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Sankosha Surge ArrestersSankosha was established in 1930 at 22 Shin-Saiwai-cho in Tokyo(JAPAN). Sankosha produces weather observation systems and fiber optic system.

Sankosha specialized in gas tube arresters protect personnel equipment and circuitry from abnormally high voltages caused by lightning or electrical transients. Sankosha Products are designed for perfection, built with precision; Sankosha’s products are sure to impress. Backed by a sterling warranty Sankosha’s products will give you years of trouble-free.

Drawing on years of technical experience and know-how, Sankosha provides everything from risk diagnosis to lightning detection, forecasting and protection.

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For over 75 years, Sankosha has developed and manufactured the Ceramic Gas Tube Surge Arrester (Gas Discharge Tube or GDT). Sankosha gas tube arresters protect personnel, equipment and circuitry from abnormally high voltages caused by lightning or electrical transients. Sankosha's gas tube arrestors are known for their quality. Throughout the world, products from Sankosha products provide protection for equipment and personnel. Sankosha gas discharge tubes are available in axial leaded, radial leaded, surface mount, and special packages.

  • Ceramic Arrester (Gas Discharge Tubes )
  • Solid-state Surge Protection Device(SSPD)
  • Surge Protection:
    • For Telecommunication and Data Lines
    • For Power Supply
    • For Railway
    • Shield Transformer
    • Coaxial Protector
  • Closure for Optics Fiber Cables
  • Measurement & Testing Tools
  • Grounding Material(SAN-EARTH)

Ceramic Arrester (Gas Discharge Tubes)

The Ceramic Gas Tube Arresters manufactured by Sankosha Corporation provide protection for personnel, equipment and circuitry from the abnormally high transient voltages which can surge limiting characteristics. When the abnormal voltage on a line reaches that defined level, sparkover (or breakdown) occurs within the gas tube arrested, the surge is redirected and people and equipment are protected.

Sankosha manufactures gas discharge tube surge arresters for circuit protection from lightning and other over voltage events. Due to their very low capacitance, gas discharge tubes are commonly used on high frequency lines, like in telecommunications equipment. They can also be used in industrial and consumer electronics, such as in surge protectors and alarm systems. Other applications include instrumentation circuits, power supplies and medical electronics.

Examples of Sankosha Lightning Protection

  • protection for wind farms
  • protection for solar power installations
  • protection for buildings
  • protection for factories
  • protection for railways
  • protection for fire prevention equipment
  • protection for dams
  • protection for houses

Featured Series

Solid-state Surge Protection Device(SSPD):

The device most commonly used in AC voltage surge suppressors are MOVs, a solid-state device made of zinc oxide materials.

Protects communication devices and electronic devices from lightning surge using semiconductors

  • Solid-state Surge
    Excellent voltage control High speed response - below 1ns Improved surge durability and less current leak Can be used for various purposes High reliability with the use of epoxy resin
  • sankosha solid state
    Uses the punch-through phenomenon for operation 3-pole construction, most suitable for 1 line protection Excellent response High surge durability

Products List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty
Y08SV-272L2 SANKOSHA Y08SV-272L2 Surge Arrestor Sankosha 12.00
3J-1J8 3J-Series Sankosha Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) - Surge Arresters Sankosha 0.00
Y08SV272B Sankosha Y08SV-272B Gas Tube Surge Arrester GDT 1kV AC50Hz Axial Sankosha 0.00
U-4B Sankosha U-4B Transient Voltage Surge Suppression 230V Sankosha 0.00
Y08SV-262L2 Sankosha Y08SV-262L2 Surge Volt Protect Arrester 2600V Ceramic Axial Sankosha 0.00
U-9B SANKOSHA U-9B Gas Discharge Tube / Surge Supressor Sankosha 0.00
sankosha Sankosha Lightning protection solutions Sankosha 0.00
3P-1L1 3P-1L1 Sankosha 3P-Series Gas Tube Arresters 90V 24A Sankosha 0.00
SD3-75 SD3-75 Sankosha Gas Discharge Tube - Surge Arrester 75V SMD 4532 Sankosha 0.00
SD3-90 SD3-90 Sankosha Gas Discharge Tube - Surge Arrester 90V SMD 4532 Sankosha 0.00
SD3-200 SD3-200 Sankosha Gas Discharge Tube - Surge Arrester 200V SMD 4532 Sankosha 0.00
Y08JS-90A Y08JS-90A Sankosha Surge Arrester 72-108V Axial Sankosha 0.00
Y08JS-230A Y08JS-230A Sankosha Surge Arrester 184-280V Axial Sankosha 0.00
Y08SV-312B Y08SV-312B Sankosha Surge Arrester 1KV 1 MHz 100A Axial Sankosha 0.00