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Marquardt logoMarquardt is breaking new ground in the world of switches and offers its customers great potential when it comes to market-oriented switch solutions. Wide selection of rocker switches, pushbutton switches, toggle switches, foot switches, slide switches, snap-action switches, tact and key switches and eco switches for every application. Marquardt Switches provides high quality, innovative switching products to the Global Automotive, Power Tool and Appliance Switch Markets. Their main products include rockers, push button, snap action tact, slide rotary, toggle and power tool switches. Most of the switches have longer life on actuations and it is a world leader combining standard switches with power tool switches, white good switches, sensors and automotive.

Over the past 90 years, Marquardt has emerged as the global market leader in the field of switches. Over 8,000 employees around the world are dedicated to developing marketable, cutting-edge technologies sold in diverse markets such as power tools, industrial and automotive applications, and household appliances.

Today, after global expansion, Marquart Switches is a major manufacturer of switch products for consumer appliances, handheld electronics and automotive applications.The types of products manufactured by Marquardt Switches include Appliance Switches, Snap Action Switches, Keymodules, Power Tool Switches, Automotive Switches, and Sensors. The Marquardt Group is a global player in the high technology switch manufacturing market. Marquardt has always been known as the leader in quality. Marquardt Switches provides high quality and innovative switching products.


From its origin in the Swabian Alp to its worldwide expansion, the Marquardt Group has become one of the world’s leading mechatronics experts since its founding in 1925. Today, Marquardt employs more than 10,200 employees across 21 global locations. Marquardt is continuing to grow and advance the future of mechatronics, electro-mobility and digital networking.

At Marquardt, they are experts in interactive mechatronics and provide user-friendly interfaces between man and machine in innumerable areas of life. Whether you open your car or drive it, whether you start your power tool or control your heating, every day you are in contact with Marquardt. Additionally, Marquardt already developed many innovations today that will be available on the global market in the next few years. This is how Marquardt puts the future at your fingertips.