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Lite-On (LiteOn) manufactures consumer electronics, including LEDs, semiconductors, computer chassis, monitors, motherboards, DVD & CD devices, and other electronic components
Lite-On started producing LED products in 1975 and has steadily grown into one of the world’s largest optoelectronic component manufacturers by providing customers with both visible and infrared product solutions. High volume capacities for commodity items and application specific products, combined with strong R&D and vertical integration, have proven to be key distinguishing factors in Lite-On’s success. Lite-On broad product line continues to expand to meet the requirements of emerging markets and new applications.
Lite-On is a provider of Optoelectronic Products with continued Innovation, and in relentless pursuit of Excellence.


lite-on optoelectronicsLite-On Products: Lite-On, for the most part, manufactures only OEM parts (computer power supplies, CD/DVD drives, chassis, motherboards, LCD monitors, keyboards, modems and networking products). 

Lite-On manufactures and retail some products under their own name, LEDs and CD/DVD products.

  • Thru-Hole LED LAMPS
  • LED Display
  • Digital Light Sensor
  • Infrared LED and Photodetector
  • Fiber Optic (PhotoLink)
  • Photointerrupter (OPTO Switch)
  • Encoder
  • Photocouplers


  Lite-On manufactures computer components for OEM computer manufacturers (chassis, LCD monitors, motherboards, networking devices, keyboards and power supplies.) 
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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
LTL3233A LITE-ON LTL3233A LTL-323 3A KINGBRIGHT L153GDT 286 0.1000
DF04S. Lite-On Semiconductor DF04S Bridge Rectifier 400V 1.5A PDIP-4 998 0.4000
LTST-C170TBKT LTST-C170TBKT Lite-On Standard LEDs Blue Clear 466nm SMD 0805 0 0.1400
LTST-C150GKT LITE-ON LTST-C150GKT Green LED 2.1V 20mA SMD 1206 9,100 0.3100
LTS546AHR LITE-ON LTS-546AHR Displays Module 1DIGIT 8LED Hi-Eff. Red CA 10-Pin DIP Module 2 1.1600
LTL503-11 LITE ON LTL503-11 Right Angle Red Diffused LED 655nm 2-Pin 463 0.5000
LTST-C170KRKT LTST-C170KRKT Lite-On Standard LED - Red Clear 5V 30mA 631nm SMD 0 0.0000
LTV817A Lite-On LTV-817A Transistor Output Optocoupler 50mA 0.2W DIP-4 13,100 0.2200
LTST-C171GKT Lite-On LTST-C171GKT Green LED Clear Lens 2.1V 565nm SMD 0805 RoHS 3,000 0.2000
LTST-C190EKT LTST-C190EKT Lite-On Red LED 621nm 3.8V SMD 1608 0 0.0000
LTL-4223 Lite-On LTL-4223 Red LED Diffused 5mm T 1-3/4 Through Hole 500 0.0900
LTV-817B LTV817B LITE-ON OPTOCOUPLER, PTR, 50%, 5000V, 4 PIN RoHS 0 1.1000
LTV-817-C LITE-ON LTV-817-C Optocoupler DC-IN 1-CH Trans DC-OUT 4-Pin PDIP 2 0.2400
MOC3021. MOC3021 Lite-On Optocoupler Triac Output, 400V, DIP6 0 0.0000
CNY17-3S-TA1 CNY17-3S-TA1 Lite-On Transistor Output Optocouplers HCEV, 100%, 5KV 6-Pin 0 0.2400
LTV817S-TA1-B LTV817S-TA1-B Lite-On Optocoupler DC-IN 1-CH Transistor DC-OUT 4-Pin DIP SMD T/R 0 0.0000
LTST-C193KFKT-5A LTST-C193KFKT-5A, LITE-ON, LED Uni-Color Orange 611nm 2-Pin Chip LED T/R 0 0.0150
LTST-T680KRWT LTST-T680KRWT Lite-On LED Uni-Color Red 639nm 2V 2-Pin SMD 0 0.5000
LTST-C191KGKT LTST-C191KGKT Lite-On Green LED 1.9V-2.4V SMD 0603 0 0.3000
LTST-C191KRKT LTSTC191KRKT Lite-On LED, Red, 18-54mcd, 2-2.4V 20mA SMD 0603 0 0.3000
LTW-150TK LTW-150TK LITE-ON LED White 260mcd SMD 1206 0 0.0000
LTST-C193TBKT-5A LTST-C193TBKT-5A Lite-On Standard LEDs - SMD Blue 470nm 28mcd 20mA 0 0.0000
LTST-C190KAKT LTST-C190KAKT Lite-On LED Clear 2V 20mA SMD 0603 0 0.0000
LTV-817S-TA1-C LTV-817S-TA1-C Lite-On Transistor Output Optocoupler 50% 5KV 4Pin 0 0.2800
LTST-C155GEKT LTST-C155GEKT Lite-On LED Bi-Color Green/Red 565nm/630nm 4-Pin Chip 0 0.0000
LTV-356T-A LTV-356T-A Lite-On Transistor Optocoupler 4SOP 0 0.0000
LTST-C930KGKT LTST-C930KGKT Lite-On LED Uni-Color Green 574nm 2-SMD 0 0.0000
LTST-S270KSKT LTST-S270KSKT Lite-On Standard-LEDs - SMD Yellow Clear 587nm 0 0.0000
LTST-C150KRKT LTST-C150KRKT Lite-On LED Red Clear 631nm SMD 1206 0 0.0000
HSDL-4220 HSDL-4220 Lite-On IR LED 50mA 30 T1 0 0.0000
LTST-C190CKT LTST-C190CKT Lite-On Red LED 1.8V 638nm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
LTV-817S-TA1 LTV-817S-TA1 Lite-On Transistor Output Optocoupler 50% 5KV 4Pin 0 0.2800
LZ52C20W LZ52C20W Lite-On Zener Diode 20V 500mW SMD 1206 10,000 0.0000
LTW-C190DA5 LTW-C190DA5 Lite-On White LED 5mA SMD 0603 0 0.0000
HSDL-3201#001 HSDL-3201#001 Lite-On IR Transceiver 0 0.0000
ABS10. ABS10 Lite-On Bridge Rectifier Diode 1A ABS-4 0 0.0000
LTL1CHJFTNN LTL1CHJFTNN Lite-On LED 2.05-2.4V Radial 0 0.0000
LTW-170TK LTW-170TK Lite-On Standard LED 3.3V 450mcd SMD 0805 0 0.0000
LTST-S326TGKRKT LTST-S326TGKRKT Lite-On LED Bi-Color Green/Red 3.5V/2V 20mA 2-SMD 0 0.0000
LTST-C190KRKT LTST-C190KRKT Lite-On Red LED 631nm 2V SMD 0603 0 0.0000
MOC3063S-TA1 MOC3063S-TA1 Lite-On Triac & SCR Output Optocoupler Optoisolator 600V 6-SMD 0 0.0000
LTW-M670ZVS-M5 LTW-M670ZVS-M5 Lite-On LED White 2000mcd 3.1V 2-SMD 0 0.0000
LTV-816 LTV-816 Lite-On Transistor Output Optocoupler 5000Vrms 4-DIP 4,200 0.0000
GBU606. GBU606 Lite-On Rectifier Diode 600V 6A GBU 12,300 0.0000
LTST-C190KSKT LTST-C190KSKT Lite-On LED Yellow 591nm 2.1V SMD 0603 0 0.0000
HSDL-4400#011 HSDL-4400#011 Lite-On LED IrLED 875nm 1.5V 100mA 2-Pin SMD 0 0.0000
LTL1CHVRTNN LTL1CHVRTNN Lite-On LED 2-2.4V 1500-3200mcd 3mm Radial 0 0.0000

LITE-ON manufactures products as small as 5W AC adapters to 50,000W Power Management Systems. Its products are widely used in mobile devices, notebook PC, desktop PCs, servers, communication equipment, LCD displays, televisions, gaming consoles, multi-functional office equipment, and industrial computers. LITE-ON has aligned its R&D focus towards developing new products and technologies that embrace the latest energy efficiency standards, as well as improving the efficiency of existing products. Its attempt at raising the efficiency of existing power supplies mostly involves the development of next-generation power conversion technologies such as high power density, high efficiency, low standby power consumption, and intelligent power system management. LITE-ON continues to apply new technologies in the development of next-generation energy products including wireless charging and fast charging modules for consumers' convenience.LITE-ON is capable of producing USB Type C connectors and USB PD (Power Delivery) technology to deliver higher power efficiency. LITE-ON produces Titanium-grade power supply units for personal computers and servers. Lite-On provides Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and cloud computing power solutions that offer greater reliability. Based on a report produced by MTC (Micro-Tech Consultant),LITE-ON was the world's second largest supplier of power supply products in 2014. In the future,LITE-ON plans to expand its power supply applications to specialized industrial applications such as military, aviation, oil drilling, public transportation, healthcare etc., featuring high resistance against wind, water, shock, and corrosion for use in extreme environments. Meanwhile, LITE-ON continues to develop high-efficiency Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and high-capacity cloud computing power supplies to establish its reputation as a total power solution provider.

Optoelectronics (LED)s

LITE-ON's Optoelectronics (LED) mainly consist of Visible LED and Invisible LED. Visible LED products include LED Lamps, White SMD LED, SMD LED, and LED Displays; they are widely used as indoor/outdoor lighting modules, back lights for LCD displays, home appliance indicators, signboards, and back lights for hand-held and IT devices. Lite-On's lighting LEDs cover a multitude of sizes from as small as PLCC to HV LED and large ceramic PCB (CoB). Lite-On's recent efforts in the development of energy-efficient UV LEDs have been rewarded with significant cost advantage, giving it a good head start in special lighting applications such as nail treatment, photocatalyst, mosquito lamp, plantation, ink-based printing, and UV exposure. Many of LITE-ON's LED products have passed LM80 testing to serve as indoor/outdoor lighting. From spot, line, to area lighting,LITE-ON has the right solution to satisfy customers' needs. Invisible LED products include photo couplers, finger navigation sensors, optical encoders, infrared transmission, ambient light sensors, and proximity sensors. The photo couplers in particular have been broadly used in power suppliers, touch screens, high-resolution printers, hand-held devices, gaming consoles, and industrial automation.

LED Lighting

LITE-ON's LED products are used in two main applications: General Illumination and Outdoor Lighting. General Illumination comprises of home range and commercial range LED bulbs, tubes and other lighting equipment, whereas Outdoor Lighting consists mainly of LED-based traffic signal lights and street lights. With the support of government policies around the world and falling production costs, LED is replacing conventional lighting solutions at an increasing pace. To capitalize on this trend, LITE-ON has made extensive attempts to develop distribution, secure key materials, and extend product life by improving system cooling, smart lighting control and power conversion efficiency. In the meantime, the quality of lighting has been constantly improved to satisfy the needs of different environment, giving LITE-ON's LEDs a solid reputation around the world.

Camera modules

LITE-ON's camera modules are mainly used for computers including laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, All-In-One (AIO) PCs, and cellphones. LITE-ON provides customized products according to customers' requirements, and is dedicated to integrating advanced technologies into new products that can meet the needs of all customers. In terms of hand held devices, LITE-ON has successfully developed a dual-lens technology that can be applied onto mobile camera modules. The most significant advantage about the dual-lens technology is that both lenses can function at different focus. Fundamentally speaking, dual-lens technology has an advantage over the current solution, where focus is adjusted by moving a set of lenses. This gives mobilephones the ability to zoom in and out without adding thickness to the chassis. The current design, for instance, features the combined use of one wide-angle lens and one 3x zoom lens. Images captured through the two lenses are processed using a special algorithm to produce the same image quality as if one optical zoom lens is used. Furthermore, the two lenses are capable of gathering data on the depth of field in real-time as images are processed. This gives users more useful data for post-processing purposes. Coupled with the use of advanced image processing software, the system allows users to adjust focus after taking a shot in greater quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Automotive Electronics

LITE-ON's auto electronics division offers the following products and services: LED lamp modules: Lite-On offers customized design and manufacturing for auto manufacturers around the world. The company has already developed and mass-produced a comprehensive range of LED lamp products including? Head Lamp Modules, LED Front / Rear Fog Lamp Modules, LED Front / Rear Turning Indicator Modules, LED Infrared Module for Night Vision Modules, Rear Combination Lamps Modules, Central High Mount Stop Lamp Modules, and Daytime Running Light Modules. Meanwhile, the company has made significant breakthroughs with regards to the application of high brightness LEDs, heat module design, EMI/EMC, and new power-saving designs. These new breakthroughs are being adopted by the world's major auto manufacturers. Vehicular vision camera modules: To back-up camera systems and in applications that give drivers a 360-degree, blind spot-free vision around the vehicle. Taking innovation to a higher level, the company's vehicular vision department has successfully extended application of the camera module to passenger seats and combined them with the front view vision assistance system; both of these solutions are being adopted by U.S. car makers in the Japanese market, which signifies the fact that vehicular vision systems have evolved into the era of machine vision. The new Land Departure Warning System (LDWS) designed by the company's vehicular vision department has been adopted by one of the renowned European automakers and is now in mass production. Meanwhile, the company's proprietary 6-axis motion adjustment device is capable of increasing camera precision to µm grade, a level comparable to European and American equivalents. Motor control modules: Body control system serves as the brain behind all motor-driven parts of the vehicle.LITE-ON's accomplishment in this respect is the development of a Smart Motor Control Module, one that is capable of validating network integrity and checking errors on its own. It has CAN TOOLS built in to accurately simulate the CAN/LIN environment, and has passed ISO certification as well as those of major car makers. This motor control has been applied onto various motor modules used in a vehicle, such as Anti-Pinch Sunroof, Anti-Pinch Power Window, Anti-Pinch Power Tailgate, Anti-Pinch Power Sliding Door, and Auto-Leveling. Engine control units (ECU), Lite-On is able to work with customers and design customized ECUs to achieve power and energy requirements, while in the meantime helping them save costs and conform with pollution laws.

In the after-market,LITE-ON has focused on the introduction of vehicular vision and cruise control solutions with added innovations, including: Cellphone-based wireless/wired back-up camera solutions: Using a WiFi module combined with OTG technology, the product has the ability to transmit images wirelessly to the user's phone with great clarity, stability, and low latency. Wired models even have the ability to charge cellphones on the go. Furthermore, the company has developed a special app that enables drivers to see images when backing their vehicles and making personal configurations all on their cellphones. These products have been designed to facilitate easy installation at minimal time, and without the need to install additional display screen, making it an ideal alternative to autonomous driving assistance system. Digital drive recorder: Unlike other similar products on the after-market, what LITE-ON offers are digital drive recorders that meet the standards required by world's renowned auto makers. LITE-ON's product comes without a screen but instead uses WiFi to transmit captured images onto the user's cellphone. Users may then have the option to browse through recorded images or play them live using a special app. The product also features CAN Bus (for connecting with car signals), G-sensor, GPS, microphone, Full HD recording, and supports up to 64G SD card. Cruise control system:LITE-ON has had more than 35 years of experience in cruise control systems and is Taiwan's only supplier with the ability to manufacture. Its products have been designed after taking into consideration a broad range of driving scenarios with driver's safety and system stability in mind, which is the reason whyLITE-ON enjoys the world's largest share in the after-market. This product has completely satisfied all design standards stipulated by the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers, and has attained E1 certification in Germany. The product can be installed onto various types of vehicles including: Mechanical / Drive-By-Wire pedals and CAN Bus Cruise.

Charging Solution

LITE-ON's products in this segment comprise mainly of AC chargers OEM/ODM for electric cars. The company offers several specifications including Public & Workplace chargers, Public & Workplace three-phase, Home/Residential Chargers, and Home/Residential three-phase. In order to meet market demands, LITE-ON not only complies with European IEC 62196 and U.S. SAE J1772 standards, but has also acquired other electric car certifications such as OCPP ready on top of existing UL certification. Apart from providing standardized products, LITE-ON is also capable of working with customers in combining of wireless communications, power data, and billing information into an interconnected charging station management system. This system not only satisfies car manufacturers' needs to monitor their customers, but also provides a total solution for power companies. After many years of research, LITE-ON's EV charger had been sold to customers throughout Europe and U.S. and to more than 20,000 electric cars by the beginning of 2015, making it a leader in electric car charging solutions in Europe.

Image Input/Output

The image input/output line comprises end products and modules for home applications as well as business use. In terms of end products, LITE-ON has successfully developed and mass-produced new all-in-one office machines that feature energy-efficient color laser printing. As for modules, LITE-ON provides color scanning modules and control panels. With regards to new products and technologies, LITE-ON continues to invest in the R&D of feeder scanners and 3D imaging products.

Human Input Solutions

Input devices refer to accessories such as desktop keyboards, keypads, keyboard modules for laptops, mice, and intelligent remote controls. In the desktop keyboard category, LITE-ON produces conventional as well as Bluetooth keyboards that feature new mechanisms and materials. New products being developed in this category include: laptop keyboard modules with new slim chassis and new materials, Bluetooth keypads for high-end tablet PCs (3.0/4.0mm), Backlight Modules, NFC, and multi-touch keyboards and mice.


LITE-ON supplies new-generation enclosures for personal computers, workstations, and servers that are energy-efficient, recyclable, and cause no harm to the environment. In order to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and data centers, the company has shifted its new product focus towards 1U, 2U, 4U and 8U rack servers. For personal computers, the company is working with Intel's form factor requirements to develop vertical, horizontal, and compact enclosures.

Networking Access

LITE-ON produces a variety of wireless modules that are currently being used in televisions, laptops and gaming consoles. It has become the world's leading supplier of laptop wireless modules. In addition, LITE-ON also produces wireless routers, wireless home theater systems (both AirPlay and ALLPLAY), high-performance Bluetooth headphones (active noise-canceling), and hands-free units for cars to capitalize on its dominance in the wireless segment. Meanwhile, LITE-ON has been successful in developing new products such as: enterprise grade high-capacity wireless receivers, enterprise grade high-performance wireless receivers, SME dual-band routers, and wireless audio/video receivers.

System Solutions

The range of products offered include desktop computers, Kiosks, ATMs, POSs, and Smart Life appliances such as intelligent remote controls, wireless tablet controllers etc. The Systems segment is currently working with customers to develop the world's most compact business computers and workstations, and is exploring ways to apply this new technology to Kiosks, ATMs, as well as POSs.

Mobile Mechanics

In the hand-held market, LITE-ON is a provider of mechanics solutions and precision tooling services that help its customers customize the components they need (e.g.: chassis, antenna etc). These services ultimately result in end products such as feature phones, smartphones, phone accessories, tablet PCs, personal healthcare products (e.g.: electric shavers), and wearable electronics. What LITE-ON offers is a complete service package from concept, design, development, production, to delivery. LITE-ON's competitive advantage lies in its plastic and metal molding know-how, surface polishing techniques, antenna design, craftsmanship, and the ability to provide integrated and innovative solutions. Some of the company's integrated and innovative solutions include Visual Metal Insert Molding, Narrow Glass Insert Molding, and 3D Printing Antenna that have proven helpful to customers in saving costs, reducing energy consumption, making better use of available space, and making products as seamless, compact, and feature-rich as possible.

Storage Devices

LITE-ON's storage devices mainly consist of optical disc drives (ODD) and solid state drives (SSD). LITE-ON offers an extensive range of ODDs for applications such as desktop computers, slim types for laptop computers, ultra-slim plug-and-play drives, gaming consoles, vehicle audio/video systems, and ultra-slim DVD players. R&D resources are currently being devoted to developing proprietary key components such as Transverse modules for half-height and slim-type drives, and read-write heads for ultra-slim types. SSDs are starting to replace conventional hard drives due to advantages such as low power consumption, no-noise, shock-resistance, and low operating temperature mainly due to the absence of physical disks, read-write heads, and motors. LITE-ON has been focusing on the development of SSDs for many years. It has built up a strong team of technicians and mass-produced SSDs for applications such as desktop computers, laptops, POSs, ATMs, arcade game machines, automotive electronics. It has even moved ahead of the industry and launched SSDs that feature the PCIe interface. Moreover, the firmware development team has successfully launched several exclusive intelligent SSD caching solutions and DISK management utilities. LITE-ON has become a worldwide top-three PC SSD supplier. To capitalize on the opportunities presented by this emerging storage device, Lite-On is currently developing enterprise-grade SSDs that can be used on servers, workstations, and data centers.

Medical and Biotech

Since the second half of 2011, LITE-ON has been developing its first healthcare product series called Skyla - a clinical chemical analysis system (with built-in analyzer and chemical reagents). So far, the company has successfully developed a VB-P01 Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, HB-P01 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, and 12 panels of reagents that can be used to run 24 different tests. The VB-P01 Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer was launched in the first half of 2013, and is currently being sold in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, the HB-P01 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer has also been granted a permit for use as a medical instrument, and was introduced onto the market in the first half of 2014. In May 2015, LITE-ON collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to donate 18 clinical chemistry analyzers plus one year's supply of test kit to 18 public health centers in remote locations.LITE-ON's research team currently possesses extensive know-how in the development of chemical reagents, and is exploring more tests and panel combinations that can be performed by these analyzers. In addition, extended functionalities (such as single assay) and new reagents can also be developed depending on market demands and feedback to add more value to the product. Given the rising number of diabetic patients around the world, LITE-ON has foreseen strong demand for blood sugar monitors in the future, and hence invested in the development of point-of-care testing systems for HbA1c, as well as hand-held glucose analyzers (including test kits and probes). The focus of the former is to deliver high precision and to design a price-competitive reagent container, whereas the latter focuses on providing a meter with more functionality, ease of use, and mobility, becoming an all-in-one instrument that draws blood and tests at the same time. These two products are scheduled for mass production by the end of 2015.