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On Semiconductor – Active Components

On SemiconductorON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) is a leading global supplier of advanced semiconductors for sophisticated electronics application within the portable, wireless, computing, consumer, networking, automotive, and industrial end-product markets.

ON Semiconductor Corporation offers a portfolio of analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), standard products, image sensors and custom devices for customers to solve their design challenges in advanced electronic systems and products. The Company operates through four segments: Application Products Group, Image Sensor Group, Standard Products Group, and System Solutions Group. The Company’s power management and motor driver semiconductor components control, convert, protect and monitor the supply of power to the different elements within a range of electronic devices. Its custom application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) use analog, digital signal processing (DSP), mixed-signal and advanced logic capabilities for its automotive, medical, military/aerospace, consumer and industrial customers’ products. Its signal management semiconductor components provide clock management and data flow management for precision computing, communications and industrial systems.

ON Semiconductor primary focuses is power – designing and manufacturing devices that deliver effective power management, improved power efficiency, superior power conversion, reliable power-component protection and proven power supply support.

onsemi productsON Semiconductor’s complete device portfolio includes 15,000 separate products encompassed within eight general function categories:


  • Clock Management
  • Discrete
  • High Performance Logic
  • Integrated Functions
  • Interface & Special
  • Power Management
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Standard Logic

Coupling high-quality manufacturing with a commitment to superior service, ON Semiconductor has become an industry leader in customer satisfaction.


Integrated Circuits (ICs)

    Audio Special Purpose
    Clock/Timing - Application Specific
    Clock/Timing - Clock Buffers, Drivers
    Clock/Timing - Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers
    Clock/Timing - Delay Lines
    Clock/Timing - Programmable Timers and Oscillators
    Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose
    Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
    Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers
    Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors)
    Embedded - Microcontrollers
    Interface - Analog Switches - Special Purpose
    Interface - Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers
    Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers
    Interface - Encoders, Decoders, Converters
    Interface - Filters - Active
    Interface - I/O Expanders
    Interface - Modems - ICs and Modules
    Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces
    Interface - Signal Buffers, Repeaters, Splitters
    Interface - Signal Terminators
    Interface - Specialized
    Interface - Telecom
    Linear - Amplifiers - Audio
    Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
    Linear - Amplifiers - Special Purpose
    Linear - Amplifiers - Video Amps and Modules
    Linear - Comparators
    Linear - Video Processing
    Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers
    Logic - Comparators
    Logic - Counters, Dividers
    Logic - Flip Flops
    Logic - Gates and Inverters
    Logic - Gates and Inverters - Multi-Function, Configurable
    Logic - Latches
    Logic - Multivibrators
    Logic - Parity Generators and Checkers
    Logic - Shift Registers
    Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders
    Logic - Specialty Logic (256
    Logic - Translators, Level Shifters
    PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers
    PMIC - Battery Chargers
    PMIC - Battery Management
    PMIC - Current Regulation/Management
    PMIC - Display Drivers
    PMIC - Full, Half-Bridge Drivers
    PMIC - Gate Drivers
    PMIC - Hot Swap Controllers
    PMIC - Laser Drivers
    PMIC - LED Drivers
    PMIC - Lighting, Ballast Controllers
    PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers
    PMIC - OR Controllers, Ideal Diodes
    PMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)
    PMIC - Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
    PMIC - Power Management - Specialized
    PMIC - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Controllers
    PMIC - Power Supply Controllers, Monitors
    PMIC - Supervisors
    PMIC - Thermal Management
    PMIC - Voltage Reference
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Regulators
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear + Switching
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear Regulator Controllers
    PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose
    Specialized ICs

Discrete Semiconductor Products

    Diodes - Bridge Rectifiers
    Diodes - Rectifiers - Arrays
    Diodes - Rectifiers - Single
    Diodes - RF
    Diodes - Variable Capacitance (Varicaps, Varactors)
    Diodes - Zener - Arrays
    Diodes - Zener - Single
    Power Driver Modules
    Thyristors - DIACs, SIDACs
    Thyristors - SCRs
    Thyristors - TRIACs
    Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays
    Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays, Pre-Biased
    Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - RF
    Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single
    Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single, Pre-Biased
    Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - Arrays
    Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - RF
    Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - Single
    Transistors - IGBTs - Modules
    Transistors - IGBTs - Single
    Transistors - JFETs
    Transistors - Programmable Unijunction
    Transistors - Special Purpose

Circuit Protection

    Lighting Protection
    Surge Suppression ICs
    TVS - Diodes
    TVS - Mixed Technology
    TVS - Thyristors


    Circuit Protection Kits - TVS Diodes
    Discrete Assortment Kits
    Integrated Circuits (ICs) Kits

Programmers, Development Systems

    Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits
    Evaluation Boards - Audio Amplifiers
    Evaluation Boards - DC/DC & AC/DC (Off-Line) SMPS
    Evaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSP
    Evaluation Boards - LED Drivers
    Evaluation Boards - Linear Voltage Regulators
    Evaluation Boards - Op Amps
    Evaluation Boards - Sensors
    Programmers, Emulators, and Debuggers
    Software, Services


    RF Amplifiers
    RF Demodulators
    RF Detectors
    RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards
    RF Misc ICs and Modules
    RF Mixers
    RF Modulators
    RF Receivers
    RF Transceiver ICs
    RF Transmitters

Sensors, Transducers

    Capacitive Touch Sensors, Proximity Sensor ICs
    Image Sensors, Camera
    Optical Sensors - Ambient Light, IR, UV Sensors
    Optical Sensors - Photodiodes
    Temperature Sensors - Analog and Digital Output
    Temperature Sensors - Thermostats - Solid State


    Common Mode Chokes
    EMI/RFI Filters (LC, RC Networks)

ON Semiconductor are used in most applications: Automotive , Circuit Protection, Computing & Peripherals, Consumer, Industrial, LED Lighting, Medical, Military & Aerospace, Networking & Telecommunications, Portable & Wireless, Power Supply, and Motor Control.

Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
MMBT3904LT1G ON Semiconductor MMBT3904LT1G General Purpose BJT NPN Transistor 40V 0.2A SOT-23 RoHS 1,505 0.0850
BC337-25. BC337-25 ON Semiconductor NPN Transistors 0 0.1300
BC807-25LT1 BC807-25LT1 Motorola / ON Semiconductor PNP Transistor 45V 0.5A 0.225W SOT-23 39,000 0.1400
1SMB5941BT3G ON Semiconductor 1SMB5941BT3G Diode Zener Single 47V 5% 550mW 2-Pin SMB 31 0.3300
1SMB24CAT3G ON Semiconductor 1SMB24CAT3G Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 24V 600W SMD SMB 2,500 0.4800
1SMB14AT3G ON Semiconductor 1SMB14AT3G Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 14V 600W 2-Pin SMB 5,000 0.3500
1SMA5940BT3G 1SMA5940BT3G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 43V 5% 0.5W SMA RoHS 16,897 0.4000
1SMA5940BT3G. ON-SEMI 1SMA5940BT3G Single 43V 5 % 500mW 2-Pin SMA T/R RoHS 0 0.3700
1SMA5929BT3G ON Semiconductor 1SMA5929BT3G Diode Zener Single 15V 5% 1.5W 2-Pin SMA 174 0.3700
1SMA5919BT3G ON Semiconductor 1SMA5919BT3G Zener Diode 5.6V 5% 500mW SMD SMA RoHS 970 0.3700
1N5342BG ON-SEMI 1N5342BG Diode Zener Single 6.8V 5% 5W 2-Pin Case 017AA-01 ROHS 0 0.3600
1N5343BRLG ON-SEMI 1N5343BRLG Zener Diode 5W 7.5V DO41 126 0.3600
1N5819. ON Semiconductor 1N5819 Diode Schottky 40V 1A DO-204AL 0 0.1200
MC10EL52D MC10EL52D Logic- Flip Flops 5V ECL Diff Data and 0 0.0000
MC78L05ACPRA ON Semiconductor MC78L05ACP Voltage Regulator POS 100MA 5V TO-92 48 0.3900
LM239D ON Semiconductor LM239D Comparator Quad 15V/30V 14 Pin SOIC 140 0.1500
MC3303DR2 MOTOROLA MC3303DR2 IC Op Amps 3-36V Quad 8mV SOIC-14 11,362 0.0900
MC74ACT273DW MC74ACT273DW ON Semiconductor Flip Flops 5V CMOS Octal SOIC-20 6,976 0.7000
CAT28C256N-20 CATALYST CAT28C256N-20 EEPROM 256K 5V 10 12.0000
P6SMB47AT3G P6SMB47AT3G ON Semiconductor TVS Diode 40.2V 9.3A 600W SMB 25,000 0.4000
MC14013BCP ON Semiconductor MC14013BCP Dual D-Type Positive Edge Trigger Flip-Flops PDIP-14 Through Hole 0 0.7500
MC78L09ACDG ON Semiconductor MC78L09ACDG Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 9V 100mA 8-SOIC 96 0.4500
MTB75N03HDL ONSEMI MTB75N03HDL Power MOSFET 25V 75A D2PAK 48 2.2500
MMBTA11 ON Semiconductor MMBTA11 Darlington Amplifier Transistors 30V SOT23 0 0.2200
BC848ALT1 ON Semiconductor BC848ALT1 BJT NPN Transistor 30V 0.1A SMD SOT-23 3,000 0.1200
MC74HC245AN ON Semiconductor MC74HC245AN IC Bus XCVR Single 8-CH 3-ST 20-Pin PDIP Rail 322 0.5000
mc74hc595an ON Semiconductor MC74HC595AN Shift Register Single 8-Bit 100 0.5100
MBRS130LT3G ON Semiconductor MBRS130LT3G Schottky Diode 30V 2A SMB 1,000 0.4500
1N4743A 1N4743A Motorola Zener Diode 13V 5% 1W DO-41 Axial 6,380 0.2000
1N5819 ON Semiconductor 1N5819 DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A 135 0.1200
BAV99LT1G ON Semiconductor BAV99LT1G Switching Diode 70V 215mA SMD SOT-23 0 0.1000
BC547BZL1G ON Semiconductor BC547BZL1G Bipolar NPN Transistor GP 50V 100mA TO-92 1,000 0.2500
BC817-25LT1 BC817-25LT1 ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor BJT 45 V, 500 mA NPN SMD TO-236AB 66,000 0.1700
BSS123LT1G BSS123LT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Channel 170MA 100V SOT23 15,100 0.1800
BZX84C10LT1 On Semiconductor BZX84C10LT1 Zener Diode 10V 6% 225mW SMD SOT-23 42,000 0.1500
BZX84C3V6LT1G ON Semiconductor BZX84C3V6LT1G Zener Diode 3.6V 225mW SMD SOT-23 3,000 0.1300
BZX84C5V6LT1 BZX84C5V6LT1 ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 5.6V 7% 0.225W SOT-23 69,000 0.5000
BZX84C8V2LT1 BZX84C8V2LT1 ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 8.2V 0.225W 6% SOT-23 186,000 0.1300
KEL16 MC100EL16D ON Semiconductor Buffers & Line Drivers 5V ECL Differential 8 SOIC 100 6.6000
LM2904VDMR2G M2904VDMR2G ON Semiconductor Op Amps 16V/32V Dual Low Power 8MICRO 100 0.3200
LM324ADG ON Semiconductor LM324ADG IC Quad Op Amp 16V/32V 14-SOIC 20 0.5200
LM339DG ON Semiconductor LM339DG Analogue Comparator, Quad, GP 1.3us, 3V to 36V, 14SOIC 55 0.3600
LM339N LM339N On Semiconductor IC Single Supply Quad Comparator 14DIP 23 0.1500
LM340T5.0 ON Semiconductor LM340T5.0 Linear Voltage Regulator 5V 2.4A TO-220 170 1.6800
MBRS3200T3G ON Semiconductor MBRS3200T3G Schottky Diode 200V 3A SMB 35 0.6400
MC100EL29DW MC100EL29DW Flip Flops 5V ECL Dual Diff 11 18.0000
MC14028BCPG ON Semiconductor MC14028BCPG Logic Decoder 3 Bit 4:10 PDIP-16 RoHS 0 0.6000
MC33269DT-5.0G ON Semiconductor MC33269DT-5.0G Voltage Regulator 5V 0.8A SMD DPAK-4 57 0.8000
MC74AC245N MC74AC245N ON Semiconductor Bus XCVR Single 8-CH 3-ST Automotive 20-Pin PDIP 1 0.8600
MC74ACT138DG ON Semiconductor MC74ACT138DG Multiplexer / Demultiplexer 1:8 SMD SOIC-16 34 0.4800
MC74ACT541DW MC74ACT541DW ON Semiconductor Buffers & Line Drivers 5V Octal 3-State SOIC-20 220 0.7600
MC74HC08ADTR2 ON Semiconductor MC74HC08ADTR2 IC Quad 2 Input AND Gates TSSOP-14 2,500 0.5000
MC74HC373ADWG MC74HC373ADWG ON Semiconductor Latches 2-6V Transparent Non-Inverting SOIC-20 40 0.5600
MC74HC373ADWR2 ON Semiconductor MC74HC373ADWR2 IC LATCH OCTAL 3ST TRANS 20SOIC 115 0.9000
MC74HC74AD ON Semiconductor MC74HC74AD Flip Flops 2-6V CMOS Dual 10 0.3500
MC74LVX08DTG MC74LVX08DTG ON Semiconductor Logic Gates 2-3.6V Quad 2-Input AND 192 0.4000
MC74VHC4053DTR2 ON Semiconductor MC74VHC4053DTR2 Analog Multiplexer Switch 2-6V SMD TSSOP-16 2,500 0.5000
MC7808ABD2TR4 MC7808ABD2TR4 ON Semiconductor Linear Voltage Regulators 8V 1A Postive TO-220 500 0.4500
MMBF170LT1G MMBF170LT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET 60V 500mA N-Channel SOT-23 18,000 0.5000
MMBT2369ALT1 MMBT2369ALT1 ON Semiconductor Bipolar Switching Transistor BJT 200mA 15V 300mW SOT-23 3,000 0.1900
MMBT3906LT1G ON Semiconductor MMBT3906LT1G PNP Transistor GP 40V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 40 0.0980
MMBTA13LT1 MMBTA13LT1 ON Semiconductor NPN Darlington Transistor BJT 300mA, 30V, TO-236AB 6,000 0.2000
MMBZ5240BLT1G ON Semiconductor MMBZ5240BLT1G Zener Diode 10V 5% 225mW SMD SOT-23 RoHS 12,000 0.1300
MMSZ4681T1 ON Semiconductor MMSZ4681T1 Zener Diode 2.4V 3% 0.5W SMD SOD-123 3,000 0.1800
MMSZ4684T1G ON-SEMI MMSZ4684T1G DIODE ZENER 3.3V 500MW SOD-123 ROHS 30 0.2400
MMSZ5259BT1G ON Semiconductor MMSZ5259BT1G Zener Diode 39V 0.01A 5% 0.5W SMD SOD-123 40 0.2000
MPSA42RLRPG ON Semiconductor MPSA42RLRPG NPN Transistor GP 500mA 300V TO-92 1,700 0.4000
MTD2955ET4 MTD2955ET4 ON Semiconductor TMOS E-FET Transistor 12A 60V DPAK 22 0.2100
MUN5112DW1T1 ON Semiconductor MUN5112DW1T1 Bipolar PNP Transistor 100mA 50V Dual TSSOP-6 3,000 0.5000
MURS115T3G ON Semiconductor MURS115T3G Ultra Fast Recovery Diode 150V 1A 2Pin SMB 5,000 0.3500
NL27WZ08USG NL27WZ08USG ON Semiconductor Logic Gates 1.65-5.5V Dual 2-Input AND VFSOP-8 50 0.3900
NSR0140P2T5G ON Semiconductor NSR0140P2T5G Schottky Diode 30V 0.07A SMD SOD-923 50 0.4000
NSR0620P2T5G ON Semiconductor NSR0620P2T5G Schottky Diode 20V 0.5A SMD SOD-923 50 0.4600
NTD3055L104G ON Semiconductor NTD3055L104G N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 60V 12A SMD DPAK 25 0.6000
NTJD4001NT1G ON Semiconductor NTJD4001NT1G Dual MOSFET, N Channel, 250 mA, 30V, 1 ohm, 4V, 1.2V 1,200 0.4000
MMSD4148LT1G ON SEMI MMSD4148T1G DIODE, SWITCH 100V, SOD-123 0 0.1000
MC74HC595AD ON Semiconductor MC74HC595AD IC Counter Shift Registers 8-Bit 3 State 2 0.3200
NCP803SN308T1G. NCP803SN308T1G ON Semiconductor Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 1 Channel SOT-23-3 (TO-236) 0 0.0400
NTJS3151PT1G NTJS3151PT1G Trans MOSFET N-CH 12V 2.7A 6-Pin SC88 0 0.0000
MSD601 MOTOROLA MSD601 RT2 Transistor NPN BJT GP 50V 100mA SMD SC-59 12,000 0.0500
BC848BW BC848BWT1 ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor GP 30V 0.1A SMD SOT-323 6,000 0.1500
SGA-6489Z SGA-6489Z SIRENZA IC AMP HBT SIGE 3500MHZ SOT-89 RoHS 0 0.0000
LM358N-MOT LM358N On Semiconductor - Operational Amplifier, Dual 8PIN DIP 0 0.6500
MM325V1T1 ON Semiconductor MM325V1T1 Zener Diode 5.1V 0.2W SOD-323 6,000 0.2000
NCP57152DSADJR4G ON Semiconductor NCP57152DSADJR4G Low Drop Out Positive Voltage Regulator 1.24V to 13V 1.5A D2PAK-5 0 1.8200
MMBV3700LT1 ON Semiconductor MMBV3700LT1 Diode Tunning 20V 0.2W SOT23 95,893 0.1500
NCP1117DT18 NCP1117DT18 ON Semiconductor LDO Positive Voltage Regulators 1.8V 1A 3Pins 75 0.1500
MC74HC04AN ON Semiconductor MC74HC04AN Inverter Hex CMOS 5.2 mA 6V 14-Pin PDIP 75 0.1000
MC3488AP1 ON Semiconductor MC3488AP1 Line Transmitter 2TX 8-Pin PDIP 20 0.4500
1SMB5913BT3 1SMB5913BT3 Zener Diode 3.3V 3W 5% SMB 190 0.3900
MMBT2907ALT1 Motorola / ON Semiconductor MMBT2907ALT1 General Purpose PNP Transistor 60V 600mA SOT-23 72,000 0.1400
NTR4502PT1G NTR4502PT1G ON Semiconductor P-Channel MOSFET 30V 1.13A SOT-23 65,800 0.5000
TIP31C TIP31C NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor BIP T0220 3A 100V 160 0.3900
2SA2153-TD-E 2SA2153-TD-E, ON SEMI, Bipolar Transistors - BJT BIP PNP 2A 50V, ROHS 0 0.0000
LM317BTG ON Semiconductor LM317BTG Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator 1.2V to 37V 0.4A 3-Pin TO-220 RoHS 1,130 0.5800
BS107ARL1G BS107ARL1G ON-Semiconductor N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 200V 250mA TO-92 RoHS 0 0.2500
NTR4003NT3G NTR4003NT3G ON Semiconductor MOSFET NFET 30V 0.56A SOT-23 RoHS 0 0.0000
BF720T1G BF720T1G, ON SEMI Transistor NPN 300V 100mA SOT223 0 0.0000
MMSZ15T1G MMSZ15T1G, ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 15V 5% 500mW 2-Pin 0 0.2400
MAX803SQ438T1G MAX803SQ438T1G ON Semiconductor MPU Reset monitor 4.38V SOT-323 0 11.5500
1N4001RLG ON Semiconductor 1N4001RLG Diode STD REC 1A 50V DO41 RoHS 0 0.1900
BAW56TT1 ON Semiconductor BAW56TT1 Diode Switching 70V 0.2A 3-Pin 0 0.1400
TL431CD-ONSEMI On Semiconductor TL431CD IC Voltage References Adj Shunt 0 0.1600
BAS16LT1G ON Semiconductor BAS16LT1G Diode 75V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 0 0.1400
TL431CDR2G TL431CDR2G ON Semiconductor Voltage References 2.5-36V Adjustable 1-100mA SOIC-8 1,500 0.4000
MJD112T4G MJD112T4G ON Semiconductor NPN Darlington Transistor 100V 2A 3-Pin TO-252 (DPAK) RoHS 0 0.5000
3LN01M-TL-E 3LN01M-TL-E ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 30V 0.15A SC-70 0 0.0000
3LP01M-TL-E 3LP01M-TL-E ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CHANNEL 30V 0.1A 3-MCP 0 0.5100
MMBT2222ALT1G MMBT2222ALT1G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor, NPN, 40V, 225mW, 600 mA SOT-23 6,000 0.1000
BC846BM3T5G BC846BM3T5G ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor BJT 0.1A 80V SMD SOT-723-3 16,000 0.2000
MMBT5550LT1G ON Semiconductor MMBT5550LT1G NPN BJT Transistor 140V 0.6A SMD SOT-23 3,000 0.1800
MC74VHC1G14DFT1G ON Semiconductor MC74VHC1G14DFT1G Schmitt Trigger Inverter 8mA 5-Pin SC-88A 2,800 0.3000
MC34072DR2G ON Semiconductor MC34072DR2G IC Op-Amp GP 4.5MHZ, 3V to 44V, 8SOIC 2,500 0.8200
MC74HC165ADR2G ON Semiconductor MC74HC165ADR2G Shift Register Single 8-Bit SOIC-16 2,500 0.4200
MC74HCT244ADTR2G ON Semiconductor MC74HCT244ADTR2G IC Buffers & Line Drivers 450mW 5V Octal 3-State Non-Inverting TSSOP-20 2,475 0.6000
MC79M12BDTRKG MC79M12BDTRKG ON Semiconductor Linear Voltage Regulators 12V 500mA Negative 2,250 0.6600
NTJD4401NT1G ON Semiconductor NTJD4401NT1G MOSFET 2N-CH 20V 630MA SOT-363 1,945 0.4000
MC7912CTG ON-SEMI MC7912CTG Linear Negative Voltage Regulator -12V 1A TO-220 250 0.5500
MC79M08CDTG ON Semiconductor MC79M08CDTG Linear Voltage Regulator -8V 500mA TO-252 DPAK RoHS 1,825 0.6000
SMS24T1G ON Semiconductor SMS24T1G DIODE TVS ARRAY QUAD 350W SC74-6 RoHS 250 0.5000
BC846BLT1G ON Semiconductor BC846BLT1G General Purpose NPN BJT Transistor 65V 100 mA SMD SOT-23 600 0.1000
BC547BG On Semiconductor BC547BG General Purpose NPN BJT Transistor 100mA 45V TO-92 RoHS 1,400 0.0700
MC7805BDTG ON Semiconductor MC7805BDTG Linear Voltage Regulator 5V 1A SMD TO-252 2,550 0.6000
MTD1302-001 ON Semiconductor MTD1302-001 N-Channel Power MOSFET Transistor 20A 30V SMD DPAK 225 1.2500
BC182BRL1 ON Semiconductor BC182BRL1 Transistor SS NPN GP 50V 100MA TO-92 0 0.0000
MPSA92RLRMG ON Semiconductor MPSA92RLRMG PNP Transistor GP 300V 500mA TO-92 1,649 0.3500
MC33074ADR2G ON Semiconductor MC33074ADR2G Op Amps 3-44V Quad 4.5MHZ SOIC-14 1,930 1.1500
MC74VHC257DTG MC74VHC257DTG ON Semiconductor Multiplexer 1-Element CMOS 3-ST 8-IN 16-Pin TSSOP Rail 0 0.2500
MJD122G ON Semiconductor MJD122G Darlington NPN Transistor 100V 8A D-PAK RoHS 1,310 0.5600
MC78L05ABDG ON Semiconductor MC78L05ABDG Linear Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 100mA SOIC-8 RoHS 1,060 0.4800
BC547BRL1 ON Semiconductor BC547BRL1 Bipolar NPN Transistor 45V 100mA TO-92 1,000 0.1500
1N5400RL ONSEMI/MOTOROLA 1N5400RL Standard Recovery Rectifier 3A 50V Axial 300 0.1500
MUN5213DW1T1G ON Semiconductor MUN5213DW1T1G Pre-Biased Dual NPN Transistor 50V 256mW SOT-363 21,000 0.2400
LM2902DR2G ON Semiconductor LM2902DR2G Quad OP-Amp 1MHz 3-30VDC; 4-Channels SOIC-14 1,000 0.4300
NTJD5121NT1G ON Semiconductor NTJD5121NT1G Dual N-Channel MOSFET 300mA 60V 6-Pin SOT-363 0 0.0580
BC846BPDW1T1G BC846BPDW1T1G ON Semiconductor Transistor NPN/PNP 65V 0.1A SOT363 0 0.2400
CM1230-J2CP CM1230-J2CP ON-SEMI ESD Suppressor Diode Array Uni-Dir 6V 4-Pin WLCSP 0 0.5600
MBRS140T3G ON SEMI MBRS140T3G Diode Schottky 40V 1A 2-Pin SMB T/R RoHS 0 0.0000
MMBZ5231BLT1G ON Semiconductor MMBZ5231BLT1G Diode Zener Single 5.1V 5% 300mW Automotive 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 0 0.1500
LM358DR2G LM358DR2G ON Semiconductor IC Dual Op Amp 1.1MHz 3-32VDC SMD SOIC-8 45,000 0.5000
MC74HC157ADG MC74HC157ADG ON Semiconductor Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers 2-6V Quad 2-Input Data Selector 42 0.3800
MC34164D-3R2G MC34164D-3R2G ON-SEMI IC Volt Supervisor Supply 2.71V 8-Pi n SOIC 10,000 0.2100
2N5064G 2N5064G ON Semiconductor Thyristor SCR 200V 10A 3-Pin TO-92 0 0.0939
MC74HC541ADW ON Semiconductor MC74HC541ADW IC Buffers & Line Drivers 2-6V Octal 3-State 4 0.6600
MC14018BD. MC14018BD ON Semiconductor Counter/Divider Single 5-Bit 61 0.3800
MC74VHC08DTR2G MC74VHC08DTR2G ON Semiconductor IC AND Gate 2-5.5V 8mA 14-TSSOP 0 0.1200
NJL1302DG NJL1302DG ON Semiconductor Transistor, PNP 260V 200W 15A 0 5.0300
NJL3281DG NJL3281DG ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT NPN 260V 15A 5-Pin 0 5.0300
NSR0320XV6T1G NSR0320XV6T1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 23V 1A SOT-563 0 0.5300
MBRB20100CTG MBRB20100CTG ON Semiconductor Schottky Barrier Rectifier 100V 20A D-PAC 0 1.2000
LM2576T-5.0V ON SEMI LM2576T-5.0V Voltage Regulator 5V 3A TO-220-5 0 2.0000
MBR160 MBR160RL ON Semiconductor Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 1A 60V 100 1.5000
MCR12M MCR12M ON Semiconductor Thyristor SCR 600V 100A 3-Pin 15 2.0600
NCP1402SN50T1G NCP1402SN50T1G ON Semiconductor Voltage Regulator 5V 200mA Boost PWM TSOT-23-5 0 0.0000
74FST3257QS ON SEMI 74FST3257QS Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Bus 35 5.0000
MC74ACT573DW-MOT ON Semiconductor MC74ACT573DW Latch Transparent 3-ST Octal 0 0.3300
1N5821 1N5821 ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 40V 3A 2-Pin DO-201AD 0 0.0000
MC74LCX16245DT ON-SEMI MC74LCX16245DT Bus XCVR Dual 16-CH 3-ST 48TSSOP 85 1.0500
NSS60201LT1G NSS60201LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT NPN 60V 2A SOT-23 0 0.3990
BC857B. ONSEMI BC857B Transistor PNP 45V 0.1A SOT-363 0 0.0000
SN74LS139N SN74LS139N ON Semiconductor IC,DECODER/DEMUX,2-TO-4-LINE,LS-TTL,DIP,16PIN 0 0.0000
MBRD835LT4G MBRD835LT4G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 35V 8A DPAK 0 0.4400
MPSA05G MPSA05 ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT NPN 60V 0.5A 3-Pin TO-92 0 0.1500
MMSZ5241BT1G MMSZ5241BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 11V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2200
NUD3112DMT1G NUD3112DMT1G ON Semiconductor IC Driver 400mA SC74-6 0 0.6160
LM2576D2TR4-5G LM2576D2TR4-5G ON Semiconductor Voltage Regulator 5V 3A Buck PWM 0 2.3000
MRA4007T3G MRA4007T3G ON Semiconductor DIODE STD REC 1A 1000V SMA RoHS 0 0.0000
NVMFS5C430NLWFT1G NVMFS5C430NLWFT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 40V 200A SO8FL 0 2.1500
NVMFS5C628NLWFT1G NVMFS5C628NLWFT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 60V SO8FL 0 2.0200
MC79M15CTG MC79M15CTG ON Semiconductor Linear Voltage Regulators 15V 500mA Negative 0 0.0000
NIF5002NT1G NIF5002NT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Channel 42V 2A SOT223 RoHS 0 0.0000
ESD8472MUT5G ESD8472MUT5G ON Semiconductor ESD Suppressor TVS 20KV 2-Pin X3DFN 0 0.3700
LM393DR2G LM393DR2G ON Semiconductor Comparator Dual 18V/36V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MMSZ5248BT1G MMSZ5248BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 18V 5% 500mW 2-Pin 0 0.2200
BAW56LT1G BAW56LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Small Signal 70V 0.2A SOT-23 21,000 0.1000
MMSZ5240BT1G MMSZ5240BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 10V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2100
MMSZ5251BT1G MMSZ5251BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 22V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2450
MMUN2115LT1G MMUN2115LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT PNP 50V 100mA SOT-23 21,000 0.1200
MBR2H100SFT3G MBR2H100SFT3G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 100V 2A SOD-123FL 0 0.4300
NCV301HSN27T1G NCV301HSN27T1G ON Semiconductor Voltage Detector 2.781V max., 5-TSOP 3,000 0.0000
MMUN2211LT1G MMUN2211LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor Digital BJT NPN 50V 100mA 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
MMSZ5232BT1G MMSZ5232BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diodes 5.6V 500mW SOD123 0 0.0000
MMUN2215LT1G MMUN2215LT1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor Pre-Biased 100mA 50V BRT NPN SOT-23-3 21,000 0.0000
MMSZ5260BT1G MMSZ5260BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diodes 43V 500mW SOD123 0 0.0000
NCP301HSN22T1G NCP301HSN22T1G ON Semiconductor Voltage Detector, 0.9 -4.9V 5TSOP 0 0.5800
MMSZ5257BT1G MMSZ5257BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diodes 33V 500mW SOD123 0 0.0000
NCP583SQ28T1G NCP583SQ28T1G ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulator 2.8V 150mA SC-82AB 0 0.0000
MMSZ5231BT1G MMSZ5231BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 5.1V 5% 500mW SOD123 958 0.2200
TIP31CG TIP31CG ON Semiconductor NPN Bipolar Transistor, 3 A, 100 V, 3-Pin TO-220AB 0 0.5500
MMSZ5242BT1G MMSZ5242BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 12V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2300
MMSZ5256BT1G MMSZ5256BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 30V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2300
MC10H125FNR2G MC10H125FNR2G ON Semiconductor Translation - Voltage Levels Quad ECL to TTL 5V 20-PLLC 0 0.0000
MC100EPT26DTG MC100EPT26DTG ON Semiconductor Translator LVDS/LVPECL to LVTTL 8-Pin TSSOP 0 0.0000
NTD4963NT4G NTD4963NT4G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Channel 30V 44A Single DPAK 0 0.1800
MM5Z6V8ST1G MM5Z6V8ST1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 6.79V 2% 200mW 2-Pin SOD-523 0 0.2700
MMBT2222A ON SEMI MMBT2222A TRANS NPN 40V 600MA SOT23 0 0.2100
MBR130T1G MBR130T1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 30V 1A SOD-123 0 0.3800
ESD5B5.0ST1G ESD5B5.0ST1G ON Semiconductor ESD Suppressor / TVS Diode 30KV 2-PIN SOD-523 0 0.0000
NSI45015WT1G NSI45015WT1G ON Semiconductor LED Driver 45V 15mA SOD123 0 0.0000
ADT7461ARMZ-R7 ADT7461ARMZ-R7 ON Semiconductor Temp Sensor (2-Wire) 8-MSOP 0 0.0000
M74VHC1GT50DTT1G M74VHC1GT50DTT1G ON Semiconductor Buffers & Line Drivers 1.65-5.5V Single Non-Inverting TTL 5-TSOP 0 0.3500
NCP51145PDR2G NCP51145PDR2G ON Semiconductor Standard Regulator Pos -0.3V to 6V 1.8A 8-Pin SOIC 0 0.4000
BAV199LT1G BAV199LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode, Power, Switching 70V 215mA SOT23 0 0.2700
2V7002KT1G 2V7002KT1G ON Semiconductor N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 0.32 A, 60 V, 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.2400
NC7SZ04M5X NC7SZ04M5X ON Semiconductor Inverter 1-Element CMOS 5-Pin SOT-23 0 0.4500
NCV1117ST12T3G NCV1117ST12T3G ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator 12V 1% 1A SOT223 0 0.0000
MC74LCX541DTR2G MC74LCX541DTR2G ON Semiconductor Buffer/Line Driver 2.3-3.6V 24mA TSSOP-20 0 0.0000
BC807-25LT1G BC807-25LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT PNP 45V 0.5A SOT-23 0 0.1100
BC817-25LT1G BC817-25LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT NPN 45V 0.5A SOT-23 0 0.1100
FSFR2100XS FSFR2100XS ON Semiconductor AC/DC Converter 10-25V 10.5A 9-SIP 0 0.0000
NCP1400ASN50T1G ON Semiconductor NCP1400ASN50T1G IC Conv DC-DC Single Step Up 0.2V to 5-TSOP 0 0.0000
ESD5Z3.3T1G ESD5Z3.3T1G ON Semiconductor Uni-Directional TVS Diode, 3.3V 200W SOD-523 0 0.2500
NTA4153NT1G NTA4153NT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 20V 0.915A SOT-416 3,000 0.0000
PZT2222AT1G PZT2222AT1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar BJT Transistor 40V 0.6A SOT223 0 0.0000
FDMA86265P FDMA86265P ON Semiconductor MOSFET -150V 1A 1.2 O P-ch MicroFet 2x2 0 0.0000
SZMMSZ5260BT1G SZMMSZ5260BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 43V 5% 500mW SOD-123 55 0.0500
LM324DR2G LM324DR2G ON Semiconductor OP Amp Quad GP 16V/32V 14-SOIC 0 0.4000
ESDR0502NMUTBG ESDR0502NMUTBG ON Semiconductor TVS Diode 5.5V 5.5VWM 6UDFN 0 0.4000
MMSZ5226BT1G MMSZ5226BT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener 3.3V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
MMSZ4686 MMSZ4686 ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 3.9V 5% SOD-123 0 0.0400
NCP1117LPST33T3G NCP1117LPST33T3G ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 1A SOT-223 0 0.0000
MBR0540T3G MBR0540T3G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 0.5A SOD-123 0 0.3500
FDMA908PZ FDMA908PZ ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 12V 12A 6-MicroFET 0 0.0000
SZMM3Z16VT1G SZMM3Z16VT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 16.2V SOD323 0 0.1000
BZX84C6V8LT1G BZX84C6V8LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 6.8V 6% 300mW SOT-23 3,000 0.1000
MJD50T4G MJD50T4G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor NPN BJT 1A 400V DPAK 0 0.0000
74LCX245WMX 74LCX245WMX ON Semiconductor Bus Transceiver, Single, 8Bit 3.6V 20-SOP 0 0.8000
NCP3064BDR2G NCP3064BDR2G ON Semiconductor Step-Up/Down/ Inverting Switching Regulator 40V 1.5A 9-SOIC 0 1.1900
ADM1033ARQZ-REEL ADM1033ARQZ-REEL ON Semiconductor Temperature Sensor 2-Wire 16-QSOP RoHS 0 0.0000
MURA140T3G MURA140T3G ON Semiconductor Diode Switching 400V 2A 2-SMA 0 0.0000
NSR0340HT1G NSR0340HT1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 250mA SOD-323 0 0.0000
MC33272APG MC33272APG ON Semiconductor OP Amp Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-PDIP 0 1.5000
MMBTA06 MMBTA06 ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor 80V 0.5A SOT23 200 0.0000
MMBD301LT1G MMBD301LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
MBR0530T1G MBR0530T1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 30V 0.5A Automotive 2-Pin SOD-123 0 0.0000
MUN5214DW1T1G MUN5214DW1T1G ON Semiconductor Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor, 0.1 A, 50 V, 6-Pin SOT-363 0 0.0000
NSVMUN5214DW1T3G NSVMUN5214DW1T3G ON Semiconductor Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor, 0.1 A, 50 V, 6-Pin SOT-363 0 0.0000
SZMM3Z5V6ST1G SZMM3Z5V6ST1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 5.61V 2% SOD-323 0 0.0000
SZMMBZ5246BLT1G SZMMBZ5246BLT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener Single 16V 5% 300mW SOT-23 0 0.0000
LP2951ACNG LP2951ACNG ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator Pos 5V 0.1A 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
MBR340RL MBR340RL ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 3A DO-201AD 0 0.5000
MM3Z5V6ST1G MM3Z5V6ST1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode, 5.6V 2% 200 mW SOD-323 0 0.0000
MC33275ST-3.3T3G MC33275ST-3.3T3G ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.3A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
PZT3906 PZT3906 ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT PNP 40V 0.2A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
MC1489AP MC1489AP ON Semiconductor EIA-232D Receivers, Quad, PDIP14 0 0.0000
NCV2904DR2G NCV2904DR2G ON Semiconductor General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MUN5115DW1T1G MUN5115DW1T1G ON Semiconductor NPN Bipolar Transistor 100mA 50V SOT-363 0 0.0600
FDG6301N-F085 FDG6301N-F085 ON Semiconductor N-Channel Power Mosfet 25V 0.22A SC-70-6 0 0.0000
4N32SM 4N32SM ON Semiconductor Optoisolator Darlington with Base Output 4170Vrms 1 Channel 6-SMD 0 0.0000
74AC138SC 74AC138SC ON Semiconductor Decoder / Demultiplexer Single 3-to-8 16-SOIC 2,000 0.3200
74AC138SCX 74AC138SCX ON Semiconductor Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 3-to-8 16-SOIC 0 0.0000
BSP52T3G BSP52T3G ON Semiconductor Transistor Darlington NPN 80V 1A SOT-223 0 0.0000
MJH11021G MJH11021G ON Semiconductor Transistor Darlington PNP 250V 15A TO-247 0 3.0000
MC74HC73ADG MC74HC73ADG ON Semiconductor Dual JK Flip Flop with Reset 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
BAT54SLT1G BAT54SLT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
FL663MX FL663MX ON Semiconductor LED Driver 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MPS2222ARLRAG MPS2222ARLRAG ON Semiconductor Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 40V 600mA TO-92 0 0.0000
LM317TG LM317TG ON Semiconductor Standard Regulator Pos 1.2V to 37V 0.4A TO-220 0 0.0000
BC847BLT3G BC847BLT3G ON Semiconductor NPN Bipolar Transistor 0.1A 45V SOT-23 0 0.0000
MBRS260T3G MBRS260T3G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 60V 2A 2-SMB 0 0.0000
ESDL2011PFCT5G ESDL2011PFCT5G ON Semiconductor Data Line Protection, Bidirectional DSN-2 0 0.0000
NTD20P06LT4G NTD20P06LT4G ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 60V 15.5A DPAK-3 0 0.0000
FDC658AP FDC658AP ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 30V 4A SSOT-6 5 0.0000
ESDM3051MXT5G ESDM3051MXT5G ON Semiconductor TVS Diodes ESD Protection Diode 5.0V 2X3DFN 0 0.0000
BAS21LT3G BAS21LT3G ON Semiconductor Diode Switching 250V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
MUR480ERLG MUR480ERLG ON Semiconductor Diode Switching 800V 4A Axial 0 0.0000
NSVBAV23CLT1G NSVBAV23CLT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Switching 250V 0.4A SOT-23 3,000 0.0000
NCP45520IMNTWG-H NCP45520IMNTWG-H ON Semiconductor Power Switch 10.5A 8-DFN 0 0.0000
MMSZ20T1G MMSZ20T1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 20V 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
NDS352AP NDS352AP ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-Channel 30V 0.9A SOT-23 0 0.0000
BC847BLT1G BC847BLT1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistors - BJT 100mA 50V NPN 0 0.0000
FDPF15N65 FDPF15N65 ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 650V 15A TO-220F 0 0.0000
BCP56-16T1G BCP56-16T1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistors - BJT 1A 100V NPN SOT-223 0 0.0000
BCP56-16T3G BCP56-16T3G ON Semi NPN Transistor, 1 A, 80 V SOT-223 0 0.0000
NL37WZ17USG NL37WZ17USG ON Semiconductor Line Drivers 1.65-5.5V US8 0 0.1280
MC74HC595ADTR2G MC74HC595ADTR2G ON Semiconductor Counter Shift Registers 8-Bit 3 State Shif 0 0.0000
KSC1845FTA KSC1845FTA ON Semiconductor Transistor NPN 120V 0.05A TO-92 0 0.0000
TIP102G TIP102G ON Semiconductor Transistor NPN DARL 100V 8A TO220AB 0 0.0000
NTGS4141NT1G NTGS4141NT1G ON Semiconductor N-channel MOSFET Transistor, 7 A, 30 V, 6-TSOP 0 0.0000
NUP2301MW6T1G NUP2301MW6T1G ON Semiconductor Diode Array Uni-Dir 70V Automotive 6-Pin SC-88 0 0.0000
FQPF8N60C FQPF8N60C ON Semiconductor N-Ch MOSFET 600V 7.5A TO-220F 3 0.0000
SS8050DTA SS8050DTA ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor 1.5A 25V TO-92 5 0.0000
NTD2955T4G NTD2955T4G ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 60V 12A DPAK 5,000 0.0000
FSL136HR FSL136HR ON Semiconductor Power Switch 3A 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
RB521S30T1G RB521S30T1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A SOD-523 0 0.0000
1N4007RLG 1N4007RLG ON Semiconductor Rectifiers 1000V 1A DO41 0 0.0000
MC33072DR2G MC33072DR2G ON Semiconductor IC OPAMP 0.005V SOIC-8 0 0.0000
FCPF067N65S3 FCPF067N65S3 ON Semiconductor MOSFET 650V 44A TO-220F 0 0.0000
SMMBT2222ALT1G SMMBT2222ALT1G ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor 0.6A 40V SOT-23 0 0.0000
NCV7356D1R2G NCV7356D1R2G ON Semiconductor Transceiver Half CANbus 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
BC846ALT1G BC846ALT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT 100mA 80V NPN SOT23 0 0.0000
BZX84C24LT1G BZX84C24LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Zener 24V SOT-23 0 0.0000
NCP4545IMNTWG NCP4545IMNTWG ON Semiconductor Load Switch 6V 18-QFN 0 0.0000
LM339DR2G LM339DR2G ON Semiconductor Comparator Quad 18V/36V 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
NCP45560IMNTWG-H NCP45560IMNTWG-H ON Semiconductor Power Switch 24A 12-DFN 0 0.0000
BC557BG BC557B ON Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT PNP 45V 0.1A TO-92 0 0.0000
MMBZ27VCLT1G MMBZ27VCLT1G ON Semiconductor TVS Diode SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
NCP431ACSNT1G NCP431ACSNT1G ON Semiconductor Shunt VRef 36V 100mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
SBAV70WT1G SBAV70WT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Switching 100V 0.2A SOT-323 0 0.0000
MM3Z75VBCT MM3Z75VBCT ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 75V 200mW SOD-323F 0 0.0000
MC74VHC1GT66DTT1 MC74VHC1GT66DTT1 ON Semiconductor Analog Switch 2-5.5V 5-TSOP 400 0.0000
LM2576D2T-15G LM2576D2T-15G ON Semiconductor Switching Voltage Regulator 15V 3A D2PAK 0 0.0000
2SK4066-1E 2SK4066-1E ON Semiconductor MOSFET 60V 100A TO-262-3 0 0.0000
ATP404-H-TL-H ATP404-H-TL-H ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 60V 95A ATPAK 0 0.0000
ICTE-10RL4 ICTE-10RL4 ON Semiconductor TVS Diode 10V 1500W 2Pin 0 0.0000
MMBT5089LT1G MMBT5089LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor NPN BJT 50mA 30V SOT23 0 0.0000
SZMMBZ5234BLT1G SZMMBZ5234BLT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 6.2V 225mW SOT-23-3 0 0.0370
MMBFJ175 MMBFJ175 ON Semiconductor JFET Transistor 0 0.0000
BZX84C47LT1G BZX84C47LT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 47V 250mW SOT-23 0 0.0000
NV25080MUW2VTAG NV25080MUW2VTAG ON Semiconductor EEPROM 5.5V 3mA UDFN-8 0 0.0000
MC34074DR2G MC34074DR2G ON Semiconductor IC Op Amps 14-SOIC 2,500 0.0000
FQD2N60CTM FQD2N60CTM On Semiconductor Transistor 600V 1.9A TO-252-3 0 0.0000
LM201ADR2G LM201ADR2G ON Semiconductor IC Amplifier Single 0 0.0000
NTLJS3113PTAG NTLJS3113PTAG On Semiconductor MOSFET 20V 5.8A 6WDFN 0 0.0000
SESD9L5.0ST5G SESD9L5.0ST5G On Semiconductor TVS Diode 0 0.0000
MC74HC373ADW MC74HC373ADW ON Semiconductor Latch 20Pin 0 0.0000
NCP302LSN30T1G NCP302LSN30T1G ON Semiconductor Voltage Detector Circuit 5-TSOP 0 0.0000
BSS138K BSS138K ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 50V 0.22A SOT-23 0 0.0000
FDG6332C-F085 FDG6332C-F085 ON Semiconductor MOSFET 20V 700mA SC70-6 0 0.0000
SMUN5133T1G SMUN5133T1G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor PNP 50V 100mA SC-70-3 0 0.0000
SZBZX84C6V2LT1G SZBZX84C6V2LT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 6.2V SOT-23 0 0.0000
NCV887001D1R2G NCV887001D1R2G ON Semiconductor Switching Controller 3.2-40V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
BSS138LT1G BSS138LT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET 50V 200mA N-Channel SOT23 298,999 0.0000
MC10EL15DG MC10EL15DG ON Semiconductor Clock Driver 5.7V 1.25GHz SOIC-16 0 0.0000
2N5551G 2N5551G ON Semiconductor Bipolar NPN Transistor BJT 600mA 180V TO-92 0 0.0000
2N5551TFR 2N5551TFR ON Semiconductor Bipolar NPN Transistor BJT 600mA 180V TO-92 0 0.0000
BC848CWT1G BC848CWT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT NPN 100mA 30V SOT323 0 0.0000
FOD814ASD FOD814ASD Fairchild Transistor Output Optocoupler 4-PDIP 0 0.0000
2N5551RL1G 2N5551RL1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar NPN Transistor BJT 600mA 180V TO-92 0 0.0000
2N5551TF 2N5551TF ON Semiconductor Bipolar NPN Transistor BJT 600mA 180V TO-92 0 0.0000
SMUN5115DW1T1G SMUN5115DW1T1G ON Semiconductor NPN Transistor 50V 100mA SOT-363-6 0 0.0000
BCP53-16T1G BCP53-16T1G On Semiconductor Transistor PNP 80V 1.5A SOT-223 0 0.0000
S1GHM2G S1GHM2G On Semiconductor Rectifier 400V 1A DO-214AC 0 0.0000
BC847BLT BC847BLT 1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor 100mA 50V NPN SOT23 0 0.0000
NTS12100EMFST1G NTS12100EMFST1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 100V 12A 5DFN 0 0.0000
PZTA42T1G PZTA42T1G ON Semiconductor Transistor 300V 0.5A SOT-223 0 0.0000
SPZTA42T1G SPZTA42T1G ON Semiconductor Transistor 300V 0.5A SOT-223 0 0.0000
NVMFS5A140PLZWFT1G NVMFS5A140PLZWFT1G On Semiconductor MOSFET P-Channel 0 0.0000
MMUN2114LT1G MMUN2114LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT PNP 50V 100mA SOT-23 0 0.1200
MMUN2111LT1G MMUN2111LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT PNP 50V 100mA SOT-23 0 0.1200
MMUN2113LT1G MMUN2113LT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT PNP 50V 100mA SOT-23 0 0.1200
SS36FA SS36FA ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 60V 3A SOD-123FA 0 0.0000
MBRA160T3G MBRA160T3G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 1A 60V SMA 0 0.0000
MMBD914 MMBD914 ON Semiconductor Diode 75V 200mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MMBD914L1G MMBD914L1G ON Semiconductor Diode 100V 200mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MMBD1205 ON Semiconductor MMBD1205 Dual High Speed Diode 100V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 0 0.2000
MMBD1201 ON Semiconductor MMBD1201 Dual High Speed Diode 100V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 0 0.2000
MMBD1202 ON Semiconductor MMBD1202 Dual High Speed Diode 100V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 0 0.2000
FOD814A FOD814A ON Semiconductor Transistor Output Optocoupler 4-DIP 0 0.0000
FOD814A300 FOD814A300 ON Semiconductor Transistor Output Optocoupler 4-DIP 0 0.0000
LM2904N LM2904N On Semiconductor Op Amp Dual GP 16V/32V 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
MMBTA42LT1G MMBTA42LT1G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 300V 500mA 225mW SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
FDD390N15A FDD390N15A ON Semiconductor Power Mosfet 150V 28A TO-252 0 0.0000
MURS360T3G MURS360T3G ON Semiconductor Rectifiers 600V 3A Ultrafast SMC 0 0.0000
NLAS3899BMNTBG NLAS3899BMNTBG On Semiconductor Analog Switch 1.65-4.3V 16-WQFN 0 0.0000
MJD350T4G MJD350T4G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor 300V 15W 0.5A DPAK 0 0.0000
MBR16100CTG MBR16100CTG ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode Rectifier 16A 100V TO-220-3 0 0.0000
FAN54005UCX FAN54005UCX ON Semiconductor IC Battery Charger 1550mA 3.5-4.44V 20DSBGA 50 0.0000
RB520S30T1G RB520S30T1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 30V SOD-523 7,025 0.0000
MC1496DR2G MC1496DR2G ON Semiconductor Modulator / Demodulator 12-30V SOIC-14 1,201 0.0000
NB3N551DR2G NB3N551DR2G ON Semiconductor Clock Buffer 180MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
NB3N551DG NB3N551DG ON Semiconductor Clock Buffer 180MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
NCP2820MUTBG NCP2820MUTBG ON Semiconductor Audio Amplifier 8-UDFN 2,000 0.0000
UF4007 UF4007 ON Semiconductor Rectifier 1000V 1A Axial 20 0.0000
SMMBTA56LT1G SMMBTA56LT1G On Semiconductor Transistor GP BJT PNP 80V 0.5A SOT-23 0 0.0000
NCP303LSN22T1G NCP303LSN22T1G On Semiconductor Voltage Detector 2.2V 5-TSOP 0 0.0000
NCV887801D1R2G NCV887801D1R2G ON Semiconductor Switching Controller 3.2-40V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
NCV887100D1R2G NCV887100D1R2G ON Semiconductor Switching Controller 3.2-40V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MMBZ33VALT1G MMBZ33VALT1G ON Semiconductor TVS Diode 26V SOT23 0 0.0000
BD17510STU BD17510STU Fairchild BJT Transistor NPN 45V 3A TO-126-3 0 0.0000
NCP565MN33T2G NCP565MN33T2G ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V 1.5A 6-DFN 0 0.0000
NUF6400MNTBG NUF6400MNTBG ON Semiconductor TVS Diode 20mA 12-VFDFN 0 0.0000
MBR120VLSFT1G MBR120VLSFT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 20V 1A SOD123FL 0 0.0000
NC7WZU04P6X NC7WZU04P6X ON Semiconductor Inverter Logic Dual 1.8-5.5V SC-70-6 0 0.0000
MC33174DR2G MC33174DR2G ON Semiconductor Op-Amp 3-44V 1.8MHz Quad 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
STK534UC90A-E STK534UC90A-E ON Semiconductor Driver 3Phase Inverter HIC SIP-29 0 0.0000
STK534U363C-E STK534U363C-E ON Semiconductor Half Bridge (3) Driver AC Motors IGBT 29-SIP 0 0.0000
STK534UC60A-E STK534UC60A-E ON Semiconductor Half Bridge (3) Driver AC Motors IGBT 29-SIP 0 0.0000
1SMB5953BT3G 1SMB5953BT3G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 150V 2.5mA SMB 0 0.0000
2SA2202-TD-E 2SA2202-TD-E ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor BJT 100V 2A SMD 0 0.0000
NCP4626HSN050T1G NCP4626HSN050T1G ON Semiconductor LDO Voltage Regulator 5V 0.3A SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
DTC123JET1G DTC123JET1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT NPN 50V 100mA SC-75-3 0 0.0000
CAT5114VI-10-T3 CAT5114VI-10-T3 ON Semiconductor Digital Potentiometer 10KOhm 8-SOIC 1 0.0000
ESD1014MUTAG ESD1014MUTAG ON Semiconductor Diode Array 3.3V 10-UDFN 1 0.0000
NCP1422MNR2G NCP1422MNR2G ON Semiconductor Voltage Regulator 1.5V 1.5A 10-VFDFN 0 0.0000
FDWS9510L-F085 FDWS9510L-F085 ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 40V 50A 8-DFN 0 0.0000
BC846CLT1G BC846CLT1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT NPN 65V 0.1A SOT-23 0 0.0000
1N4148TA 1N4148TA On Semiconductor Diode Switching 100V 0.3A DO-35 0 0.0000
ESD5Z12T1G ESD5Z12T1G ON Semiconductor TVS Diode SOD-523 0 0.0000
ES2C ES2C ON Semiconductor Diode Standard 150V 2A DO-214AA 0 0.0000
KSP2222ATA KSP2222ATA On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 40V 600mA TO-92-3 0 0.0000
NCP431BVSNT1G NCP431BVSNT1G On Semiconductor V-Ref Adjustable 2.5-36V 100mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MC14094BDR2G MC14094BDR2G ON Semiconductor Counter Shift Register 3-18V 8-Bit Shift/Store 16-SOIC 0 0.0000
NCP303LSN45T1G NCP303LSN45T1G ON Semiconductor IC Voltage Supervisor 4.59V max.; 5-Pin TSOP 0 0.0000
1SMB5914BT3G 1SMB5914BT3G ON Semiconductor Zener Diodes 3.6V 3W SMB 20,000 0.0000
FYV0704SMTF FYV0704SMTF On Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 750mA SOT23-3 RoHS 0 0.0000
NLAS4684MNR2G NLAS4684MNR2G On Semiconductor Circuit IC Analog Switch 5.5V 10-DFN 0 0.0000
MT9V022IA7ATM-DP MT9V022IA7ATM-DP Aptina Image Sensor CMOS 752x480Pixels 52-IBGA 15 0.0000
MC79M05BDTRKG MC79M05BDTRKG ON Semiconductor Linear Voltage Regulator 5V 500mA DPAK 0 0.0000
MC34074ADR2G MC34074ADR2G On Semiconductor Op Amps J-FET Amplifier Circuit 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
MJW1302AG MJW1302AG On Semiconductor BJT Transistor PNP 230V 15A TO247 0 0.0000
LM293DR2G LM293DR2G ON Semiconductor Comparator Dual 18V/36V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
IRF530A.. IRF530A On Semiconductor Mosfet N-CH 100V 14A TO-220 0 0.7507
FDP085N10A-F102 FDP085N10A-F102 ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Channel 100V 96A TO-220-3 0 0.0000
FDC6561AN FDC6561AN ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 30V 2.5A TSOT-23-6 27,000 0.0000
FQPF7N65C FQPF7N65C On Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 650V 7A TO220F 0 0.0000
MC14040BDG MC14040BDG On Semiconductor Binary Counter 12 Bit 3-18V 16-SOIC 0 0.0000
MC78L05ACDR2G ON Semiconductor MC78L05ACDR2G Voltage Regulator POS 5V 0.1A 8-SOIC 0 0.3900
NCP45521IMNTWG-H NCP45521IMNTWG-H On Semiconductor Power Load Switch 5.5V DFN-8 3,001 0.0000
LM258DR2G LM258DR2G On Semiconductor IC Op Amps Dual 1MHz 3-32V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MC74HC4053ADWG MC74HC4053ADWG On Semiconductor Circuit IC Switch 2-6V 16-SOIC 0 0.0000
MMBD6100LT1G MMBD6100LT1G ON Semiconductor Diode Array 70V 200mA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
MMBTA56LT1G MMBTA56LT1G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor 500mA 80V PNP SOT23 0 0.0000
BD139G BD139G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 80V 1.5A TO225AA 0 0.0000
NRVTSA4100T3G NRVTSA4100T3G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 100V 4A SMA 0 0.0000
NCP380HMU21AATBG NCP380HMU21AATBG ON Semiconductor Power Switch 5.5V 2.1A 6-UDFN 0 0.0000
NL27WZ14DFT2G NL27WZ14DFT2G ON Semiconductor ^Inverter 1.65-5.5V SC-88-6 0 0.0000
NTJD4152PT1G NTJD4152PT1G ON Semiconductor Mosfet P-Ch 20V 880mA SOT-363 0 0.0000
NSI45030AZT1G NSI45030AZT1G ON Semiconductor LED Lighting Driver 45V 30mA SOT-223 0 0.0000
NSR01L30MXT5G NSR01L30MXT5G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 30V 100mA 2-X3DFN 0 0.0000
2N7002WT1G 2N7002WT1G ON Semiconductor Power MOSFET N-Channel 60V 340mA SC-70 0 0.0000
NVTFS5C454NLTAG NVTFS5C454NLTAG On Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 40V 85A 8WDFN 0 0.0000
SMMBT3906WT1G SMMBT3906WT1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor BJT PNP 40V 200mA SOT323 0 0.0000
ESD7004MUTAG ESD7004MUTAG ON Semiconductor TVS Diodes 10V 1A 10-UDFN 1,000 0.0000
LM2596DSADJG LM2596DSADJG On Semiconductor Switching Regulator Adjustable 1.23V 3A TO-263-6 770 0.0000
M74VHC1GT86DFT1G M74VHC1GT86DFT1G ON Semiconductor XOR Gate 3-5.5V 5-SC-88A 0 0.0000
NST65010MW6T1G NST65010MW6T1G ON Semiconductor Transistor BJT PNP 65V 0.1A SC-88-6 500 0.0000
MUR1620CTG MUR1620CTG ON Semiconductor Rectifier Diode 200V 16A TO-220AB 0 0.0000
DTA143ZET1G DTA143ZET1G On Semiconductor Pre-Biased BJT Transistor PNP 50V 100mA SC75 0 0.0000
MMBZ20VALT1G MMBZ20VALT1G ON Semiconductor TVS Diodes 20V 225mW SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MMSZ5258BT1G MMSZ5258BT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 36V 10mA SOD-123 0 0.0000
MBR120ESFT1G MBR120ESFT1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 1A 20V SOD-123FL 0 0.0000
KA431ADTF KA431ADTF Fairchild V-Ref Adjustable 2.495-36V 100mA 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MC74LVXC3245DWRG MC74LVXC3245DWRG ON Semiconductor Bus Transceiver 3.6V 24-SOIC 0 0.0000
2N7002LT1G 2N7002LT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET 60V 115mA 3-Pin SOT-23 37,050 0.0000
2N7002LT3G 2N7002LT3G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 60V 0.115A 3-SOT-23 141,000 0.0000
2N7002LT7G 2N7002LT7G ON Semiconductor MOSFET 60V 115mA 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
NJL0281DG NJL0281DG ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 260V 15A TO-264 6 0.0000
NTD12N10G NTD12N10G ON Semiconductor MOSFET 100V 12A N-Ch DPAK 0 0.0000
TL431CLPG TL431CLPG ON Semiconductor Voltage References 2.5-36V 1-100mA TO-92 0 0.0000
LM2931AD-5.0R2G LM2931AD-5.0R2G ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator 5V 100mA 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
BD439G BD439G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 60V 4A TO-225AA 0 0.0000
FDV305N FDV305N On Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 20V 0.9A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MBR20L60CTG MBR20L60CTG ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 20A 60V TO-220-3 0 0.0000
MBR140SFT1G MBR140SFT1G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 1A SOD-123FL 2 0.0000
MMBTA14LT1G MMBTA14LT1G On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 30V 0.3A SOT-23-3 1,000 0.0000
NCP717BMX310TCG NCP717BMX310TCG ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator Pos 3.1V 0.3A 4-XDFN 0 0.0000
BZX84C3V3LT1G BZX84C3V3LT1G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 3.3V SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
BZX84C3V3LT BZX84C3V3LT ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 3.3V SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MJD200G MJD200G On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 25V 5A DPAK 0 0.0000
NB3N1200KMNTXG NB3N1200KMNTXG ON Semiconductor Clock Buffer 3.3V 133MHz 64-VFQFN 0 0.0000
FODM8801BR2V FODM8801BR2V On Semiconductor Optoisolator Transistor Output 20mA 3.75kV 4-SMD 0 0.0000
MC33269DTRK-3.3G MC33269DTRK-3.3G On Semiconductor LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.8A DPAK 0 0.0000
FDY3000NZ FDY3000NZ On Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 20V 0.6A SOT-563-6 1,001 0.0000
BSS84LT1G BSS84LT1G ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CHAN 130mA 50V SOT23 3,000 0.0000
BC847BPDW1T2G BC847BPDW1T2G ON Semiconductor Bipolar BJT Transistor 45V 100mA SOT-363 0 0.0000
NGTB35N65FL2WG NGTB35N65FL2WG ON Semiconductor IGBT Transistor 650V 70A TO-247 0 0.0000
MJF18008G MJF18008G ON Semiconductor Bipolar BJT Transistor NPN 8A 450V TO-220FP 0 0.0000
NCP1234BD65R2G NCP1234BD65R2G ON Semiconductor Offline Flyback Converter 65Khz 28V 7-SOIC 5,000 0.0000
FSA2567UMX FSA2567UMX Fairchild Analog Switch IC 16-UMLP 0 0.0000
UC3845BD1 UC3845BD1 ON Semiconductor Current PWM Controller 52kHz 1A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MC14536BDWR2G MC14536BDWR2G ON Semiconductor Programmable Timer IC 2MHz 16SOIC 0 0.0000
NC7S14M5X-SF500948 NC7S14M5X-SF500948 On Semiconductor IC Inverter Schmitt Trigger SOT23-5 0 0.0000
1SMB5936BT3G 1SMB5936BT3G ON Semiconductor Zener Diode 30V 3W 2-SMB 0 0.0000
VEC2415-TL-E VEC2415-TL-E ON Semiconductor Mosfet N-Ch 60V 3A ECH8 0 0.0000
55GN01CA-TB-E 55GN01CA-TB-E ON Semiconductor RF BJT Transistor NPN 10V 70mA SC-59 0 0.0000
BAW56LT3G BAW56LT3G On Semiconductor Diode Array 70V 200mA SOT-23-3 9,100 0.0000
M74VHC1GT86DFT2G M74VHC1GT86DFT2G ON Semiconductor XOR Gate 3-5.5V SC-88A 0 0.0000
BAS21HT1G BAS21HT1G On Semiconductor Switching Diode 250V 200mA SOD-323 0 0.0000
SBC847BPDW1T1G SBC847BPDW1T1G On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN, PNP 45V 100mA SOT-363 0 0.0000
MC33269DTRKG MC33269DTRKG IC Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable Output 800mA DPAK 0 0.0000
NCP5369MNR2G NCP5369MNR2G On Semiconductor Gate Driver 4.5-25V 50A QFN-40 997 15.0000
BAS21AHT1G BAS21AHT1G On Semiconductor Diode Standard 250V 200mA SOD-323 84,000 0.0000
MM3Z5V6T1G MM3Z5V6T1G onsemi Zener Diodes 5.6V 200mW SOD323 0 0.0000
MC79L15ACPRPG MC79L15ACPRPG ON Semiconductor LDO Regulator 15V 100mA TO-92 0 0.0000
FXMA2102UMX FXMA2102UMX On Semiconductor Voltage Level Translator 37MHz 50mA 5.5V 8-UMLP 1 0.0000
NCP59748MN1ADJTBG NCP59748MN1ADJTBG On Semiconductor ^LDO Regulator Pos 0.8-3.6V 1.5A 10-DFN 0 0.0000
MC100EP131FAG MC100EP131FAG ON Semiconductor Flip Flops 3.3V/5V 32-LQFP 0 0.0000
CAV24C16WE-GT3 CAV24C16WE-GT3 On Semiconductor EEPROM Memory 16Kb 400kHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
NRVB140SFT1G NRVB140SFT1G On Semiconductor Schottky Diode 40V 1A SOD123 0 0.0000
AR0521SR2C09SURA0-DR AR0521SR2C09SURA0-DR On Semiconductor CMOS Image Sensor 52-PLCC 0 0.0000
ESD9X3.3ST5G ESD9X3.3ST5G On Semiconductor ESD Protection Device, 10.4V 3.3V 150mW SOD-923, 2 Pins 20,910 0.0000
FDC604P FDC604P ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-Ch 20V 5.5A TSOT-23-6 9,002 0.0000
MBR1060G MBR1060G ON Semiconductor Diode Schottky 60V 10A TO-220-2 610 0.0000
MJE243G MJE243G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 4A 100V TO-225 425 0.0000
ADT7461AARMZ-R ADT7461AARMZ-R ON Semiconductor Temp Sensor Digital 3-3.6V 8-MSOP 0 0.0000
BC847CLT1G BC847CLT1G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 100mA 50V SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
FAN5702UC30X FAN5702UC30X On Semiconductor LED Driver 6 Segment 2.7-5.5V 16-WLCSP 0 0.0000
FDMF5075 FDMF5075 ON Semiconductor Smart Power Stage 3 Low Current 30V 20A 25-WFQFN 0 0.0000
MC100EP57DTG MC100EP57DTG On Semiconductor Differential Digital Multiplexer 1 x 4:1 20-TSSOP 0 0.0000
NLX1G332AMUTCG NLX1G332AMUTCG On Semiconductor OR Gate IC 1 Channel 7V 6-UDFN RoHS 0 0.0000
FPF2700MPX FPF2700MPX On Semiconductor Power Switch 2.8-36V 2A 8-MLP 0 0.0000
M74VHC1GT126DF1G M74VHC1GT126DF1G On Semiconductor Buffer & Line Driver 3-5.5V SC-88A 12,000 0.0000
NCP786AMNADJTBG NCP786AMNADJTBG On Semiconductor LDO Regulator Positive 11mA 6-DFN 0 0.0000
NRVTSS5100ET3G NRVTSS5100ET3G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 100V 5A SMB 0 0.0000
BC817-16LT1G BC817-16LT1G On Semiconductor NPN Bipolar Transistor 0.5A 45V 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BC557BRL1G BC557BRL1G ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor BJT 100mA 50V PNP TO-92 0 0.0000
MJD122T4G MJD122T4G ON Semiconductor Darlington BJT Transistor NPN 8A 100V DPAK 0 0.0000
LM393M. LM393M On Semiconductor Comparator Dual 18V/36V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
UC3843BVD1R2G UC3843BVD1R2G ON Semiconductor Current Mode PWM Controller 52kHz 1A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MBR20150CTTU MBR20150CTTU On Semiconductor Schottky Diode 150V 20A TO-220-3 0 0.0000
NTD20N06LT4G NTD20N06LT4G ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 60V 20A DPAK 0 0.0000
LM358ADR2G LM358ADR2G On Semiconductor Op Amps 3-32V Dual 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
NRVBAF360T3G NRVBAF360T3G ON Semiconductor Schottky Diode 60V 3A SMA-FL 0 0.0000
AO3416 AO3416 Alpha & Omega MOSFET N-CH 20V 6.5A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
MJE15033G MJE15033G onsemi Bipolar Transistor PNP 2W 8A 250V TO220AB, ROHS 0 0.0000
DAN222T1G DAN222T1G On Semiconductor Diode Switching 80V 100mA SC-75 0 0.0000
CAT24C64WI-GT3 CAT24C64WI-GT3 On Semiconductor EEPROM Serial-2Wire 64K-bit 1.8-5.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
FDD8770 FDD8770 On Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch 25V 35A TO-252AA 0 0.0000
NSPU2131MUT5G NSPU2131MUT5G ON Semiconductor ESD Protection Diodes 30KV 90A UDFN2 0 0.0000
TLV431ASN1T1G TLV431ASN1T1G ON Semiconductor V-Ref Adjustable 1.24-16V 20mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
74LCX08MTCX 74LCX08MTCX onsemi AND Gate IC 4 Channel 3.3V 14-TSSOP 0 0.0000
BAT54CWT1G BAT54CWT1G onsemi Schottky Diode 30V 0.2A SC-70-3 3,500 0.0000
LB11660FV-TLM-E LB11660FV-TLM-E onsemi Brushless Motor Driver 15V 1.5A 16-SSOP 0 0.0000
MC14011BDR2G MC14011BDR2G On Semiconductor Logic Gates 3-18V Quad 14SOIC 5,000 0.0000
NLSV4T244DTR2G NLSV4T244DTR2G onsemi Voltage Level Translator 0.9-4.5V TSSOP-14 0 0.0000
STK672-630A-E STK672-630A-E On Semiconductor Motor Driver 4.75V-5.25V ZIP-19 0 0.0000
MMSZ5246BT1G MMSZ5246BT1G onsemi Zener Diode 500MW 16V SOD123 0 0.0000
BAS40-04LT1G BAS40-04LT1G onsemi Schottky Diode 40V 20mA TO-236-3 0 0.0000
MMBZ15VDLT1G MMBZ15VDLT1G On Semiconductor Zener Diode 12.8V SOT23-3 12,000 0.0000
STK672-632A-E STK672-442AN-E ON Semiconductor Stepper Motor Driver 19-SSIP 45 0.0000
FDMS86101DC FDMS86101DC onsemi MOSFET N-CH 100V 14.5A 8-Power56 500 0.0000
NTZD5110NT1G NTZD5110NT1G onsemi Mosfet N-Ch 60V 294mA SOT-563 0 0.0000
2SC4135T-E 2SC4135T-E onsemi BJT Transistor NPN 2A 100V TO-251 0 0.0000
1SMB5933BT3 1SMB5933BT3 onsemi Zener Diodes 22V 3W 5% SMB 0 0.0000
NL17SZ07DFT2G NL17SZ07DFT2G onsemi Buffers & Line Drivers 1.65-5.5V SOT-353 29,999 0.0000
1SMB5933BT3G 1SMB5933BT3G onsemi Zener Diodes 22V 3W 5% SMB 0 0.0000
MMBT3904WT1G MMBT3904WT1G On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 40V 200MA SC70-3 0 0.0000
LM317MBSTT3G LM317MBSTT3G onsemi Voltage Regulators 500mA 1.2-37V SOT-223 0 0.0000
SZNUP2105LT3G SZNUP2105LT3G onsemi TVS Diodes 24V SOT-23 0 0.0000
MURS120T3G MURS120T3G ON Semiconductor Rectifier Diode 200V 1A SMB 2,499 0.0000
MJD44H11G MJD44H11G ON Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 8A 80V DPAK 260 0.0000
BC847BPDXV6T1G BC847BPDXV6T1G onsemi BJT Transistor NPN 45V 0.1A SOT-563-6 0 0.0000
MM5Z5V1T1G MM5Z5V1T1G onsemi Zener Diode 5.1V 500mW 5.9% SOD-523 0 0.0000
SZMM3Z15VT1G SZMM3Z15VT1G onsemi Zener Diode 15V 300mW 5% SOD-323 0 0.0000
2N7002T 2N7002T onsemi MOSFET N-Ch 60V 115MA SOT-523F 0 0.0000
P6SMB200AT3 P6SMB200AT3 Onsemi TVS Diodes 600W 200V SMB 0 0.0000
SBAV99LT1G SBAV99LT1G On Semiconductor Diode Array 100V 215MA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
NRVTSA4100ET3G NRVTSA4100ET3G onsemi Schottky Diode 4A 100V SMA 0 0.0000
FUSB302BMPX FUSB302BMPX onsemi USB Controller USB 3.1 25uA 3.3V 14-MLP 0 0.0000
NCV33063AVDR2G NCV33063AVDR2G onsemi Switching Voltage Regulator 40V 1.5A 8SOIC 0 0.0000
SMMBT3904LT1G SMMBT3904LT1G On Semiconductor BJT Transistor NPN 40V 200MA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
NC7SZ66L6X NC7SZ66L6X onsemi Bus Switch 1.65-5.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
NC7SZ66M5X NC7SZ66M5X onsemi Bus Switch 1.65-5.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
NC7WV14L6X NC7WV14L6X onsemi Inverter Dual Schmitt Trigger 0.9-3.6V 6-MicroPak 3,000 0.0000
2N7002KT1G 2N7002KT1G onsemi MOSFET N-Ch 60V 380mA SOT-23 0 0.0000
SBC847CLT1G SBC847CLT1G onsemi Bipolar Transistor BJT NPN 45V 100mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
MMBZ5V6ALT1G MMBZ5V6ALT1G onsemi TVS Diode 5.6V 3A SOT23-3 0 0.0000
CAT24C208WI-GT3 CAT24C208WI-GT3 onsemi EEPROM Memory IC 8Kb 400kHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
FAN7930BMX-G FAN7930BMX-G onsemi Power Factor Correction 0.12mA 350kHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
FAN7930CMX-G FAN7930CMX-G onsemi Power Factor Correction 0.12mA 350kHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MC74HCT04ADG MC74HCT04ADG onsemi Logic IC, Inverter, Hex 4.5-5.5 V 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
FDD4141-F085 FDD4141-F085 onsemi MOSFET P-Ch 40V 10.8A/50A TO-252AA 0 0.0000
NTGS4111PT1G NTGS4111PT1G onsemi MOSFET -30V -4.7A P-Channel 6-Pin TSOP 0 0.1400
FDS8958A FDS8958A onsemi MOSFET N/P-Ch 30V 7A/5A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MM3Z5V1ST1G MM3Z5V1ST1G onsemi Zener Diode Single 5.1V 300mW SOD-323 0 0.0000
A5191HRTNG-XTP A5191HRTNG-XTP onsemi Modem Chip Hart Single 1.2Kbps 32-QFN 0 0.0000
FDC5614P FDC5614P onsemi MOSFET P-Channel 60V 3A SSOT-6 0 0.0000