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Multicomp is a great value range offering the quality you would expect from a leading manufacturer and includes Passive Components, Connectors, Discretes, Optoelectronics, Crystals & Oscillators, Transformers, Power Supplies, Circuit Protection, Static Protection, Fans & Blowers, Enclosures, Sensors & Transducers, Cable Assemblies, Solder Wire, Knobs & Handles.

The Multicomp product range consists of over 25,000 stocked products available for next day delivery. Sometimes Multicomp parts at cheaper price may be identical to a more
expensive branded one listed somewhere else. Key product ranges include Passives, Connectors, Switches and Fans.

Multicomp is a value brand, and is a globally recognized provider of board level and box build components. Multicomp offers connectors, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, semiconductors, lamps, LEDs, switches, and related accessories. Multicomp a value brand offering high quality products at very competitive prices. International quality certifications and safety approvals are key components of their selection process. Multicomp products are required to meet our pre-defined specific and high quality product specifications. The products supplied include connectors, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, semiconductors, lamps, LEDs, switches, fuses, transformers, fans, fan accessories and fan kits are available in stock for immediate support of your design and production requirements.

    • Multicomp: Multicomp is a brand associated with a wide range of electronic components and accessories, including passive components, connectors, cables, and more. The Multicomp brand is often used by various manufacturers and distributors for their components.

    • Multicomp Pro: Multicomp Pro is a specific line or sub-brand within the Multicomp product family. It is generally associated with higher-quality, professional-grade components and is often marketed as a premium or advanced version of Multicomp components.

  1. Quality and Performance:

    • Multicomp: Multicomp components may encompass a range of quality levels, from basic to mid-range. These components are suitable for a variety of general electronic applications and projects.

    • Multicomp Pro: Multicomp Pro components are typically designed to meet higher quality and performance standards. They are often engineered for more demanding and professional applications where reliability, precision, and performance are critical.

  2. Price:

    • Multicomp: Multicomp components are generally more budget-friendly and cost-effective, making them suitable for cost-sensitive projects and hobbyist use.

    • Multicomp Pro: Multicomp Pro components are often priced higher than standard Multicomp components due to their enhanced quality and performance. They are targeted at professional and industrial applications, where cost is often secondary to performance and reliability.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components, you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Multicomp and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG
NL1812T-6R8K Multicomp NL453232-6R8K Fixed Inductor 6.8uH 10% 0.27A SMD 1812 Multicomp
2213S-12G MultiComp 2213S-12G Vertical 2 Row Header 12 Pins 0.1" 2.54mm Spacing RoHS Multicomp
MC00625W0402110K MC00625W0402110K Multicomp Resistor 10K Ohm SMD 0402 Multicomp
2N5323 MULTICOMP 2N5323, Transistor 50 V 2 A PNP TO-39 Multicomp
2212004 MULTICOMP 2212004 Fuse 250V-400V, 50A, D02 Multicomp
2212005 2212005 MULTICOMP FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 63A, D02 RoHS Multicomp
2211001 MULTICOMP 2211001 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 2A, D01 RoHS Multicomp
2211002 MULTICOMP 2211002 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 4A, ROHS Multicomp
2212003 MULTICOMP 2212003 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 35A, D02 ROHS Multicomp
2211003 MULTICOMP 2211003 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 6A, D01 RoHS Multicomp
2211004 MULTICOMP 2211004 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 10A, D01 RoHS Multicomp
2211005 MULTICOMP 2211005 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 16A, D01 RoHS Multicomp
2212001 MULTICOMP 2212001 FUSE, BOTTLE, GL, 20A, D02 RoHS Multicomp
2212002 2212002 MULTICOMP FUSE, BOTTLE, GLASS, 250V-400V 25A, D02 RoHS Multicomp
FR107 MULTICOMP FR107 Standard Power Diode, Single, 1 kV, 1 A, 1.3 V, 30 A Multicomp
UF4005. UF4005 MULTICOMP FAST RECOVERY DIODE, 1A, 400V, DO-41 RoHS Multicomp
SPC15189 MULTICOMP SPC15189 I/O Connector, Centronics, Receptacle, 14 Contacts, Solder, Cable Mount Multicomp
2227MC-28-03-05-F1 MULTICOMP 2227MC-28-03-05-F1 IC & Component Socket, 2227MC Series, DIP Socket, 28 Contacts, 2.54 mm, 7.62 mm Multicomp
412D02F-09PC003SV MULTICOMP 412D02F-09PC003SV Memory Socket, Raspberry Pi Series, Memory Socket, 9 Contacts, Copper, Gold Plated Contacts Multicomp
FR307G FR307G Multicomp Rectifier 3A 1000V 2-Pin, Axial Multicomp
MCFT000175 MULTICOMP MCFT000175 INDUCTOR, FERRITE, 1008, 10UH Multicomp
6MD1S4M2RE MULTICOMP 6MD1S4M2RE Slide Switch, DPDT, On-On, 100mA 20V Through Hole Multicomp
HRS2H-S-DC12V HRS2H-S DC12V MULTICOMP Relay DPDT, Through Hole, 2 A, 12 VDC Multicomp
SS34. SS34 Multicomp SMT Schottky Diode 40V 3A, 2-Pin DO-214AB Multicomp
DM1-03P-30-3 DM1-03P-30-3 MULTICOMP Microswitch, SPDT, Long Lever, Solder, 1A, 125V Multicomp
MC0063W06031115K MC0063W06031115K Multicomp Thick Film Resistor 115kohm 50V SMD 0603 Multicomp
1N4148W-7-F. 1N4148W-7-F Multicomp Diode Switching 100V 0.15A 2-Pin SOD-123 Multicomp
1N5819HW-7-F. 1N5819HW-7-F Multicomp Diode Schottky 1A 40V SOD123 Multicomp
MC000989 MC000989 Multicomp RF / Coaxial Connector, MMCX Coaxial, Straight Jack Multicomp
05EN1034(100/M) 05EN1034(100/M) MULTICOMP Sensor Thermostat 120V 15A SPST-NC Multicomp
26.456.1 26.456.1 Multicomp Adapter 4mm, M/F, Red Multicomp
26.456.2 26.456.2 MULTICOMP Connector Adaptor, 4mm, Black Multicomp
SS110B SS110B Multicomp Schottky Diode 100V 1A DO-214AA Multicomp
MCATP-L-E-30A MCATP-L-E 30A Multicomp Fuse 32V 30A 2Pin Multicomp
MCDHN-02F-T-V MCDHN-02F-T-V Multicomp DIP Switch 2 Circuits 24VDC SPST Multicomp
MCDHN-10F-T-V MCDHN-10F-T-V Multicomp DIP Switch, 10 Circuits 24VDC SPST SMD Multicomp
53048-0210 53048-0210 MOLEX 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade Header, Right Angle, 2 Circuits. Multicomp
MCDTSA6-5R MCDTSA6-5R Multicomp Tactile Switch 50mA 12V 260gf SPST-NO Multicomp
24-14-2-TGG 24-14-2-TGG Multicomp RF / Coaxial Connector Multicomp
MC002702 MC002702 Multicomp Axial Fan Multicomp
MCSJK-7U-32-12-10-60 MCSJK-7U-32.00-12-10-60-B-10 Multicomp Crystal 32MHz SMD 3225 Multicomp
BLM21AG601SH1D BLM21AG601SH1D Murata Ferrite Bead Multicomp
CLS-TV-1008 CLS-TV-1008 Multicomp Crimp Terminal 12-10 AWG Multicomp
MCAS809535-560U MCAS809535-560U Multicomp Choke Coil 56uH 500mA Radial Multicomp
MCSC50-W2 MCSC50-W2 Multicomp Steel Fan Finger Guard Multicomp
MCSC50-W2B MCSC50-W2B Multicomp Steel Fan Finger Guard, Black Multicomp
MC32596 MC32596 Multicomp USB Type B Connector Receptacle Multicomp
MCPWR12FTEA1005 MCPWR12FTEA1005 Multicomp Thick Film Resistor 10 Mohm SMD 2512 Multicomp
MC000830 MC000830 Multicomp Fuse Holder 250V 6.3A Pcb Multicomp
MCTA160/18 MCTA160/18 Multicomp Toroidal Transformer 2X18V 160VA Wires Multicomp
D16-LMR1-1AB D16-LMR1-1AB Multicomp Pushbutton Switch 8A 125VAC Solder Multicomp
D16-LMR1-2AB D16-LMR1-2AB Multicomp Industrial Pushbutton Switch 8A 125VAC Round Multicomp
MP-26-09-TGG MP-26-09-TGG Multicomp RF / Coaxial 50ohm Connector Multicomp
MC34459 MC34459 Multicomp Memory Card Connector 8 Position Multicomp
MC0603B104K500CT MC0603B104K500CT Multicomp Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0603 Multicomp
PC250-836LT PC250-836LT Multicomp Brass PCB Terminal Multicomp
2211S-04G 2211S-04G Multicomp Connector Header 4 Position Multicomp
CFS-DF-1425 CFS-DF-1425 Multicomp Terminal, Female Disconnect, 0.25" Blue Multicomp
CMS-DF-1425 CMS-DF-1425 Multicomp Quick Disconnect Terminal 0.25" Connector Multicomp
MCL-S291SGC-ML MCL-S291SGC-ML Multicomp Green LED 30mA 2.1V SMD Multicomp
1N4148WS-7-F. 1N4148WS-7-F Multicomp Diode 75 V 150mA SOD-323 Multicomp
MC36203 MC36203 Multicomp PPTC Resettable Fuse 60V 150mA SMD 1210 Multicomp
5504F1-09S-02-03-F1 5504F1-09S-02-03-F1 Multicomp D Sub Connector 9 Position Multicomp
DLW5BTN101SQ2L DLW5BTN101SQ2L Murata Choke / Filter Dual 100Ohm 100MHz 6A SMD 2020 Multicomp
FLDNYDX2-250 FLDNYDX2-250 Multicomp Nylon Insulated Quick Disconnect 16-14 AWG Multicomp
MCSR08X1004FTL MCSR08X1004FTL Multicomp Thick Film Resistor 1M Ohms SMD 0805 Multicomp