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Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire™ provides high performance wire, cable, and tubing products that ensure superior systems reliability. Alpha Wire has integrated wire, cable, and tubing products into a complete solution more powerful than the sum of its parts. Alpha Wire has the branded products and the expertise that today’s advanced technology companies have come to rely on in their most critical applications – from the tough, durable XTRA•GUARD® High Performance Electronic Cables to FIT® Preferred Heat Shrink Products for computer, telecommunication, medical, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, industrial automation, and other application critical industries.

Alpha Wire is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-performance cables, wires, and tubing solutions used in various industries such as electronics, industrial automation, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Features and Technologies:

  • High-Performance Materials: Alpha Wire uses advanced materials to ensure their cables meet industry standards for performance and reliability.

  • Shielding: Many of their cables are available with shielding options to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

  • Abrasion and Chemical Resistance: Alpha Wire's cables are designed to resist abrasion, chemicals, oils, and other environmental factors.

  • Temperature Resistance: They offer cables rated for high and low temperatures, ensuring performance in extreme conditions.

Products and Solutions:

  • Cables and Wires: Alpha Wire offers a wide range of cables and wires designed for specific applications and environments. This includes:

    • Multi-Conductor Cables: Used for signal transmission in electronic devices and systems.
    • Coaxial Cables: Commonly used for high-frequency signal transmission.
    • Industrial Ethernet Cables: Designed for industrial networking applications.
    • Hook-Up Wire: Used in various electronic and electrical applications.
    • Control and Power Cables: Designed for power transmission and control systems.
    • Custom Cable Solutions: Alpha Wire also provides custom cable solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.
  • Cable Accessories: In addition to cables and wires, Alpha Wire offers accessories such as cable glands, heat-shrink tubing, and cable ties.

Featured Wires

EcoCable® and EcoFlex™ Recyclable Control Cables by Alpha Wire
Dave Watson, Director of Engineering at Alpha Wire, introduces the latest in recyclable control cables, EcoCable and EcoFlex.

Alpha Wire EcoCable

EcoCable is the next generation of control cables. By combining better performance and minimum environmental impact, the ECOCable uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide all of the advantages in a smaller, lighter control cable.
EcoGreen Cables Alpha Wire

EcoGen™ Products are the next generation of eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package.

EcoWire® Plus Hook-Up Wire Alpha Wire

EcoWire® Plus Hook-Up Wire
Alpha Wire’s new EcoWire Plus offers all of the environmental benefits and abrasion-resistance characteristics of standard EcoWire, plus the additional fluid resistance for demanding factory applications.

Xtra-Guard® Industrial Ethernet Cable Alpha Wire

Xtra-Guard® Cat5e Industrial Ethernet Cable
Xtra-Guard® Industrial Ethernet – Rugged connectivity for industrial networking.