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Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.

– FTDI Chip specializes in the design and supply of silicon and software solutions. FTDI focus is on providing easy to use, robust products that enable fast time to market while offering differentiated solutions through unique features that bring value to customers’ end equipment designs.

The company is widely recognized for its industry-leading USB products, offering a simple route to US migration (USB Made Easy) by combining easy-to-implement IC devices with proven, ready to use, royalty-free USB firmware and driver software.

FTDI Chip has now expanded its ‘made easy’ philosophy with the addition of easy to use display controllers offering display, audio, and touch functionality in a simple compact package with simple to use development software for creating graphical interfaces for a variety of low powered microcontrollers.

The company’s single and multi-channel USB peripheral devices come with an easy to use UART or FIFO interface. These popular devices can be used in legacy USB to RS232/RS422 converter applications or to quickly interface an MCU, PLD, or FPGA to USB. A wide range of evaluation kits and modules are available to evaluate FTDI’s silicon prior to design-in.

FTDI Chip is a global fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Glasgow, UK with Research and Development facilities located in Glasgow, UK and Singapore


FTDI offer a wide range of products to allow easy interfacing to devices over USB. FTDI products are grouped into the following categories.




For a complete USB 2.0 Hi-Speed design solution visit FTDI.com "USB In The Fast Lane” page, which summarises FTDI Chip’s Hi-Speed solution capabilities. This includes multi-channel USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ICs and associated evaluation platforms.


FTDI offer a range of USB connectivity ICs.  The range consists Vinculum family of USB Host / Slave controllers and FT series family of USB Slave based converter devices.


FT-X series devices offer lower power, lower pin count, and a leadership feature set, that makes bridging from a USB ports to UART, I2C, enhanced SPI (FT1248) or FIFO interfaces  easy to design and implement.


    FT200XD – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge in 10 pin DFN package

    FT201X – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge

    FT220X – Full Speed USB to 4-Bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge

    FT221X – Full Speed USB to 8-bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge

    FT230X – Full Speed USB to Basic UART

    FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full Handshake UART

    FT234XD – Full Speed USB to Basic UART

    FT240X – Full Speed USB to 8- bit FIFO


FT12 Series Controllers


    FT120 USB full-speed Device Controller

    FT121 USB full-speed SPI Slave to Host Controller

    FT122 USB full-speed Parallel Bus to Host Controller


Vinculum family - USB Host / Slave Controllers


    Vinculum-II Programmable USB 2.0 Host / Slave Controller

    Vinculum Embedded USB 2.0 Host Controller


FT300 Series ICs – USB Host / Android Open Accessory (AOA) Solutions


    FT311D – Full-Speed USB2.0 Host IC Optimised for Android Platforms

    FT312D – Full-Speed Android Open Accessory USB2.0 Host to UART Bridge

    FT313H – Hi-Speed USB2.0 Host Controller


FT Series ICs - USB Slave Converters


    FT232H - Single Channel Hi-Speed USB to Multipurpose UART/FIFO IC

    FT2232H - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 - Dual UART/FIFO Converter

    FT4232H - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 - Quad UART Converter

    FT232R – Single USB 2.0 to Serial UART Converter IC.

    FT245R – Single USB 2.0 to FIFO Converter IC.

    FT2232D/C/L - Dual USB UART/FIFO IC

    FT232B – Single USB to UART Converter ICs

    FT245B – Single USB to FIFO Converter ICs

    FT8U232AM – USB 1.1 to UART IC. Legacy product (discontinued)

    FT8U245AM - USB 1.1 to FIFO IC.  Legacy product (discontinued)

    FT8U100AX - Multi-Function USB 1.1 Hub Controller IC (discontinued)