Alps Electric

ALPS Electric, Inc. is the # 1 worldwide manufacturer of tactile switches and PC card connectors, a leader in the manufacture of potentiometers and encoders, and they hold 35% of the global market share with other small type switches. ALPS has provided cutting-edge electronic components based on innovative, proprietary technology and market outlook since 1948. Alps Electric is known in the keyboard community primarily for the Alps SKCL/SKCM series of mechanical key-switches.

Alps Electric is a leading global manufacturer of electronic devices, supplying some 40,000 different components to around 2,000 companies that produce automobiles, home appliances, mobile devices and industrial machinery all over the world. Our products may not always be directly visible to their users, but they do play vital roles in many items used by people everyday.

ALPS Electric, Inc. is a major Japanese corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of electronic components. Founded in 1948, the company has grown to become a global leader in a variety of electronic component markets. ALPS Electric has a significant global presence, with manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and research centers in countries around the world. ALPS Electric's reputation for quality, innovation, and reliability has made it a trusted name in the electronic components industry. Their diverse product line and global reach position them as a key player in sectors ranging from automotive to consumer electronics.

Products and Services:

  • Electronic Components: ALPS Electric manufactures a wide range of electronic components, including switches, sensors, encoders, potentiometers, connectors, touchpads, and more.

  • Automotive Components: They are a major supplier of automotive components, producing products such as steering modules, sensors, and infotainment systems for vehicles.

  • Consumer Electronics: ALPS Electric also provides components for consumer electronics, such as remote control devices, touchpads, and other input devices.

  • Communication Devices: The company offers products for the telecommunications industry, including wireless modules and RF components.


  • Touchpad Technology: ALPS Electric is known for its innovation in touchpad technology, which is widely used in laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

  • Haptic Feedback: They are also a pioneer in haptic feedback technology, which provides tactile feedback to users through vibrations or motions. This technology is used in smartphones, gaming controllers, and other devices.

Featured Products by ALPS Electric


  • SCTA Series Spring Contact Micro Clip SCTA Series Spring Contact Micro Clip

    High contact reliability, 1.4×1.4mm, low height, square shape, supports 3A current

  • UGMZ2AA Bluetooth Communication Modules UGMZ2AA Bluetooth Communication Modules

    Features an easy-to-use built-in antenna that helps reduce workload during equipment development.

  • SKST TACT Switch™ SKST TACT Switch™

    Features quiet operation and excellent operating feel. Designed for automotive applications.

  • SKTG Series Side Push TACT Switch SKTG Series Side Push TACT Switch

    Ideal for embedding in smartphones and other mobile devices.