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Glenair offers a full spectrum of connector products to meet every connector requirement possible. Glenair manufactures high reliability commercial connectors including fiber optics, conduit systems, composite enclosures, accessories and assembly tooling in addition to military grade connectors.

No where in the world, under one roof, does anyone manufacture and supply such a complete selection of commercial and military backshell connector accessories: from simple wire bundle strain reliefs, backshells, dummy stowage receptacles and protective covers, to advanced electromagnetic shielding and termination systems, extender backshells, pipe thread adapters, shorting caps, and cable sealing backshells.

Glenair produces literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to meet every application need including virtually every AS85049 MIL-Spec accessory ever documented. Glenair makes backshells for every connector manufacturer’s product, including Amphenol, Deutsch, Cannon, and others.

Glenair, Inc. is a well-established American company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance interconnect solutions for a wide range of industries, with a particular emphasis on aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications. Founded in 1956, Glenair has grown to become a leading provider of interconnect products, including connectors, cable assemblies, and related components.
Glenair Connectors

  1. Product Portfolio: Glenair offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of interconnect solutions. Their product range includes connectors, backshells, cable assemblies, conduits, and accessories, all designed to meet the demanding needs of various applications and industries.

  2. Aerospace and Defense: Glenair has a strong presence in the aerospace and defense sectors, providing rugged, reliable interconnect solutions for mission-critical applications. Their products are often used in military and aerospace platforms, including aircraft, spacecraft, and ground-based systems.

  3. Industrial and Commercial Applications: In addition to the aerospace and defense markets, Glenair serves a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. These include medical devices, oil and gas, telecommunications, automotive, and more.

  4. Custom Solutions: Glenair is known for its ability to provide custom interconnect solutions tailored to the unique requirements of specific projects. This includes designing and manufacturing specialized connectors and cable assemblies to meet the exact needs of their customers.