323 NXP 3,000.00
GTL2002DP,118 GTL2002DP,118 NXP Bidirectional Translator 3.3 V 2-Bit TSSOP-8 NXP 0.00
TL431AIDBZR,215 TL431AIDBZR,215 NXP IC Voltage Reference Source, 1% 100mA 2.495V, SOT23 NXP 10.00
HEF4043BP,652 HEF4043BP,652 NXP/Nexperia S-R Latch Channel 1:1 IC Tri-State 16-DIP NXP 0.00
74LVC1G175GW-Q100H 74LVC1G175GW-Q100H NXP Flip Flop D-Type Pos-Edge 1-Element 6-Pin TSSOP NXP 0.00
74LVC157ADB112 74LVC157ADB,112 Nexperia Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers 3.3V QUAD 2-INPUT NXP 0.00
BFG97,115 BFG97,115 NXP RF Bipolar Transistor NPN 15V 5.5GHZ SOT223 NXP 0.00
BZX384-C16,115 BZX384-C16,115 Nexperia Diode Zener Single 16V 2% 300mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BZX384-B16,115 BZX384-B16,115 Nexperia Diode Zener Single 16V 2% 300mW 2-Pin SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BAV99,215 BAV99,215 NXP Diode Switching 100V 0.215A 3-Pin TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PMEG6020ER,115 PMEG6020ER,115 Nexperia Schottky Diode 60V 2A SOD123W NXP 0.00
P89LPC931FDH,112 P89LPC931FDH,112 NXP 8-bit Microcontroller MCU 80C51 8K FL 256B RAM 28TSSOP NXP 0.00
BAS516,135 BAS516,135 Nexperia Diode Switching 100V 0.25A 2-Pin SOD-523 NXP 99,000.00
BZX384-B5V6,115 BZX384-B5V6,115 NXP / Nexperia Diode Zener Single 5.6V 2% 300mW 2-UMD NXP 10.00
BCX53-16,135 BCX53-16,135 NXP / Nexperia PNP Medium Power Transistor 80V 1A SOT-89 RoHS NXP 0.00
MK20DX256VLH7 MK20DX256VLH7 NXP / Freescale ARM IC 32-Bit 72MHz 256KB (256K x 8) FLASH 64-LQFP NXP 0.00
BCX56-16,115 BCX56-16,115 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 80V SOT-89 NXP 0.00
BCX56-16,135 BCX56-16,135 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 80V SOT-89 NXP 0.00
PBSS4350Z,135 PBSS4350Z,135 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 50V 3A SOT-223 NXP 0.00
PZT2222A,135 PZT2222A,135 Nexperia Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 0.6A SC-73 NXP 0.00
BZX384-B3V6,115 BZX384-B3V6,115 NXP Diode Zener Single 3.6V 2% 300mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BZX384-C13,115 BZX384-C13,115 NXP Voltage Regulator Diode 13V 5 % 300 mW SOD323 NXP 0.00
PDZ15B,115 PDZ15B,115 NXP Zener Diodes 400mW 14.98V SOD323 NXP 0.00
BAS316,115 BAS316,115 NXP Diode Switching 100V 0.25A SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BSP89,115 BSP89,115 NXP MOSFET Transistor, N Channel 340mA, 240V, 2.8 ohm, 10V, 2V SOT-223 NXP 0.00
MK70FN1M0VMJ15 MK70FN1M0VMJ15 NXP Microcontroller 1MB Flash 128kB RAM 32-Bit MAPPBGA-256 NXP 0.00
PESD1LIN,115 PESD1LIN,115 NXP ESD Suppressor TVS 23KV SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PESD5V0L1BA,115 PESD5V0L1BA,115 NXP TVS Diode 30kV SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PMBTA13,215 PMBTA13,215 NXP Darlington Transistor NPN 30V 0.5A SOT23-3 NXP 0.00
BZX384-C20,115 BZX384-C20,115 Nexperia Zener Diode 20V 5% 300mW 2-UMD NXP 0.00
BC847BS,115 BC847BS,115 NXP Transistor BJT 45V 100mA 220mW SOT-363 NXP 0.00
BC846B,215 BC846B,215 NXP Transistor BJT NPN GP 100MA 65V SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
BAS321,115 BAS321,115 Nexperia Diode Switching 250V 0.25A SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BZX384-C15,115 BZX384-C15,115 Nexperia Diode Zener Single 15V 5% 300mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BZX384-B6V2,115 BZX384-B6V2,115 NXP Zener Diode 6.2V 2% 300mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
1PS76SB21,115 1PS76SB21,115 NXP Diode Schottky 40V 0.2A 2-Pin SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PMEG2010AEB,115 PMEG2010AEB,115 NXP Schottky Diode 20V, 1A, SOD523 NXP 0.00
PMPB215ENEAX PMPB215ENEAX NXP N-Channel Trench MOSFET 80V 1.9A DFN2020MD-6 NXP 0.00
MC9S08SH32CTGR MC9S08SH32CTGR NXP MCU 8-bit Microcontroller MCU 32KB Flash 3.3V/5V 16TSSOP NXP 0.00
BZX384-C9V1,115 BZX384-C9V1,115 NXP Diode Zener Single 9.05V 5% 300mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PSMN7R0-100PS,127 PSMN7R0-100PS,127 NXP MOSFET 100V 100A TO-220AB NXP 0.00
2N7002BK,215 2N7002BK,215 NXP MOSFET Single N-Channel 60V 350mA SOT23 NXP 5.00
74HCT1G14GW-Q100H 74HCT1G14GW-Q100H Nexperia Inverter Schmitt Trigger 1-Element CMOS 5-TSSOP NXP 0.00
BCX54-16,115 BCX54-16,115 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 45V 1A SOT-89 NXP 0.00
MMBT2222A,215 MMBT2222A,215 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 0.6A 3-Pin TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PDTC114EU,115 PDTC114EU,115 NXP Transistor Digital BJT NPN 50V 100mA SC-70-3 NXP 0.00
PMEG3020EP,115 PMEG3020EP,115 NXP Diode Schottky 30V 2A SOD-128 NXP 0.00
BAV70,215 BAV70,215 Nexperia / NXP Diode Switching 100V 0.215A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PDZ27B,115 PDZ27B,115 NXP Diode Zener Single 26.86V 2% 400mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
74HCT245D,653 74HCT245D,653 NXP Bus XCVR Single 8-CH 3-ST 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
74AHC1G32GW,125 74AHC1G32GW,125 Nexperia OR Gate 5.5V 8mA 5-TSSOP NXP 2,000.00
MC908GZ60MFAE MC908GZ60MFAE NXP MCU 8-bit CISC 60KB Flash 3.3V/5V 48-LQFP NXP 0.00
PUMD15,115 PUMD15,115 NXP / Nexperia Transistor Digital 50V 100mA 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PDZ18B,115 PDZ18B,115 Nexperia Zener Diodes 400mW 18V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PDTC114ET,215 PDTC114ET,215 NXP NPN Digital Transistor 40V 100mA SOT-23 NXP 0.00
PMEG2010AEH,115 PMEG2010AEH,115 NXP Diode Schottky 20V 1A SOD-123F NXP 0.00
BZX384-C3V3,115 BZX384-C3V3,115 NXP Diode Zener Single 3.3V 5% SOD-323 NXP 1,400.00
PSMN1R0-40YLDX PSMN1R0-40YLDX Nexperia Transistor Mosfet 40V 100A LFPAK-56 NXP 0.00
BCP56-16,115 BCP56-16,115 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 80V 1A SC-73 NXP 0.00
PCF8563T/5,518 PCF8563T/5,518 NXP Real-Time Clock/Calendar I2C SOIC8 NXP 30.00
PSMN013-100PS,127 PSMN013-100PS,127 Nexperia Mosfet N-CH 100V 68A TO220AB NXP 0.00
TEA1703TS/N1,115 TEA1703TS/N1,115 NXP Power Supply Controller Secondary-Side Controller 6-TSOP NXP 0.00
TEA1792TS/1,115 TEA1792TS/1,115 NXP Switching Controllers 20V 0.27W 10% 6-TSOP NXP 0.00
TEA1755T/1,518 TEA1755T/1,518 NXP Converter Offline Flyback Topology 110-150kHz 16-SO NXP 0.00
PSMN040-100MSEX PSMN040-100MSEX NXP Transistor N-Channel 100V 30A LFPAK33 NXP 0.00
BZX84-A6V2,215 BZX84-A6V2,215 NXP Zener Diode Single 6.2V 1% TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PDTA114EU,115 PDTA114EU,115 NXP Transistor Digital BJT PNP 50V 100mA SC-70-3 NXP 0.00
PUMH11,115 PUMH11,115 NXP Transistor Digital BJT NPN 50V 100mA 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
BAS35,215 BAS35,215 NXP Diode Switching 110V 0.25A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PXT4401,115 PXT4401,115 NXP Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 0.6A SOT-89-3 NXP 0.00
MMRF1011HSR5 MMRF1011HSR5 NXP MOSFET N-CH 100V 3-Pin NI-780S NXP 0.00
BZV55-C13,115 BZV55-C13,115 NXP Diodes Zener MiniMelf NXP 0.00
74HC273D,653 74HC273D,653 NXP IC FLIP FLOP OCT D RESET 20SOIC NXP 0.00
1PS79SB62,115 1PS79SB62,115 Nexperia Schottky Diode 40 V 0.02 A SMD SOD-523 NXP 0.00
BTA201-800E,116 BTA201-800E,116 WeEn Triacs 600 V 1 A TO92 NXP 0.00
FXOS8700CQR1 FXOS8700CQR1 NXP Accelerometers 3-Axis Mag 3-Axis 16-QFN NXP 0.00
MC13783VK5R2 MC13783VK5R2 NXP IC Power Management PMIC 247-MAPBGA NXP 30.00
BAT721,215 BAT721,215 NXP Diode Schottky 40V 0.2A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BZX384-B33,115 BZX384-B33,115 NXP Diode Zener Single 33V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BC847C,215 NXP BC847C,215 Bipolar Transistors - BJT NPN GP 100MA 45V TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BFS19,215 BFS19,215 NXP Transistor BJT NPN 20V 0.03A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BZX84-A10,215 BZX84-A10,215 NXP Zener Diode 10V 250mW 1% TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BAS521 BAS521 NXP Diode Switching 300V 250mA NXP 0.00
PCF8563TS/4,118 PCF8563TS/4;118 NXP RTC Clock NXP 0.00
IP4052CX20/LF IP4052CX20/LF NXP Filter RC(PI) 40 OHM/18PF SMD NXP 0.00
PDTC123JT,215 PDTC123JT,215 NXP Transistor BJT NPN 50V 100mA TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BZX79-B16,113 BZX79-B16,113 NXP Diode Zener 16V 2% 500mW Axial NXP 0.00
NVT2003DP,118 NVT2003DP,118 NXP Voltage Level Translator 10-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PTN5110NHQZ PTN5110NHQZ NXP USB Interface 16-HX2QFN NXP 0.00
BAS416F BAS416F NXP Diode Switching 85V 0.2A SOD-323 NXP 0.00
NXPS20H100CX,127 NXPS20H100CX,127 NXP Diode Schottky 100V 20A TO-220F NXP 0.00
TEA1833TS/1H TEA1833TS/1H NXP SMPS Controller IC GreenChip 6-TSOP NXP 0.00
LPC1763FBD100,551 LPC1763FBD100,551 NXP 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 3.3V 100-LQFP NXP 0.00
PN7462AUHN/C300Y PN7462AUHN/C300Y NXP ARM Cortex-M0, 32bit, 160KB, 20MHz, HVQFN-64 NXP 0.00
TJA1051T/CM,118 TJA1051T/CM,118 NXP IC CAN 5Mbps 5V 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
TDA8026ET/C2,551 TDA8026ET/C2,551 NXP Smart Card IC 20MHz 64-TFBGA NXP 0.00
BZX84J-B75,115 BZX84J-B75,115 NXP Zener Diode 75V 550mW SOD323F NXP 0.00
PXAG37KFA,512 PXAG37KFA,512 NXP MCU 16-bit Microcontroller 3.3-5V 44-PLCC NXP 0.00
MMBZ9V1AL,215 MMBZ9V1AL,215 NXP TVS Diode 14V 1.7A SOT23 NXP 0.00
PESD3V3Z1BSFYL PESD3V3Z1BSFYL Nexperia ESD Suppressor TVS Diodes NXP 628.00
BC817-40,215 BC817-40,215 NXP Bipolar Transistor NPN GP 500 45V SOT23 NXP 0.00
PMEG4050EP,115 PMEG4050EP,115 Nexperia Schottky Diode 40V 5A SOD-128 NXP 0.00
BT131W-600,135 BT131W-600,135 WeEn Thyristor Triacs 600V 13.8A SOT-223 NXP 0.00
MC68HC11F1CFN4 MC68HC11F1CFN4 NXP 8-Bit Microcontroller 4MHz 68-PLCC NXP 0.00
74LVT244AD,112 74LVT244AD,112 NXP Buffer 2.7V-3.6V 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
PN5321A3HN/C106,51 PN5321A3HN/C106,51 NXP RFID Reader/Transponder 13.56MHz 2.7-5.5V 40-VFQFN NXP 0.00
PRTR5V0U2X,215 PRTR5V0U2X,215 Nexperia Diode Array Uni-Dir 5.5V 4-Pin SOT-143B NXP 0.00
PUMB4,115 PUMB4,115 NXP Bipolar Transistor 50 V 100mA SOT-363 NXP 0.00
74HC245D,652 74HC245D,652 Nexperia Transceiver 2-6V 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
74HCT245D,652 74HCT245D,652 NXP Transceiver Single 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
BC857B,215 BC857B,215 NXP Bipolar Transistors PNP GP 100MA 45V SOT-23 NXP 0.00
P89V51RC2FA,512 P89V51RC2FA,512 NXP 8-bit Microcontroller MCU 5V 44-PLCC NXP 100.00
P89V51RC2FBC,557 P89V51RC2FBC,557 NXP 8-bit Microcontroller MCU 5V 44-PLCC NXP 0.00
74HCT4053D,118 74HCT4053D NXP Multiplexer Switch 16SOIC NXP 0.00
PESD5V0H1BSFYL PESD5V0H1BSFYL Nexperia TVS Diode 15kV DFN-0603 NXP 0.00
PMBS3904,215 PMBS3904,215 Nexperia BJT Transistor NPN 40V 100mA SOT23 NXP 0.00
74HC245D 74HC245D NXP IC Bus Transceiver 20-SOIC NXP 0.00
PZTA42,115 PZTA42,115 NXP Transistor 300V 0.5A SOT-223 NXP 0.00
MPXV5050GP MPXV5050GP NXP Pressure Sensor, Gauge 4.75-5.25V 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5004GP MPXV5004GP NXP Pressure Sensor, Gauge 4.75-5.25V 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5050GC6U MPXV5050GC6U NXP Pressure Sensor, Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5004GVP MPXV5004GVP NXP Pressure Sensor, 5V Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
TJA1051TK/3/1J TJA1051TK/3/1J NXP IC CAN 5Mbps 5V 8-HVSON NXP 0.00
TJA1051T/2Z TJA1051T/2Z NXP IC CAN 5Mbps 5V 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
MPXV5004DP MPXV5004DP NXP Pressure Sensor, 5V Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5004GC7U MPXV5004GC7U NXP Pressure Sensor, 5V Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5004GPT1 MPXV5004GPT1 NXP Pressure Sensor, 5V Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
MPXV5004GC6T1 MPXV5004GC6T1 NXP Pressure Sensor, 5V Gauge 8-SOP NXP 0.00
PDZ2.7BGWJ PDZ2.7BGWJ NXP Diode Zener Single 26.86V 2% 400mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PDZ27BGWX PDZ27BGWX Nexperia Diode Zener Single 26.86V 2% 400mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
MPC8321VRADDCA MPC8321VRADDCA NXP Microprocessor MPU RISC 32-Bit 266MHz 1.8-3.3V 516-PBGA NXP 0.00
MPC8321VRAFDC MPC8321VRAFDC NXP Microprocessor MPU RISC 32-Bit 333MHz 516-PBGA NXP 0.00
KMPC8321VRADDC KMPC8321VRADDC NXP Microprocessor MPU RISC 32-Bit 266MHz 1.8-3.3V 516-PBGA NXP 0.00
MPC8321VRAFDCA MPC8321VRAFDCA NXP Microprocessor MPU RISC 32-Bit 333MHz 1.8-3.3V 516-PBGA NXP 0.00
BYV32E-200,127 BYV32E-200,127 WeEn Switching Diode 200V 20A TO-220AB NXP 2,000.00
PDZ9.1B,115 PDZ9.1B,115 Nexperia Zener Diode 9.04V 400mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PDZ9.1BGWJ PDZ9.1BGWJ Nexperia Zener Diode 9.04V 400mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PDZ9.1BGWX PDZ9.1BGWX Nexperia Zener Diode 9.04V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PDZ24BGWJ PDZ24BGWJ Nexperia Zener Diode 24.25V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
BYV32EB-200,118 BYV32EB-200,118 WeEn Switching Diode 200V 20A TO-220AB NXP 0.00
MIMXRT1062CVL5A MIMXRT1062CVL5A NXP ARM Microcontroller Cortex -M7 32-Bit 528MHz 196-MAPBGA NXP 2.00
NX7002AKS,115 NX7002AKS,115 Nexperia MOSFET 60V 170mA 6-TSSOP NXP 25.00
MMBZ33VAL,215 MMBZ33VAL,215 Nexperia TVS Diode 26V SOT23 NXP 0.00
BAT54XY,115 BAT54XY,115 NXP Schottky Diode 30V 100mA SOT363 NXP 0.00
SC16IS762IPW SC16IS762IPW8 NXP UART Interface RS232, RS485 Controller 28-TSSOP NXP 0.00
SC16IS762IPW,112 SC16IS762IPW,112 NXP UART Interface RS232, RS485 Controller 28-TSSOP NXP 0.00
74HC4050D,653 74HC4050D,653 NXP Voltage Driver 5.2mA 2-6V SOIC-16 NXP 0.00
FS32K116LAT0MLFT FS32K116LAT0MLFT NXP ARM Microcontroller MCU 48MHz 3.3-5V 48-LQFP NXP 0.00
PMEG2015EA,115 PMEG2015EA,115 Nexperia Schottky Diode 20V 1.5A SOD-323 NXP 0.00
NZX22B,133 NZX22B,133 Nexperia Zener Diode 22V 500mW Axial NXP 40,002.00
MPXV7002DP MPXV7002DP NXP Pressure Sensor 0.5-4.5V -2kPa to 2kPa 8-SNSR NXP 0.00
BZV55-C24,115 BZV55-C24,115 Nexperia Zener Diode 24V 500mW MiniMelf NXP 0.00
74HCT4020D,653 74HCT4020D,653 Nexperia Binary Counter IC 14-Bit PDSO16 NXP 0.00
BZX384-B10,115 BZX384-B10,115 Nexperia Zener Diode Single 10V SOD-323 NXP 0.00
MPX5700ASX MPX5700ASX NXP Pressure Sensor 0.2-4.7V 15kPa to 700kPa SIP-6 NXP 0.00
PSMN039-100YS,115 PSMN039-100YS,115 Nexperia MOSFET N-Channel 100V 112A Power-SO8 NXP 0.00
74LVC1G08GW 74LVC1G08GW NXP AND Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS 5-Pin TSSOP NXP 0.00
74LVC1G08GW,125 74LVC1G08GW,125 NXP AND Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS Automotive 5-Pin TSSOP NXP 1,050.00
74LVC1G08GW-Q100,1 74LVC1G08GW-Q100,1 Nexperia AND Gate IC 1 Channel 5-?TSSOP NXP 12,000.00
PBSS5140T,215 PBSS5140T, 215 Nexperia BJT Transistor PNP 40V 1A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
MKV10Z32VFM7 MKV10Z32VFM7 NXP MCU 32-bit 32KB Flash 75MHz 2.5-3.3V 32-QFN NXP 0.00
MC34VR500V1ES MC34VR500V1ES NXP DC-DC Converter 4.5A 2.8-4.5V 56-QFN NXP 0.00
NX2301P,215 NX2301P,215 NXP Mosfet P-Ch 2A 20V SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
BAT54,215 BAT54,215 Nexperia Rectifier Diode Schottky 0.2A SOT-233 NXP 0.00
NX20P5090UKAZ NX20P5090UKAZ NXP Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 5A 15-WLCSP NXP 0.00
NX5P3290UKZ NX5P3290UKZ NXP IC USB Power Switch Single 5.5V 0.4A to 3.3A 16-WLCSP NXP 10.00
PMEG4010EH,115 PMEG4010EH,115 Nexperia Diode Schottky 40V 1A SOD123F NXP 2,000.00
PBSS8110T,215 PBSS8110T,215 Nexperia BJT Transistor NPN 100V 1A TO236AB NXP 3,570.00
IP4283CZ10-TBR,115 IP4283CZ10-TBR,115 Nexperia Diode Array 9.5V 0.6pF 10-XSON NXP 0.00
BAT54C,215 BAT54C,215 NXP Schottky Diode 30V SOT23 NXP 0.00
74LV165D,112 74LV165D,112 Nexperia Counter Shift Registers 3.3V 16-SOIC NXP 0.00
MCIMX6D6AVT10AD MCIMX6D6AVT10AD NXP 32Bit Microprocessor MPU 1Ghz 624FCBGA NXP 0.00
74AHCT1G04GW,125 74AHCT1G04GW NXP Inverter IC 1 Channel 5-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PBSS4130T,215 PBSS4130T,215 Nexperia BJT Transistor NPN 30V 1A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PCF8523T/1,118 PCF8523T/1,118 NXP Real Time Clock Serial 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
74LVC125ABQ,115 74LVC125ABQ,115 Nexperia Buffer / Line Driver 3-State 1.65V to 3.6 V, DHVQFN-14 NXP 0.00
TEA1995T/1J TEA1995T/1J NXP Power Synchronous Rectification Controller 4.5-38V 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
PUMB9,115 PUMB9,115 Nexperia BJT Transistor Pre-Biased 50V 100mA 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PBSS5130T,215 PBSS5130T,215 NXP BJT Transistor PNP 30V 1A SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
MIMXRT1062CVL5B MIMXRT1062CVL5B NXP Microcontroller 32-Bit 528MHz 1.26V 196-MAPBGA NXP 0.00
74HC14PW,118 74HC14PW,118 NXP Inverter Schmitt Trigger 5V 5.2mA 14-TSSOP NXP 0.00
MCIMX6U5EVM10AC MCIMX6U5EVM10AC NXP ARM Microprocessor 2 Core, 32-Bit 1GHz 624-MAPBGA NXP 0.00
IP4220CZ6,125 IP4220CZ6,125 Nexperia TVS Diode 0.7V SOT-457 NXP 0.00
BZV55-C15,115 BZV55-C15,115 NXP Zener Diode Single 15V 5% 500mW Mini-MELF NXP 0.00
74LVC1G3157GW,125 74LVC1G3157GW,125 Nexperia Multiplexer Switch 5.5V SOT-363 NXP 0.00
BZB84-C10,215 BZB84-C10,215 NXP Diode Zener Dual Common Anode 10V SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
PDZ36B,115 PDZ36B,115 NXP Zener Diode 36V 400mW 2% SOD-323 NXP 0.00
PCA9570GMH PCA9570GMH NXP I/O Expander 100kHz 3.6V 8-XQFN NXP 0.00
BZX84-C12,215 BZX84-C12,215 Nexperia Zener Diode 12V 250mW SOT-23 NXP 0.00
MC9S12A256VPVE MC9S12A256VPVE NXP MCU 16-bit Microcontroller 256KB Flash 2.5V/5V 112-LQFP NXP 0.00
PMV20XNEAR PMV20XNEAR Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 20V 6.3A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PUSB3F96X PUSB3F96X Nexperia TVS Diode Uni-Dir 5.5V 10-XSON NXP 0.00
74LV4066D,118 74LV4066D,118 NXP Analog Switch 1-6V 14-SOIC NXP 0.00
PDZ6.8B,115 PDZ6.8B,115 NXP Zener Diode 6.8V 400mW SOD-323 NXP 3,527.00
MMBZ20VAL,215 MMBZ20VAL,215 NXP Semiconductor TVS Diodes 20V SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
TL431AQDBZR,215 TL431AQDBZR,215 Nexperia Shunt Voltage Reference IC 36V SOT-23-3 NXP 6,006.00
PMEG3005AEA,115 PMEG3005AEA,115 Nexperia Schottky Diode 30V 500mA SOD-323 NXP 0.00
74LVC2G02DP,125 74LVC2G02DP,125 Nexperia NOR Gate 3.3V 8-TSSOP NXP 0.00
TEA1795T/N1,118 TEA1795T/N1,118 NXP Switching Controllers 10V 2.7A 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
74HC132D,653 74HC132D,653 Nexperia Logic Gate 2-6V 5.2mA 14SOIC NXP 0.00
BAS516,315 BAS516,315 Nexperia Diode Switching 100V 0.25A 2-Pin SOD-523 NXP 0.00
PBHV9115T PBHV9115T Nexperia BJT Transistor PNP 150V 1A SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
BAS16W,115 BAS16W,115 NXP Diode Switching 100V 0.175A 3-Pin UMT T/R RoHS NXP 0.00
LPC4357JBD208E LPC4357JBD208E NXP MCU 32-bit 1024KB Flash 3.3V 208-LQFP NXP 0.00
PSMN5R5-60YS,115 PSMN5R5-60YS,115 NXP MOSFET N-CH 60V 100A LFPAK NXP 0.00
TL431ACDBZR,215 TL431ACDBZR,215 NXP V-Ref Precision Shunt 36V 100mA SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
PUMB13,115 PUMB13,115 NXP Pre-Biased BJT Transistor 50V 100mA 6-TSSOP NXP 2,490.00
74LVC2G34GW,125 74LVC2G34GW,125 NXP Buffer Push-Pull 5.5V 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
BAT54J,115 BAT54J,115 NXP Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A SOD-323F NXP 6,000.00
BC807W,115 BC807W,115 NXP BJT Transistor PNP 45V 500mA 200mW SOT-323 NXP 0.00
PESD5V0L4UW,115 PESD5V0L4UW,115 NXP TVS Diode 5V 2.5A SOT-665 NXP 0.00
MMPF0100F0AEP MMPF0100F0AEP NXP Power Management IC, I.MX6 Processor 4.5V HQFN-56 NXP 11.00
BCM857BS,115 BCM857BS,115 Nexperia Bipolar Transistor PNP 45V 100mA 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
LPC4357JBD208K LPC4357JBD208K NXP MCU 32-bit 1024KB Flash 3.3V 208-LQFP NXP 0.00
PHT4NQ10T,135 PHT4NQ10T,135 Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 100V 3.5A SC-73-4 NXP 0.00
LPC1788FBD144,551 LPC1788FBD144,551 NXP Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 120MHz 144-LQFP NXP 0.00
PN7362AUEV/C300Y PN7362AUEV/C300Y NXP RF Microcontroller MCU NFC 1.65-3.6V 64-VFBGA NXP 0.00
BYV29-500,127 BYV29-500,127 Nexperia Diode 500V 9A TO-220AC NXP 0.00
PESD24VL2BT,215 PESD24VL2BT,215 Nexperia TVS Diode Bi-Dir 24V SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
BZX84-C33,215 BZX84-C33,215 Nexperia Zener Diode 33V 250mW TO-236AB NXP 0.00
74AHC1G04GW,125 74AHC1G04GW,125 Nexperia Inverter 1 Channel 2-5.5V 5-TSSOP NXP 1.00
74AVC4T245PW,118 74AVC4T245PW,118 NXP Translation Transceiver 3.6V 16-TSSOP NXP 940.00
PN5180A0HN/C1Y PN5180A0HN/C1Y NXP NFC/RFID Read/Write 13.56MHz 40-HVQFN NXP 0.00
TEA18363T/1J TEA18363T/1J NXP AC-DC Converter 10.8V 140kHz 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
TEA19162CT/1J TEA19162CT/1J NXP Power Factor Correction PWM Controller 500KHz 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
PMBT3906,215 PMBT3906,215 NXP Semiconductors BJT Transistor PNP 40V 0.2A SOT-23-3 NXP 0.00
74AUP1G32GX,125 74AUP1G32GX,125 Nexperia OR Gate 0.8-3.6V 4mA 5-X2SON NXP 0.00
NVT2010BS,118 NVT2010BS,118 NXP Voltage Level Translator 1.8V to 5.5V 24-HVQFN NXP 0.00
PCA9546APW,118 PCA9546APW,118 NXP Translating Switch Interface 2.8-36V 2A 16-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PCA9506DGG,518 PCA9506DGG,518 NXP I2C Interface 400kHz 5.5V 50mA 56- TSSOP NXP 0.00
PCA9544ABS,118 PCA9544ABS,118 NXP Translating Switch Interface I2C SMBus 5.5V 20-HVQFN NXP 0.00
PDZ16BGWJ PDZ16BGWJ Nexperia Zener Diode 16.18V 5% 625mW SOD-123 NXP 1,210.00
74AUP1G04GW,125 74AUP1G04GW,125 Nexperia Logic IC, Inverter 5-TSSOP NXP 0.00
74LVC2G08GT,115 74LVC2G08GT,115 NXP AND Gate 5.5V Dual 2-Input XSON-8 NXP 0.00
74LVC2G08GT/S500115 74LVC2G08GT/S500115 NXP AND Gate 5.5V Dual 2-Input XSON-8 NXP 0.00
PESD5V0L2UU,115 PESD5V0L2UU,115 NXP TVS Diodes 70W 6.6V SOT-323-3 NXP 100.00
S9KEAZ128AMLH S9KEAZ128AMLH NXP MCU 32-Bit 48MHz 128KB Flash 3.3V/5V 64-LQFP NXP 0.00
PCA9518PW,118 PCA9518PW,118 NXP Buffer Interface 3.6V 20-TSSOP NXP 0.00
S9S12G48F0MLF S9S12G48F0MLF NXP MCU 16-bit 48KB Flash 3.3V/5V 48-LQFP NXP 0.00
BAP50-03,115 BAP50-03115 NXP RF Diode PIN Single 50V 50mA 500 mW SOD-323 NXP 0.00
MKL02Z32VFG4 MKL02Z32VFG4 NXP ARM Microcontroller 32-Bit 48MHz 3.3V 16-QFN NXP 0.00
PBSS5230T,215 PBSS5230T,215 Nexperia Bipolar BJT Transistor PNP 30V 2A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
BC856,215 BC856,215 NXP BJT Transistor PNP 65V 0.1A TO-236AB NXP 0.00
PCA9546AD,118 PCA9546AD,118 NXP Multiplexer Switch I2C 3.6V 16uA SOIC-16 NXP 3,500.00
PESD24VS1UL,315 PESD24VS1UL,315 NXP Diode TVS Uni-Dir 24V 3A 2-DFN NXP 0.00
2N7002,235 2N7002,235 Nexperia MOSFET N-CH 60V 300MA TO236AB NXP 0.00
2PD602ASL,215 2PD602ASL,215 Nexperia Bipolar BJT Transistor NPN 50V 500mA TO-236AB NXP 0.00
74LVC04AD,118 74LVC04AD,118 Nexperia Inverter IC 6 Channel 3.3V SOIC-14 NXP 0.00
P1013NXN2LFB P1013NXN2LFB NXP Microprocessors MPU 32bit 1.067GHz 689-TEBGA NXP 0.00
PMEG6010CEGWJ PMEG6010CEGWJ Nexperia Schottky Diode 60V 1A 2-Pin SOD-123 NXP 0.00
BZX585-C30,115 BZX585-C30,115 Nexperia Zener Diode 30V 5% 300mW SC-79 NXP 0.00
74AVC1T45GW,125 74AVC1T45GW,125 Nexperia Voltage Translator Bidirectional 2.5V 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
74LVC1G08GS,132 74LVC1G08GS,132 Nexperia AND Gate IC 5V 6-XSON NXP 0.00
74LVC1G07GW,125 74LVC1G07GW,125 Nexperia Buffer Driver 3.3V or 5V 5-TSSOP NXP 1.00
NX7002AKW,115 NX7002AKW,115 Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 60V 0.17A SOT23 NXP 30,000.00
BZX384-C4V7,115 BZX384-C4V7,115 Nexperia Zener Diode 4.7V 300mW SOD323 NXP 36,000.00
PMEG060V050EPDZ PMEG060V050EPDZ Nexperia Schottky Diode 60V 5A CFP15 NXP 0.00
BSS138PS,115 BSS138PS,115 Nexperia MOSFET N-CH 60V 320mA 6-TSSOP NXP 0.00
PMBF170,235 PMBF170,235 Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 60V 0.3A SOT-23 NXP 0.00
TJA1041T/CM,118 TJA1041T/CM,118 NXP CAN Interface 1Mbps Sleep/Standby 5V 14-SOIC NXP 0.00
P1024NSN5DFB P1024NSN5DFB NXP Microprocessor MPU QorIQ RISC 32-Bit 533MHz 561-TEPBGA NXP 0.00
PCA9704PWJ PCA9704PWJ NXP IC GPI Interface 16Bit SPI 18V INT 16TSSOP NXP 0.00
PMDPB30XN,115 PMDPB30XN,115 Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 20V 4A 6-HUSON NXP 2,730.00
BC847BVN,115 BC847BVN,115 Nexperia BJT Transistor PNP 45V 100mA SOT-666-6 NXP 0.00
PMV20XNER PMV20XNER Nexperia MOSFET N-Ch 30V 5.7A SOT-23-3 NXP 31,499.00
BZX84J-C16,115 BZX84J-C16,115 Nexperia Zener Diode AEC-Q101 16V SOD-323F NXP 0.00
NPIC6C596APWJ NPIC6C596APWJ Nexperia Shift Register 2.2-5.5V 8 Bit 16-TSSOP NXP 0.00
TEA18363T/2J TEA18363T/2J NXP AC-DC Converter 10.8V 140kHz 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
TL431BIDBZR,215 TL431BIDBZR,215 Nexperia Shunt V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V 100mA SOT-23-3 NXP 12,000.00
PCA9536D,118 PCA9536D,118 NXP I/O Expander SMBus 5V 400 kHz 8-SOIC NXP 0.00
BUK6Y14-40PX BUK6Y14-40PX Nexperia MOSFET P-Ch 40V 64A LFPAK-56-4 NXP 0.00
PEMD48,115 PEMD48,115 Nexperia Bipolar Pre-Biased Transistor 50V 100mA SOT-666 NXP 0.00
LPC1788FBD208 LPC1788FBD208 NXP MCU Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 120MHz 512KB Flash 208LQFP NXP 0.00
LPC1788FBD208,551 LPC1788FBD208,551 NXP MCU Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 120MHz 512KB Flash 208LQFP NXP 0.00